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Hi Liviu,

I’m having a problem when i try to import a entire galerie into my portfolio post i get this error, Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method ‘replace’ of undefined (this is said in chrome programmer debug mode) the problem must be in here in line 16

Can you please help me

Hi, thank you for your purchase. I’ll get back to you via the email you sent me, will continue support via email.

amazing support !!! helpful and willing

Thanks for all the support


Hi, thank you for your support. Please rate the theme in your Downloads section and for any future issue you may have don’t hesitate to contact me via the profile form.

Hi I was just wondering where the images/ patterns folder is located? I would like to upload a background pattern. thank you in advance – amazing theme!

It should appear in the list along the other patterns, make sure you uploaded the pattern in the right folder (via FTP).

should it be a certain size? I placed the image in the content\themes\modelish\images\patterns\ folder via FTP and it has not appeared..?

There is no size restriction, it should be readable and in the right directory. Please send me more details about this via my profile contact form and I’ll continue support by email.

Good night, I want to change background-color of the header and another color items, but I don´t know how I can do it. What CSS stylesheet I have to change?

Thank, you.

thank you.

I have another question. I want that my portafolio seems like the demo, but I dont know how I can do it.

Portfolio items are added just like regular posts. Please send me a message via the contact form in my profile and I’ll continue support via email.

Is there a way to change the portfolio thumbnails from circles to squares?

Hi, yes there is – please use the Theme Options panel to enable/disable this effect. It currently located in the Style Settings section.

Hi, The Theme is great and looks good. Only One thing is missing which is I think is very useful option. The theme support only FEW of the Google web fonts NOT ALL. I’m feeling a little bit fustrating for the lack of adding my own custom font type. I need to ask for customisation for this to solve and hes hourly rate are $50. So please take into consideration this option upon future updates. Thanks, Peter

Hi, thanks for your support and appreciation. I’ll add more fonts in a future version, but for now I included only the most popular ones. Let me know which ones you really need and I’ll add them right away.

Yes, my hourly fee is $50 for any custom changes that are not included in the theme package – feel free to contact me about it anytime.

Beautiful theme!! Quick question, are you able to have a background image instead of just a pattern?

Thank you, you can tweak it very easy with the Custom CSS option (upload image via Media and set it as background-image)

Also, is there a way to make the static header a certain color (and the font white) instead of just white?

The header is white by default and there is no built in option to change it – can be done though only with some Custom CSS.

Nice theme,

I’ve downloaded the XML, uploaded two slide photos, and adjusted the slider option in the theme options panel, and found no additional instruction on the actual homepage itself…and still no image appears on my homepage, over sized or any at all. What am am missing here ?


Hi thank you for your purchase. The Theme Options contains descriptions for each of its fields – its self documented. You must add images for each slide and optionally add simple text descriptions: Also, you must have the Display latest posts in the front page:

If you have further questions or concerns please get in touch with me via the contact form in my profile (send me a preview URL or temporary WP admin access). I’ll do my best to help out.

Excellent. Great them, great support.


Could you add VINE shortcode in the next version? Like this guy talks about on his blog:

Thank you,

Thank you, but I would say “and yet another plugin…”. Just it would be great to integrate this in your theme!

Yes, I can integrate it, of course, in the next versions – thank you for the suggestion.

On second thought it’s better if you embed it as iframe directly – just copy the embed code and paste it in a post/page:

My logo keeps defaulting to a smaller size then I would like it to be. Is there a place to control or allow the logo to be the size that it’s uploaded at?


Hi, there is no current option to change the header size – the logo takes the height of the header and it shrinks it to make it look good on retina display devices. You can tweak the theme by using the Custom CSS field, but that needs some basic CSS knowledge.

For further questions/concerns send me a message from the contact form in my profile and I’ll continue support via email. Thank you!

Also, how do I reduce the size of the main header navigation. So as referred to above, bigger logo, smaller nav point size.

Hi, there is no current option to change the header size. You can tweak the theme by using the Custom CSS field, but that needs some basic CSS knowledge.

For further questions/concerns send me a message from the contact form in my profile and I’ll continue support via email. Thank you!

Hi, I purchased your theme earlier this month. I’m having an issue with the menu, for some reason after I create a menu then populate it with links it doesn’t use the theme parameters. The links will appear as blue text on the home page on the left sidebar. Is this an theme upload error? or maybe something else?

Hi, thank you for the purchase. Please send me a preview URL I can take a look at via my profile contact form. I’ll do my best to help out.

I appreciate the quick response, you can see the page here:

Please reinstall the theme – you are missing a reset.less file:

Media Library does not work properly.

Hi, I have an issue with the media library. A) It does not display any images and B) it will cause problems when I try to set a featured image for a blog post.

I deactivated/deleted all plugins. That was not the issue. The Media Library works fine with the Twenty Twelve theme. Could you please advise?

P.S. I also have problems with opening Screen Options at the top of the page and switching to Visual in the post editor.


Hi, please get in touch with me via my contact form in my profile from the account you made the purchase – I may be able to help you with theme related issues.

How we can use the shortcodes in a normal article or page?


Hi, just paste the shortcodes in the Text content area. refer to the theme documentation for the list of available shortcodes and on WordPress for more general details:

hello i want to ask .if the theme can change the color to black? i really like the style but i want a black one ~~

The theme has options to change only the base color, links color and background color for the page – no option to turn the whole theme dark (without using Custom CSS).

I am having difficulties with the installation of your theme. Once installed, all I see is blank page with some general text. I have gone into your settings panel and tried setting everything up… but no luck. I have tried deleting and re-installing the theme several times. Plus, I have tried the theme with no plugins and an updated wordpress platform. I called my hosting server to see if there is something wrong on their end, but they did not see any glaring errors. Nothing is working as of yet. Please help.

Hi, I responded to you via your email. Please reply to that message and send me a preview URL I can take a look at. Even temporary access to your WP admin will help me figure out what’s wrong. Thank you.

I did not receive that email. Please try again.

I sent you another email via your profile page. Hopefully, that works. I look forward to having your theme up and running soon.

HI, is it possible to link the superzized images on the fromtpage to a portfolio page or a single block post or to any page ?

Hi, thank you for the purchase! Please send me a preview URL of the page with the gallery and I’ll see what the issue is – drop me a message via my profile contact form and I’ll continue to offer support by email. Thank you.

I have send you an email via the contact form ;) btw the main navigation links are not clickable if i add sub links.

Alright, I’ll continue to offer support by email. Thank you.

hello liviu_cerchez

is the themes has gallery ? like in a page can display a lot pic as a list ?

Hi, thank you for your interest. Yes, Modelish has support for portfolio pages and WordPress built-in [gallery] feature with lightbox support.

thx man .i still one more question … the menu on the top can i add more there? can i change them ? i have 8 menu need to put it on the top .i saw ur theme only has 5 ….if i can put 3 more there …the top of that white lump will become more longer or something?

Hi, the menu is configurable of course – you can remove the social link from the right side and have more space for as many menu items it will fit in.

Everything’s flowing nicely, except one final hurdle. The contact form doesn’t send me an email. I set the email in Theme Options as instructed however when i hit send the email never reaches me. Suggestions ?

Thanks :)

Hi, the contact form uses the mail php function to send emails, make sure it’s supported by your hosting server. Also, please send me a preview URL of the page via the contact form in my profile. Thank you!

Ill look into the hosting inquiry, here you are: