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Hi there, I have a pre-purchase question. In boxed detail page view can the back ground image be changed to a full page background image (a large image covering the whole of the back with the central column overlayed), also the video homepage doesnt seem to work.


Hi, thanks for the interest. The boxed gallery can be extended only by using the Supersized gallery that covers the full page – but the content “overlay” will not be available then. The video should work fine in all modern browsers:

I have your pruchased your theme, i love your work!!! this one is so beautiful. But i have a problem… i don’t know what it is but everytime i save the updates and preview it. the images won’t load. it just keeps loading but nothing is it something i did wrong or anything? i uploaded my own images but they won’t load. sometimes they do but other times just keeps loading. :(

Hi, thank you for the support. The supersized gallery should work with no errors, make sure you have images for each slide. If the error persists let me know via the contact form in my profile and send me temporary access to your WP admin panel to debug things.

Thank you so much for replying to each customer. That’s really nice of you. Definitely will buy again. I will try again tonight when I get home if still have the same issue I’ll message you. :) thank you!

No problem, if something goes wrong just drop me a message and I’ll continue support by email.


I just updated to version and now the Journal template is missing from the sidebar. When I checked the FTP side, the PHP template is there. I even re-uploaded it. Thanks.

Hi, please select the template to Journal Page from the sidebar – if you didn’t modify the theme then it should be there: Drop me a message via the contact form in my profile with temporary access to your WP admin and I’ll do my best to help out.

Great theme it just works and it looks great!! Thank you liviu!

Thank you, much appreciated!

Thank you so much for the awesome theme, the author helped me a lot from beginning to end! very nice and paciente. Thank you, thank you! ;)

More then welcome to help you out Tony, thanks for the support!

Hello Liviu, i am planning to buy your template cause i want to use it to promote my 360 panoramas work.So I wanted to ask you if i can load swf extension files in to the template(that s the extension that the stiching software gives me).Please let me know.

Hi, the theme uses the 360° Panoramic Viewer which support simple image files – it does not work with Flash (swf).

hello liviu_cerchez desconfigurou my site from scratch, jai reinstalled thema and mute podeia give me a support

Hi, please use English as I don’t really know neither Spanish or Portuguese. Thanks.

thank you, the problem is already solved

Alright, glad everything is OK.

hello liviu Cerchez Not’m getting enable the start can help me excuse the English, I’m from Brazil and parabens by thema magnificent

Hi, drop me a message via the contact form in my profile – I’ll continue support by email.

Hi Liviu,

I’ve been searching for a theme for my photoblog for a long time, and it seems I’ve found mine, I really like your proposal ! I’ve only one doubt: Is it possible to filter items by cathegory in the Portfolio (as I can see it can be done in your other Theme, CleanGold) ? Please, reply that it’s possible also with this Theme, I’m tired of looking for my perfect theme ;)



I’ll purchase in a while.. I’m busy now. Thanks for your reply. I’ll prepare different portfolio pages then, with diff categories. I hope we can have a kind of filter like the one in CleanGold on future updates ;)

Sure, I’ll add this feature to my todo list for the next versions.


Hi, I’m testing this theme. I’ve found an unexpected behavior with the Supersized Gallery. I tried uploading three images to show on my Supersized Gallery, two of them are in landscape format and the other one is square format (1:1). When the squared picture is shown, the previous picture is still visible behind, it does not dissapear. Is it possible to change this behavior? When the new picture is shown (the squared one) I would like the previous picture to disappear, I only want to see one picture at a time in the gallery. You can see what I mean in this screenshot

Thank you !

Hi, thank you for your purchase. Please send me a private message (contact form in profile) with your site details and I’ll take a look, do my best to help out.

Great theme! Is there any option in the theme settings to set the images under work/portfolio to have the images show up in a circle design rather than a box? (as shown in the demo)

Thanks! Looking forward to using this theme.

I have started working with this theme for a client that purchased it previously but when I click the portfolio page it will not display 4 round images going across – it will only show two if left in the default size mode, or 3 at most if I choose the largest image size. What am I doing wrong?

(If you need me to login with their TF login so it shows purchased I can get the information from them and do so, just realized im logged in using my account – thanks )

Hi, please send me the purchase code from your client via a private message. I’ll continue to offer support by email.

Sent, thanks!

Can’t wait for a project that will let me use this theme. It’s gorgeous. Bookmarked!

Thank you, glad you like it.

silly question :-) where can I see the settings of the facebook-twitter button in the header?


Hi, you can find the header information box settings in the Theme Options – social icons are added with simple shortcodes.

Hey, first the theme is really good!! i like it very much. But i have one problem: my portfolio photos are just disappear….. thake a look at my website: i dont know whats the matter is…..

Hi, please make sure you have attached featured images for each portfolio item. If the problem persists please send me temporary access to your WP admin panel via a private message. I’ll do my best to offer my support.

Hi, a few pre-purchase questions… *can the header white bar be transparent on the video home page and all other pages? It seamed to work with firebug, but i want to make sure. *if social links be taken off the header, could I then justify the nav menu to the right? what type of video format can be used? thanks so much! Tasha

Hi, you can adjust the header opacity and menu alignment with Custom CSS – the Theme Options panel has such an override field. The theme uses so both YouTube and Vimeo should work. Hope this helps.

Are you available for custom upgrades for this MODELISH theme at extra pay?

Hi, yes I’m available for custom development – just contact me through the contact form in my profile.

Sent you an email with a quick question or two – thanks.

Yes, I responded to your emails. Thank you!

Hi Liviu, Awesome theme ! I have a pre-purchase question : I’d like to use on homepage – box detailed page version, the Slider Revolution WP plugin. Is it possible and how to do it ? thanks

Hi, thank you for your interest. Adding any shortcode to the homepage detailed view is very easy – there is a special field for this (General Text in Home Page tab). The Slider Revolution will give you a shortcode to work with – paste that into the Theme Options and everything should work as expected.

Quick question, can you protect your images with this theme?

Hi, please send me a preview URL via the contact page in my profile. You are doing something wrong, but don’t know exactly what it is. I’ll do my best to help out and continue support via email.

Oh actually nevermind, i got it! I just needed to change some setting from “static front page” to “your latest post”. Thanks though!