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Very fun looking theme,

Is there any way to import the dummy data?



I emailed you via contact form 5 or 6 days ago and haven’t heard back; I had a few other questions.

1) I can’t seem to remove the clients portion from the homepage no matter what I do (delete all slides, turn off the client section etc.) any ideas here? 2) I have installed a job manager plugin and it displays the job posting in the testimonials widget, is there any way to fix this? 3) Is there any way to get the map to display full width and only 300 or 350px height—the map plugin doesn’t seem to allow this no matter how much I customize it, it either displays across the entire screen or not at all. 4) I seem unable to get the the dropcaps to display the colored format.

Thanks for your help,

Hi, please check your spam folder – I answer all my support email with no exception. Send me a preview URL through the profile’s contact form and I’ll continue support via email. Thank you.

I may have deleted it—I have resent the email.

Hello, I need to appear in the portfolio categories as a filter. How to do it? Or I can have more than one page as portfolio? I also want to know how to put the code on the side of the share portfolio.

Thank you. How do I remove the date from the side of the portfolio. Has no lateral widget to portfolio.

The categories of the post are the same portfolio? When you access the journal appears categories of portfolio. Its does not appear?

The date can be hidden with the option in the Portfolio Page section of the Theme Options. The categories are WordPress based and not portfolio specific – if they show up in any sidebar widget this is because they are WP categories as well :)

For some reason, im not receiving any email from my Contact Page?

Hi, please get back to me via my profile’s contact form and I’ll do my best to help.

Hi, Actually if anyone using Safari 7.0 it would be impossible to customize the heme. Unfortunatley the settings module does not load in …. Please fix

Thank you.

Hi, I’ve just tested the Theme Options on the latest Safari version and all seems to be working fine: Please get in touch with me via my profile’s contact form and I’ll continue support via email.

Hey, I was wondering how I could change the menu header colour and text. Thanks for your help in advance :) GREAT THEME VERY IMPRESSED!

Hi, there is no built in option to manage header background color and foreground color. I think I’ll add this option in the next version because it seems popular among clients. Stay tuned!

OK thanks heaps! that would be amazing! 5/5 stars!

Hello. I have no idea how to upload the big images for the background, and what sizes they need to be, it is not in the index file. Please help/ Thanks

Hi, thank you for your purchase. Make sure you use the Theme Options > Home Page to edit the supersized slider images and set your front page to display your latest posts:

Thanks for the quick response. What size do the images need to be?

I used 1440px x 900px images in the preview – try different sizes and see which one works best for you.

How to print portfolio with category name..

Like image below

image jpg 2241-180

Hi, there is no support for listing portfolio items this way. You can create multiple portfolio pages with unique categories for each one though.

Thank you! for your reply.. I have one more question. How to set custom image size of portfolio page

I don’t understand what you mean exactly – please be more specific.

Hi, I would like to have the home page be video and an additional page be the full page supersize gallery, how to create both?

thank you! Tasha

Hi, you can set the homepage to either be a video or a supersized gallery – the theme supports only one of those options currently. You can make the setting in the Theme Options > Home Page Homepage Type.

Hi there,

first at all: really great theme! Thanks for that. Where can I disable the social icons (facebook, twitter) in head-area? They overlay the prev- and -next button for slider gallery at front page. Look here:


Hi, thank you for your purchase and nice comment. You can remove the social icons from the Theme Options > General Settings > Header Text Area.

Found it, thanks!


Just bought your theme and like it so far. One problem: the flickr widget doesn’t seem to work. I punch in my user ID and hit save, but I get a message that says it can’t fetch photos. What gives?

Hi, thank you for your purchase. Try using a service like that can obtain the Flickr ID using your profile URL.

Awesome, thanks. That worked.

Hi there,

some short questions about SEO and seo-friendly URLs. My self defined permalink structure is: /blog/category/postname.html So each portfolio item gets the URL: /blog/portfolio-items/my-item
  1. Is it possible to eliminate /blog/ in URL, without changing permalink structure?
  2. My portfolio-item is in a category called “categoryXYZ”. To my mind a nice URL for this item would be: /portfolio/categoryXYZ/my-item instead of /portfolio-items/my-item because the overview for the items is the URL /portfolio/ and not /portfolio-items. How can I get this?



sorry but can’t find the comments checkbock in the discussion section, when I edit the page, for example ‘impressum’. Can you help me to find it?


