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Hey Peter

Thanks for the reply. The new version of Goodnews adapts to mobile devices? Whoops – perhaps I should have updated before buying a new theme!

I’ll have a go with the upgrade and let you know how I get on.

Cheers, Tim.

Hi Tim. You can always try your luck at getting a refund from Envato, however i doubt they will in this case ;-)

Let me know if you do decide to use the mobiTheme and how you get along with that.



Hi, I get a few issues with wp 3.4.1 Can you confirm that this is compatible with the latest stable release of Wp?

Hi. My apologies for the delay. This theme is 100% compatible with the latest stable release (3.4.1) of WordPress. Tried & Tested.

What issues are you experiencing?



I’m getting twitter stream failures and I see you kind of answered this question in an earlier thread but didn’t because you linked to another comment that doesn’t exist. How do I fix this problem?

Warning: file_put_contents(tmp-1342225743.xml) [function.file-put-contents]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /usr/www/users/.../wp-content/themes/mobiTheme/includes/twitter.php on line 24

Warning: file_put_contents(tmp-info.txt) [function.file-put-contents]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /usr/www/users/.../wp-content/themes/mobiTheme/includes/twitter.php on line 40


Have you had a look at the FAQ ’s – specifically the last entry on that page which shows you the correct URL to use for your twitter feed. Replace [username] with your twitter username, i.e.


Also check your CHMOD permissions for the twitter feed related files as mentioned below and in the documentation:

“It sometimes may take a few minutes/hours for the twitter RSS feed to ‘kick in’. Have you left it for some time to see if it’s working? have you followed the instructions in the documentation file correctly? Something else that might be worth checking is the CHMOD permissions for the specified files. They need to be writeable so check that this is the case.”

If all of the above is correct then just give it some time as it may take a while for the new twitter feed files to get generated on your server and to start dishing out your feeds.

Hi! Ok, I did everything you suggested and the twitter feed did end up working but was STILL throwing the errors onto the page. So I turned off error reporting on all the templates for now just to stop that from happening. Don’t know why it would work but still throw errors. * shrugs shoulders *

That is pretty weird indeed – i’ll have a look at it this week and see if i can replicate what you described. Could you let me know what version of PHP your server is running, thanks.



Can this theme work with WPTouch Pro plugin?

It might work straight out of the box but all depends on what you are looking for.

You will probably have to convert this into one of their child-themes so that you can utilize all of their features in this theme. It is possible but you will probably have to do a bit of modifying before it can be used to it full extent with the plugin.

If you’re just using the plugin to detect and re-direct there are many other free options out there that can handle this. If you’re looking at the plugin to take full control of the theme then you will need to put some work into it.

The theme dosen’t work well with wordpress.

1) They youtube embed vedio which is in pixel doesn’t minimise 2) the alignments codes which are there in wordpress doesn’t support in the mobile theme 3) some of the mobile theme options doesn’t work such as Number of posts,Teaser length and money others .

I wish i could get a full refund . very much disappointed with theme Forsest


Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the theme. As you can see from the live demo things seem to be working just fine.

1.) There is no mention in the theme desc. that this theme has full support for videos out of the box. You will have to find a plugin rather than use the default WordPress video embed option.

2.) All alignment options should work fine, as you can see in the demo.

3.) Can you be more specific about what other theme options “don’t work” and maybe provide login details so support can have a look.


well Can you please Log on through http://gadgetgain.com/ and you will see the flaws in it. Can you please help me out

please send a username and password to camel_hoof [at] hotmail.com [dot] com so that i can access your admin area.

PS: what is the name of the main theme that you are you using?


I tried Sending an email to camel_hoof@hotmail.com but its not going through. do you have any alternate email address.

The Main theme im using is from Magazine3.com called ProBlog

My bad – i left out the 60.

camel_hoof60 [at] hotmail.com [dot] com.

yup I have just send and Email.

I’ve had a look and have replied with some solutions and instructions on getting the theme to work. I’ve tested it on your site and video embeds are resizing now. Follow the instructions to get the theme options to work and you should be set.

