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Hey, loving the theme. Have had it for over a year now and it’s been great.

Weird question:

I would like to change the URL for the header logo (in other words, when a user clicks on my logo in the header menu, I want it to go to a different page, not the default homepage). Is there some css I can use to make this happen?

For example:

If you go to my site,, and go to any page (portfolio, for example), and you click on the D2 header logo, it takes you back to the home page automatically ( But what I actually want it to do is to take you back to a different page ( Is it possible?

Hi, thanks for your appreciation – such feature is not available via CSS (which controls only the style of the theme), so you’ll need to modify the theme header.php to achieve something similar (of course, you need basic web development skills for this or to hire a freelancer that can help you).

Why it not shows me the Name & surname and Email field?

I see you do not see that I purchased the theme, rare

I’m sorry it’s was theme wrong

Indeed, please contact the correct author for further support concerns.

Crap… I bought this theme, thinking that I could do Multiple Full Screen Gallery Pages, but now I cant see how to do that. Can you let me know if it is possible and how? Or if not, if there is a big modification needed to do so?

Hi, the full-page gallery is available for the homepage only, but with the help of a web developer you could easily extend this using a page template for multiple such pages. If you have any other support concerns or questions please use the Support tab of this item and I’ll respond via email. Thank you.

Thanks for the fast Reply! Ah ok, no Problem. I now installed a free Plugin that also uses the Supersized Library and will use your Fullwidth-Template and a little jQuery Snippet to append your Custom Pagination to it – that should do the trick. I just thought that maybe another Customer asked for the same and you have a faster way to do this + without installing another Plugin ;)

Liking the Theme so far, it will get a 5* Rating when im done ;)

Hello your theme supports WooCommerce

Hi, this theme does not offer official support/compatibility for the WooCommerce plugin, but you are more then welcome to modify it or hire a web developer that can add this feature for you.

Hi there, is it possible to have the footer/widgets to still show when using the supersize gallery on the home page?

Hi, it would only be possible if you modify the theme functionality in a child theme – there is no current option to do it without any code change.

Do you plan any update? It hasn`t been done since Nov.2014.

Hi, the theme is completely compatible with the latest WordPress and has no reported issues at the moment. Support for the theme is still offered and if you have any concerns/questions make sure you use the Support tab to get in touch with me. Thank you.

The logo in the header contains an a tag with the following title: Another awesome Liviu Cerchez theme

It is hard-coded into the theme options and not even available for modifications via header.php. Can you remove this remark from your template?

A few other helpful options would include:
  • Move the custom CSS field to the Style tab.
  • Inject the Google Analytics code into the footer instead of the header.
  • Include an Instagram social icon.
  • Provide style options for header, main and footer background colors and transparency to avoid needing to adjust html, #header, #main and #footer manually.
  • Provide an option to adjust the logo size without the need for manual CSS.
  • Allow the removal of the background pattern altogether.

Actually, that is not entirely correct. Your header file, header.php, states that it will use “Another awesome Liviu Cerchez theme” if there’s no WordPress description; however, it is not written correctly, because even if there IS a tagline in Settings > General, it ignores it. Am I using an outdated version of the theme? I’m using version: 1.4.3.

<h1><a echo=""> href="<?php echo esc_url( home_url( '/' ) ); ?>" rel="home" title="<?php if(!empty($smof_data['meta-desc'])) { ?><?php echo esc_attr($smof_data['meta-desc']); ?><?php } else { echo esc_attr( get_bloginfo( 'description', 'display' )); } ?>"><img src="<?php echo $smof_data['custom_logo']; ?>" alt="<?php bloginfo( 'name' ); ?>" /></a></h1><?php else : ?> <h1><a href="<?php echo esc_url( home_url( '/' ) ); ?>" rel="home"><?php bloginfo( 'name' ); ?></a></h1> <?php endif; ?>

Hi, please contact me via the Support tab with your wp-admin login details – I’ll take a look further and definitely offer a fix for your problem.


when I am using a Portrait image as the featured Image for a Portfolio Entry, it generates the Thumbnail by taking the middle part of the Image, which means, that heads get chopped off, when using an portrait image. To counter this, I want to use a Plugin to position the cropped Viewport of the Thumbnails, like f.e. this one:

The Plugin (all the Plugins I tried) do not recognize the custom Thumbnail Sizes you created. Do you know why? I would like to have more control over how my Portfolio looks.

Hi, the theme can handle only centered cropping for the portfolio template, but with small changes to the code you can display a custom size or position. I haven’t tested the theme with the Crop Thumbnails plugin, but I’ll study it right away to see if I can offer compatibility for it. Please get in touch with me via the Support tab and I’ll continue support via email. Thank you.

I sent a support question but I did not receive a response. On our portfolio page all the products are vertical. The theme cuts the heads off of the images. You had fixed it in the past for us with instructions to not update the theme. However it was accidentally updated. I need to get it back to displaying the full picture if possible.

Please contact me back and let me know if this can be done. Thanks!

Does the support ticket only work if you have support paid for? Our support expired. I sent the request to you 2 days ago right after my post. I’ve checked my spam folder but no response in there or my inbox.

The only support questions I have from you are dated back in October last year – if you can’t use the Support tab then contact me via my profile’s contact form and we’ll continue the discussion via email. Thank you.

Sent, thanks for your patience!

Hello, is it possible for you to let me know all the plugins that were included and needed to run this theme? For some reason they did not install. Thank you in advance!

Hi, everything is included in the installable theme .zip file – if you have issues installing the theme make sure you follow the instructions in the documentation. Of course, you can contact me anytime via my profile’s form for further concerns/questions.

Hi, thank you for responding! I actually had to wipe my site so now I am working on it the theme. I have another question for you, do you know how to get the Visual Composer to work with your theme? They said they work with any theme but now I think that is false. Any advice would be appreciated!

Hi, unfortunately I can’t offer assistance/support on third party plugins – any well coded plugin should work just fine with the theme. You can contact me anytime via my profile’s form for further concerns/questions and I’ll continue support via email. Thank you.

I absolutely love this theme, and am now using it for the second time. I noticed that when the logo text is more than 11 characters, it overlaps with the menu on mobile devices. My logo text is exactly 11 characters, and so it looks smushed on mobile. I have tried entering some custom CSS to fix this, but nothing seems to stick. Any solution?


Hi, thank you for your kind words – please send me a message via the Support tab of my profile’s contact form (include the URL of your site) and I’ll continue support via email. Regards!