Hi, please see this snapshot – all you have to do is enable discussion settings from Screen Options. Another option might be to quick edit the page:

QuickEdit was the solution. Thanks.

I`m about to purchase this very nice theme for my photography. I have three questions:
1. Can the square on the bottom on HOME page be hidden?
2. When I click on Portfolio and then on circle, can I have subcategories? (For example Portfolio – People – another circle with Portrait, Kids etc)
3. When I open above circle can I have full width without sidebar?

Thank you

Downloaded :-) Time to play with that and bring back everything. The biggest work will be image re-sizing again. I will get back to you when I need your help.

Alright, thanks for your purchase. Get back with me via my profile’s contact form and I’ll continue support via email.

I`ll be in touch soon

The menu looks nice in Chrome, but horrible in FF. See screenshot below. Fonts are too big and under them is too much white space. Arrows are covered as well. How can I fix it?

image jpg 2257-296

Hi, please get back with me via my profile’s contact form with a preview URL and I’ll continue support via email. Thank you.

It`s strange, but it looks fine again. Anyway, I have another issue. I will contact you.

Alright, I’ll continue support via email.

Hi, added some slices to my Home Page for the supersized Gallery. It worked fine. I relpaced some of them and after that, my Home Page now do not show the Supersized Gallery anymore. Can you help me with that? Link to Home Page


Hi, there is no slide image in your preview. Can you send me temporary access to your WordPress admin panel via a private message? I’ll take a look and continue support via email.

Hi, sent you an message via email.

Alright, thank you. I’ll continue support via email.

Well I hoped this would be easy… IT IS NOT YOUR theme but I am using GoDaddy for a client and it is aweful…

I cannot get the theme to work at all.. It seems it is not connecting to the CSS… ? Help

Hi, I received your email with the access to debug things and will continue support via email. Thank you.

Fixed Thanks!!! Is there a way to make the buttons for forward and advance smaller?

No problem. There is no built in option to reduce the size of the supersized gallery controls, sorry.

I have a problem, the portfolio does not put me on the right texts. How do I fix it?

Hi, thank you for your purchase. This is not an error, it’s a setting in the Theme Options > Portfolio section. You can either display the portfolio images in a full width slider or one under another with the sidebar on the right. Make sure you check out all the options in the Theme Options and for further questions/concerns please drop me a message via my profile’s contact form.

Ok, Thanks

Hello, thanks to help me ! I can’t modify the menu css in adding code in custom css. I can’t find the original css files, which code do I have to modify ? I wan’t add an image after the text of the menu-item and change colors of the background and the font… thanks !

Hi, the theme is based on .less files – please refer to the less folder for changing the default style. I recommend you use the Custom CSS field in the Theme Options to adjust appearance and not modify the core files of the theme.

For any other question/concern please drop me a message via my profile’s contact form and I’ll continue support via email.

Another question, please !

For the portfolio, I want to mix the possibilities… to have a slider for the images, but to keep the sidebar for the text (small images for the slider to the left, and the text at the right… How can I do that ? Which is the code to replace ? Thanks a lot

Hi, there is no support for such a feature – but I’m available for additional custom work if you need help.

For any other question/concern please drop me a message via my profile’s contact form and I’ll continue support via email.

Is there a way to add an email address/telephone number below or somewhere in the top white bar (doesn’t have to be interactive-just in the white bar – below the social media icons, or have addition icons which are the email and call?!). Thanks. Great template.

Hi, there is a social link you can use for email: icon-email – but there is none for any call/phone number, sorry. I’m available for custom development if you have something else in mind – contact me via my profile and I’ll continue support via email.

1) this theme doesnt seem to work with ie8 (css/less issues), or maybe i gotta do something in order to get it working, didnt find a word in documentation.

2) also map marker doesnt show up in chrome, it seems like a chrome issue, tho maybe you know a workaround that wouldnt require me to use google maps api and start from scratch?

well it wouldnt be that much of an issue if it didnt look like this: (also checked on :D anyways, fixed it, cheers

Alright, glad you found a fix – I’ll check your suggestion out and include it in the next update if I validate it.

For any further questions/concerns please drop me a message via my profile’s contact form and I’ll continue support via email. Thank you.

Reverted to LESS 1.3.3 and tweaked IE8 style, should work fine now. Thanks for your feedback.