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Great work, keep it up. I did not see the PSD for the orange headers and icons. How do I get a copy of that PSD ? Do you do contract work to modify designs?

Hi There, it seems like I missed it, send me a mail from author page, I will provide you PSD . Yes I do contract work. :) Thanks for the purchase.

Elegant work! Good luck with sales :)

Thanks louiejie. :)

Is the color (orange) in your demo, changeable through the css? like to blue? or green?

Ok, I bought this based on the fact that you said the site colors are all CSS driven.. They’re not!

They are all images (everything is images).. Just to warn everyone.. I don’t mind editing the PSD , but that’s not really the way it should be done..

Hi, Ofcourse there are images. The color code’s in CSS can be replaced with your codes. not the whole site. It’s not built that way. Currently I have released the Orange theme only. In the coming week’s will add more updates. If my comments mislead you to buy the theme, its my responsibility to help you out. Let me know which color you want so that I will deliver you the theme with your desired colors. No issues :). Thanks for the purchase.

No worries.. still a great template.. nice work.. and thanks for the quick reply!

gr8 work…

Thx Alia :)

Thanks Alia.

Hi, how many sections can be used on your menu?

Just as recommendation, it might be a good idea to have a left side menu (hide/unhide) to be able to handle many sections but… I’ll like to know how many can the template handle and how it works if I’ve lets say 6 sections on my menu?

Thanks in advance and congratulations for your theme, it looks nice

Sorry for the late response. side menu will be a good idea, I think as we are targeting mobile devices we can slide down and see lot sections 3 in a row. :) hope this helps.

Please count me in with the side menu. Thanks for the update!

How do I make the search tab functional?

Hi there For customizing search in your domain you might need a developers help. Otherwise plz check this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3016287/how-to-add-site-search-function-to-website-using-xhtml-html.

Thanks 4 the purchase.

Hi, how is it possible to enable retina with icon_search and icon_nav ? I created 2 new file (pixel doubled) with the extension @2x.png but it still doesn’t work ! :(

Hi there, Understood your issue, currently retina.js applies for img tags only, as the search and menu icons are background images. You have to use “LESS” refer here http://retinajs.com/ Apologize for not including bg feature in the template, i’ll definately include this in upcoming updates. :) Thx

Hi Rohit,

can I just use for mobile phones only; not for tablets? how can I achieve that?

thanks bro.

Hi there,

You mean you dont want to display your site in tablets. only in mobile? well it can be done. Based on resolution we can disable it. Let me know once you purchased the files. :)

Hi, nice work. I cannot find any doc to check shortcode for Icon_sweet icons, but I made it and share it on twitter http://t.co/xId2KFhS, http://t.co/JfmotyRx, http://t.co/hpcaBilh, http://t.co/O5mlGjCs with other buyers. Could you send me all psd files and I need blue theme as well. Thanks.

Hi, Please send me a mail from my marketplace profile. I will send you back PSD . Thanks for sharing iconsweet glyphs.


You didn’t send blue theme to me yesterevening. I already sent you another email from your profile, could you check it and send the blue theme to me. I really need it. Thanks.

Hi rohithpaul, Could you please make a blue(#2394ff OR you already have similar color) theme for me? I brought it because I thought it could change theme whatever I want, but there are all images. It makes very hard to change. Could you help me do that? Thank you!

Still Waiting~

Hi! On the screenshot of the product description, there seem to have a BIG BUTTONS only version of the website.

It would be this one I’d like to buy. Any way I can see this one live to see how it looks?

Thank you!

A futur buyer

HI i dont understand what you mean, please specify. To check the theme in device, scan the qr code.

Error when installing

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

the retina.js is not work perfectly, because it swap to @2x to some mobile phones that are not retina such as note2 and other android phones. is any other new js file fix that?

Seeking help on how to actually install this. Do I open it as a .zip file as a WordPress plug in?

Thanks you.

OK, now I tried uploading it as a theme. Still failed. Help?

I’m trying to view the preview for your theme, but all the urls are not working.

Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience, you preview themes from tomorrow.

Preview is now available!