Hi, I just want to know if you can add codes to ads somewhere in the theme. thanks


You can add codes for ads or even activate any ad serving plugins if you wish. The theme is coded just the same way a normal desktop theme is coded except this is optimized for a smaller screen.

My apologies, but I am not a sophisticated coder, and I am having trouble understanding how to implement a custom menu for this theme based on the page you reference in your setup files.

Can you possibly give me a quick step-by-step walkthru of how to setup a custom menu for this (unbelievably awesome) theme?

Much appreciated. It looks great and I’m sure my client will love it. I just need to get the menu right!


Hi Jeremy,

Have you had a ready through the documentation? it’s all pretty much explained in that doc. This article should help:


Let me know how you get along.



Thanks, Peter.

Ok, I have been using the custom menu feature.

Once I’ve created the menu I want, how do I “assign” it to mobiTheme?

Again, I’m sure this is pretty basic it’s just a bit beyond me.

Thanks for your help!


And to answer your question, yes I have read the documentation, and read through the information on sitepoint.com. However, I still do not understand how assign my mobiTheme it’s own custom menu, separate from the desktop version of the site.


I now understand what I was doing wrong.

I have two other simple questions, though:

1) how do I get rid of the post date and # of comments that goes with each page? I saw an earlier entry in this thread that says I have to go to single.php and page.php, but I don’t know what you meant when you said “comment them out”.

2) My menu items display in alphabetical order. How can I change this?

You can visit the site here: www.autoglassplus.com

Hi Jeremy, my apologies for the delay but i’ve been away from my computer for sometime and only managed to see these now.

Just so you don’t have any more issues when commenting out or deleting code from the theme files, send me a message from my profile page using the form in the lower right corner and i will send you the files without the post date and # of comments.

Regarding your menu’s you can simply drag each menu item from the WP menu section where you set it up previously into the order you would like.

If you still have trouble doing that, create another admin account and send me the login details so i can have a look – once i’m done you can delete this account.

Ok, gotcha.

Sent message via your author page per your request.

Best, Jeremy

Hi Jeremy,

My apologies for the delay in responding. I have been out of the office all of last week. I’m back in as of today so I’ll send through the files asap.

Hi all,

Twitter has updated their API yet again and the RSS feed URL might need updating. This format works fine for now:


Replace usernameHere with your Twitter username.



Hi Peter,

Is there any way I can make the menu to appear on every page? In the category and the post page I can not see menu buttons ( Latest, Categories, Archives)



I have these files already modified as a few others have requested the same thing. Please could you send me a message from my profile page so i can have your email address and i will send these to you as soon as get in front of my main, desktop PC.



Hi Peter,

Sent you an email few days ago, waiting for your response.

Thanks a lot for support.


Hey Peter,

Sent you email still waiting for pages?

I downloaded this as a mobile theme on www.classicfail.com but at the bottom of the page when it shows the total amount of pages, the pages (1-10 continue to scroll across the screen and don’t goto the next line and this is making the mobile theme move to the right, how can I get the pages (1-10) goto the next line so the pages don’t appear in one line?


When i test it on my iphone the pagination does drop to the second line and there is no scrolling caused by this. What device are you testing it on so that i can try and find a fix?


I don’t see subcategories when I Select Categories in the Nav. How can this issue be solved?

The pages are being viewed in an Android smartphone (all versions) as well multiple Android tablets. I am also using this in an eclipse android webview format as well and am also having the same issue of the total page count 1 2 3 4 5….. 42 43 44 Next—> continue to stay on the same line and are causing the page to be able to scroll all the way to the right instead of having the page stay in line with the screen.


I downloaded this as a mobile theme on www.classicfail.com but at the bottom of the page when it shows the total amount of pages, the pages (1-10 continue to scroll across the screen and don’t goto the next line and this is making the mobile theme move to the right, how can I get the pages (1-10) goto the next line so the pages don’t appear in one line?

I’m looking for additional examples of how this looks on a mobile device. Can you provide 2-3 additional examples? Thanks.


What exactly are you looking for? Examples of the site on different mobile devices? i’m afraid i currently only have an apple device to test on. If you need some screenshots send me an email through my profile page and i’ll send them over.