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Would it be possible to see the menu are all the time?

and that could have a link to go from bottom to top

Hi, sorry for late response. We didn’t planned to do sticky header, but if you buy this theme and then ask us, we’ll make it.

Is it possible to buy psd of this theme?

Hi, psd not available.

Hi guys great template, just what we are looking for :) There are two vital features which we need; one is the sticky menu and the second is the full width layout. Do you guys have something like that?



Hi, sorry but this template doesn’t have sticky menu and it has just boxed layout.

I see, thanks :)

hey :) Is possible to get PSD files of this theme ?

Hi, no, PSD files are not included in this package.

My friend, a great theme. Notice in the section “MOST TRENDING POSTS” you are doubles quotes in the design of ”>”.

Hello, I bought this theme – modarama v1 and on updating my wordpress recently, the aesthetics has been messed up. featured images on homepage are not of same sizes and the slider has shrinked. Please how can I fix this as i have trying the renegrate thumbnail plug-in to no avail. #urgent. thank you.


First, it’s not a WordPress Theme.
Second, you didn’t purchased our templete.
Third, we don’t support it anymore.

If you have wordpress theme, I’m curious were did you get it?


I want to buy your HTML template to turn it into a Wordpress theme ( personal project ) .

Before buying it , can you tell me if you plan to make improvements thereto within a short time ? The template has not changed since February 6, 2014 ?

Thank you in advance for your quick return .


No, we won’t make any improvements and we don’t support this template anymore.

deleted as posted in the wrong place!

deleted as posted in wrong place!