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awesome work :)

Thank you, I appreciate it.

hi how can I change the round pics in Portfolio to square pics?

Hi, there is an option for this in the Admin Settings – just disable it.

I have your pruchased your theme and looking forward to using it BUT where is the layered PSD? This is a key requirement for me when purchasing a new theme and I don’t not see it in the zipped file.Your file specs on themeforest say you include it. Please advise.

Hi, sorry about this but I specified in the item description that only the sprite PSD file is included:

Included PSD for main sprite file for customization
I have a home page PSD mockup, but didn’t include it because the design is very simple. Maybe this will help you:

Actually, that does thanks. I guess I missed your ‘sprite’ remark. Is it possible to ‘custom’ request this and pay for e.g. internal psds? Also do you do any ‘freelance’ work on wordpress?


Hi, glad the homepage PSD helps you. I currently don’t do freelance work and I can’t help you with PSD work – but you should try If you have other concerns/requests let me know via the contact form in my profile and I’ll continue support by email.

Looks great and unique. One of your best templates so far, love your work!

Thank you for the support. I’m really glad you like my work.

Hello, congratulations, great theme. But your theme have a problem.

Mouse scroll have malfunctions. The issue does not go down well to the footer. I tested in 2 computers and firefox, explorar, safari.

could you please try?

If you solve the problem, I will buy your item.

Thank you

Hi, thank you for the interest. The theme uses the wondeful plugin to create a custom scrollbar. I’ve tested the theme in every major browser out there – everything works fine for me. I’ve made an update to disable this custom scrollbar with a simple Admin setting – everything should be OK even for users that have inconveniences with the scrollbar.

Already pushed the patch, will be available when ThemeForest approves the changes. Regards!

Your theme looks unique. Keep up the good work! All the best with sales.

I really appreciate it, thank you!

Thanks for a great theme!

I only wish that you could have buttons on the start page, in “description” on the homepage-slider. Is there a way todo this?


Thank you for the purchase. You could add a button very easily – just attach a button class to a link in the description area:

Thank you!!!!! I downloaded the template of this theme , and was just learning how to implement it . I am purchasing first thing tomorrow ( you saved me a client ) .

Glad you like it, looking forward to offer my support if you make the purchase.

Just purchased! Thanks again

Thank you! For any questions you may have drop me a message via the contact form in my profile.

Thanks for a great theme. I have a question, I would put the images on the page portfolio small images with link and I do not understand. Sorry if my english is wrong’m Brazilian and do not speak very good English.

Thank you for your purchase! I’ll do my best to help out – drop me a message via the contact form in my profile. Send me your live WordPress theme configuration and I’ll continue to offer support by email. Regards!



is there a “no sidebar” option? Means can I use / create pages without sidebar (full width)?

Hi, thanks for your interest. Of course, you can define pages without a sidebar – take a look at the Grid Layout page for example.

Hi !! Before purchasing your theme I would like to know if on the home page we can put a link in the little white box (in bottom left corner) or we can just put some free text ?

Thanks for your help and good job for this awesome theme !

Hi, please send me a preview URL via the contact form in my profile. If you can give me temporary access to your WP configuration then I’ll take a look at that too. Thank you.

Ok thanks ! I just sent you a message !

Thank you, I’ll continue support via email.

Heya, Is there a way to remove the + sign from the menu drop downs? L.

Hi, there is no option to remove the + sign from menu parents, sorry. I can do this custom task if you are really interested, contact me via the my profile. Thank you.

Hi! Where can I change the social media icon options? Also- the google font for Headers is not responding to any changes. Is that a known issue?

Thanks, Demetri

Hi! The social media icons are available via shortcodes, please find them in the documentation. Google Fonts should work fine, please send me a message via my profile and I’ll look into your problem in detail.

Thanks for replying! I see the shortcodes to add icons to pages individually. What about changing the social buttons w/tooltip in the header, to the right of the menu? I checked the header file but it looks like the buttons are being inputted dynamically somehow. Any help? Thanks!

You can edit the header social buttons by using the Header Text Area section of the Theme Options:

Hi :) We are purchasing this template for our client and I have some questions.

1. Is the next level in the dropdown menu available? Ex. Products > Cars > Electric Vehicles.

2. What will happen if your main menu will be too long for the available width of the page? Can we resize the menu font?

Thank you in advance for your answer.


Hi, thanks for your interest. The drop-down supports 3 levels for the menu. If a lot of menu items are placed in the header the result will not be so pretty. I recommend grouping them in parent items with sub-items. Regards!

Thank you very much for your quick reply.

Theme looks very nice. Can I change in the portfolio page the round thumbnails in rectangular ones? Is for a painting project… Thanks

Hi, thank you for the interest. You can disable the round thumbnails with a simple admin option, very easy to achieve.

Hello, I really like your theme and I’m considering purchasing this theme. Is it possible to change the homepage background color from black to any other color?

Also is the portfolio page capable of using videos instead of images and give and start viewing on the same page to allow the visitor to view one video to the next on the portfolio page? If not, can you recommend a plug-in that works well with this video?

Lastly, do you have a sample of the admin section of the theme that I can view somewhere?

Thank you.

Hi, thanks for the interest. The background color is customizable via the Theme Options. Portfolio items can have featured images attached as the main thumbnail and video items in the details page of each item – I don’t have any recommended plugin, except you can insert videos yourself in a custom page that uses grid shortcodes. You can preview some admin snapshots in the item’s description.

Thanks for your quick response!

Bought and installed into a clean 3.5.1 install, and imported the sample xml data too, but I’m struggling to get the portfolio page to work.

Am I correct in thinking that the Portfolio Page should automatically thumbnail the portfolio posts? All I get is the portfolio page with a ‘no search results returned’ box.

Any ideas?

EDIT – Sorted it – the sample portfolio page as the wrong ‘base category’ selected. Changed to portfolio and all is well!

Nice theme by the way!

Hi, thank you for the purchase. Glad you figured out the base category option – that options is made so you can create as many portfolio pages as you need. Regards!

Hi Liviu,

I’ve emailed you a problem I’m encountering with the theme. When I try to view posts under custom post type = staff-members (which I assigned a new name to, btw), I get a 404 error. I’ve already tried all of the remedies posted on various sites (refresh the permalinks, or use flush_rewrite_rules) but the problem remains.

Would appreciate it if you get back to me with a solution.

Thanks. PG

Hi Peter, I’m from Europe so the support is limited to my hours. Will get back to you ASAP by email, don’t worry.

Sorry about that – didn’t mean to nag :) Got your email and replied already.

Alright, I’ll continue to offer support by email.

Hi Liviu, Sharp looking theme. Check the Supersized Gallery ‘slide description’ field. When you insert text in (2) lines – let’s say ‘text 1’ <enter> ‘text 2’, the gallery crashes and does not displays the picture.

Hi, please use simple descriptions for now or the <br> tag to get a new line – I will fix this in the next update.

Done, update to the latest version and all should be fine now.