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Thanks DF :) Appreciate it.

I’m really curious why the other 6 buyers didn’t rate this file?!!! It is truly fantastic and complex package, far beyond the standard. It includes not only html/css/js but also complete php files folder, psd (of course) and great documentation. It is one of the sweetest files I ever bought on Envato. Thank you Pedrodonkey! 5 stars … just because there’s no more to give !!!

Thanks for the kind words cokoli!

Perhaps the other buyers haven’t gotten around to rating yet ;) Glad you’re pleased with your purchase.

Hi Peter…so on your recommendation, I’ve installed the Wordpress Mobile Pack plugin, activated it, etc. I uploaded the dotMobi – PHP file to the /theme directory.

When I go to the “Mobile Switcher” in the page in the plugin, and click on the dropdown to select the mobile theme, I don’t get an option to use this theme.

Help? :-)


Are you sure you purchased the WordPress version of dotMobi? http://themeforest.net/item/dotmobi-wordpress-theme-for-mobile-devices/123198

You’re commenting on the XHTML dotMobi theme so you may have purchased the incorrect theme unfortunately.

If you have the WP version follow these steps.

Upload the WordPress Mobile Pack Plugin and activate it, make sure you upload the dotMobi WordPress theme into your normal /themes folder, not the plugin’s /theme folder. Click the link in the left menu called “Mobile Switcher” and select dotMobi from the drop down list as the theme to serve to mobile users.

Does this validate as html5? Very important.

Checked here…

Is this just because of the theft prevention or are you trying to validate as something else?


That result is due to the theft prevention. The theme validates 100% as HTML5 and CSS3 .

If you can give me an e-mail address i can send you the location of one of the un encrypted pages so you can confirm the validation for yourself.



Hi I would like people to chose or not the mobile redirection. Or if they’ve been redirect to click on a button to go to the normal website. Where can I find a script like this.

By the way excellent template !!!


I’m not sure if this will be helpful, i have it included in the documentation of one of my other mobile themes – http://detectmobilebrowsers.mobi/

What you could do is set up the detection so that if they’re on a mobile device they get re-directed to a page offering them two options:

a. Proceed to mobile version b. Proceed to normal desktop version

Or you could have them re-directed automatically to the mobile version.

Then on the mobile version of your theme you can have a link “View Desktop Version” somewhere in the footer so they can switch whenever they’d like.

Hope that helps!

Hello, first of all nice theme!

The only issue I do have is that when navigating through the side, on each page load the Dropdown Menu (menuDropDown) does automatically open and close by itself.

Beside the default hide=1 in the js I also tried an extra display:none on the div, but this still keeps on happening.

Used the php version(also for test the version provided with no changes made,full width layout) + tested on iphone4.

Could you provide a solution or some help, because this behavior is quite annoying :)

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi Mallow,

Unfortunately there isn’t any workaround for this few second display of the menu on page load. You can’t add display:none; as it will then cause the menu to not open at all.

You could try calling the jquery file from your own server rather than from google as it is in the demo files, and maybe even move up the two .js files related to the menu so those fire off first right after jquery has loaded.

You might also want to try to minify those two files even though they’re pretty small as it is every little byte saved might make all the difference.

I’ll look into this when i get some time and see if there’s a way to keep the menu collapsed on page load. If i manage to find a solid solution i’ll post an update with the fix.

I think it’s safe to say that internet speed may also play a role in this as i only see the menu appear occasionally and not every single time. Could be wrong, not sure.



Would there be an easy way to make an iphone app that redirects to your mobile site?

Not sure i understand your question. Could you give me more details on what it is you want to achieve?



in the #menuDropDown the “a”(link) doesn’t “show the :active state” when you click beside the text.

in detail: on my mobile device (HTC Desire HD), when you click/touch onto the area right of “Home”, you have no visual feedback fo clicking – although the link is working.

when you directly click/touch onto the word “Home” the whole block element “a” gets highlighted (including the area to the right mentioned above).

is this a known issue? does anyone know about a workaround?

Thanks in advance!

nice template btw!

test it in your own example: QR Code



I haven’t had any feedback from others on what you’ve described unfirtunately. Could you give more details on which browser you are using on your device and i’ll look into asap.



hi, thanks for your quick reply.

btw, i found out that it works fine on the actual iphone.

my device details: - HTC DESIRE HD - Android Version 2.3.3 - HTC Sense 2.1 - Browser-Version WebKit/533.1

i’m using the standard “on board” browser.

