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awesome theme, good luck eith sales!

Thank you very much!


I purchased the theme.. but how i can change the menu icons.. i am adding navigation but all menu having same icons.. please let me know how to change these icons.

regards, Dubai Web Design

Hello zibkhan, thanks for the purchase, I hope you are enjoying the theme. About your question: I’ve created an item in the FAQ called “How do I change the menu icons?”, please check and you’ll find a detailed tutorial on that. Here you go: http://themeforest.net/item/moby-elite-wordpress-mobile-theme/3738419/faqs

Thanks, and please rate the theme!

Awesome Theme! Hopefully, I’ll be able to purchase when I get some extra cash.

Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy it.

Is it possible to move the menu from the top to the bottom? How customisable is the CSS?

Hi, yes, it is possible, if you wish you can get in contact with me on my profile and I’ll send you the instructions. The CSS code is very clean. Thanks.

Links on my slideshow don’t work, in theme option after adding the image I cannot edit the link url nor description because it does not show up anymore

To change the menu icons, what is the CSS code in style.css I need to add please?

Nice theme!


Hi! Take a look from line 75 onwards. Thanks

Before purchases, I want to ask if I want to add more menu icons how to do it? Thanks.

Hi, you have to add css classes for the new icons. Thanks, Willian

Nice template! I already have a desktop version for my website. Before buying, I’ll like to find out if I need to install a separate instance of WordPress for this mobile template. Thanks.

Hi, can this run together with a desktop theme? Does it need special customization for that? Thanks

Yes, it can. But it takes some work..


Hi, I’ve followed the steps in the help file and the support page to change the menu icons, but they always stay as the lightning bolt. I’ve set the css class on my menu items as directed and tried contact, home and blog – none of them change any of the icons. I only have one menu and it is set as primary navigation. Running WP 3.5.1 Thank you.

Hi There

I just bought the theme and I’m having the same issues that garyking

Menu Icons don’t show, only the lightning bolt.

Could you please give me a hand?

Thank you

Hi again

My Logo is not displaying properly. The slider goes on top of it! What’s the recommended size?

Thank you

Hi There.

My accordion items are not working. Could you please give me a hand to see what is wrong with them?

Thank you

Nice theme i used this theme its very easy to handle it

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I want to have separate theme for desktop and mobile. Do I need to have mobile domain such as m.mysite.com or mobile theme automatically work based on the device?

Hey! This mobile theme in particular doesn’t adapt very well to desktop. So you’d have to change the layout accordingly.

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