Thanks again.

All testing was done on an iPhone so unfortunately i was unaware of the issue you’ve pointed out. I’ll make some adjustments to the CSS but without an Android device at my disposal it would be quite a tedious task. I’ll do what i can and post any updates here. If you manage to find a fix before i do please let me know.




I just purchased this today and I was under the impression that it came complete with fully layered PSD files.

Can yoou please tell me how I can get these files, becaause I do not see them in the ZIP .



Thanks for purchasing. I’ve only included the relevant Layered PSD files needed in order to customize this theme which are mainly buttons and menu items. The only items which need to be modified if needed are the button elements which you see in the template – the rest of the options can be modified via the style sheet i.e. colours, fonts etc.

I have not stated anywhere in the description nor in the file preview images that there is a fully layered PSD theme of the entire template. In fact i’ve stated that the PSD files included are of the elements only – Includes PSD files of elements for easy modification

If you require something more specific let me know and i’ll see what i can do.



I will buy this template if it can be converted to full-screen rather than fixed width. If so can I see what it looks like?


You can set the width of the main container to 100% which will make it full screen on all devices. I’ve enabled this on the dotMobi Wordpress demo which you can see here:


I’ll keep it like this temporarily for you to see.

Please note that i haven’t modified the main header image which can be set to stretch 100% (proportionally) by changing a value in the html code. This is easy enough to do though.



Just wanted to let you know that the demo has been reverted to it’s original 320px preview. If you didn’t get a chance to try it out drop me an email via my profile page and i’ll reset the demo for you.



@dbrinkhus – Sorry, i had to report your comment. I’d rather not have users post links to their sites that are unencrypted as this only begs for certain people to rip my files.

About your question. The search function doesn’t work because there is no search function :). You’re going to have to plug this in to a search script of your own. Google “Perlfect Search”, i’ve used this before and it’s works pretty well and allows you to customize the output quite a bit.



Hi all,

Twitter has updated their API yet again and the RSS feed URL might need updating. This format works fine for now:


Replace usernameHere with your Twitter username.



@all who have have purchased or will purchase.

Please consider contacting myself either through the comments or a private message on my profile page BEFORE leaving negative reviews. Found an issue? Ask for support! It’s FREE!

I actually offer great support at no extra charge to customers of any of my themes and am pretty proud of it. So if you encounter an issue (something is bound to come up) in this or any other theme, please request support before you rate your purchase.



Hello @pedrodonkey, I have purchased this theme, and while I understand that it say you do not support customization and install, I am having trouble installing this theme. I have tried through wordpress and ftp, and get a notice that there is no style.css. Please help, I am very excited to use this theme. Thanks


Unfortunately it sounds like you have purchased the incorrect theme. You purchased the HTML version instead of the Wordpress version which can be found here – http://themeforest.net/item/mobitheme-wordpress-theme-for-mobile-devices/123198

You’ll have contact envato support as I’m unable to issue a refund as an author however if you have already downloaded the HTML theme there is a chance you won’t be refunded.

Sorry for the confusion.

Cheers, Peter

I just tried installing the theme and got the following error message: Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-132558-mobitheme-xhtml-theme-for-mobile-devices.zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Please help

Hi. It seems you’re trying to install it on your wordpress setup. Unfortunately you have purchased the HTML theme and not the Wordpress theme which is available here: http://themeforest.net/item/mobitheme-wordpress-theme-for-mobile-devices/123198

You will have to contact envato sales support to see if they are able to refund you as this is out of my capabilities as a seller.

Cheers, Peter

Hi again Thanks for the quick response. I will contact them. Enjoy your day! Terry :)

You write down the banner that performs only at $ 15 and I click on the banner of this double price !!! $ 29 It’s not pretty.

You write down the banner that performs only at $ 15 and I click on the banner of this double price !!! $ 29 It’s not pretty.

That banner is for the Wordpress version, not the HTML version and it used to be sold for $15. It seems it’s been changed now since the pricing restructure that Envato went through a short while ago.

Sorry about the confusion but pricing is not handled by the developers, it’s handled by Envato staff so this can change without warning.