Discussion on Modellic - WooCommerce & Booking Model Agency WordPress Theme

Discussion on Modellic - WooCommerce & Booking Model Agency WordPress Theme

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Trixxs Purchased

Hi mate. I tried to go to item support page. Not 100% sure you got my ticket since i didnt get an email or able to log inn to see ticket request

Hello, if your ticket is about affiliate product – I did get it. And I will reply now :) Thank you.


Trixxs Purchased

Yeah thats it and that was quick nice one ;)

Also, could all model profiles be hidden and only shows profiles or image after the name search?

I replied to you in the email about this. This requires some additional development hours.

I don’t see a reply to this question. Could you just give me some type of fee please?

I just sent you another email. This is a public discussion section, not suitable for such information.

Could I charge for only one search? I’m not using it as a model search but a person search. Could I set up a charge and give the person only one search by name for 1 person, and after that search they are not allowed anymore searches? Or do you have any suggestions?

Not sure how to contact you from contact

But you think 80% of what I want can be done with Modellic?

There are a lot of themes that can do 80% of what you need. And there will be about 20% that need to be added with custom code and plugins.

If you want to discuss more – please click our nickname or avatar, there you will see a contact from in the right sidebar. Which you can use to contact me.

I would like the website to look exactly as it does in the demo. I have loaded the demo content but it doesn’t. How can I accomplish this?

Hello, please contact via profile page form, and provide a site URL with the login details (is possible). I will fix that for you.


Thank you!

If this bug is fixed, i will buy the theme https://ibb.co/jV039M8

Hello, work on the theme update is in progress, will be released Tuesday-Wednesday. Thank you.

Hello, I need to know how I can edit the product layout pages. How can I edit the product archive and single product pages?

Hello, those are templated WooCommerce pages. You have several settings for the layout of both archive and single products pages in the Appearance > Customize. But if you want to go beyond that, you need to customise code. Specifically, you need to overwrite template of WooCommerce in your child theme. Thank you,

How can I get a refund? I have figured that I would have to customize a lot to be able to use this theme. Please show me how to get a refund. I have decided to code my own theme.

Hey! I am definitely interested. Do you have a working demo? The live preview shows errors and the add to favorite is not working properly.

Hi, can you please point me to the pages with errors?

Yes, I see the problem add to Fav button color, if that is what you mean? Will fix that soon.

Thank you!


Demo content in not getting import. I followed your document instructions….. What is wrong ?

Hello, do you have any error messages? Demo import is at Appearance > Demo Data Import > use the very first item. Thank you.


Here is the error log, I have replaced my domain name with example.io

—Downloaded files— The import files for: Black / Yellow Color Settings were successfully downloaded! Initial max execution time = 120 Files info: Site URL = https://example.io Data file = not defined! Widget file = not defined! Customizer file = /home/customer/www/example.io/public_html/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/demo-customizer-import-file_2022-10-05__09-34-58.dat Redux files: not defined!

—Importing customizer settings— Error: The customizer import file is not in a correct format. Please make sure to use the correct customizer import file.


Can you please create a support ticket and share some screenshot of where do you see these messages? Comments section is not good for support.

All you need to do is to use a “Appearance > Demo Data Import” feature, you do not need to select and upload any files manually (only Slider Revolution files).

Hi, I just purchased your theme but found that theme have many CSS and JS files that is decreasing it’s speed. And we know that website speed is a strong ranking factor. So can you optimize your theme ? I don’t want to use any more plugin to optimize speed.

Hello thank you for your purchase.

The theme itself has just 1 JS file, and like 5 CSS file that are included using dependencies where they needed. You can check that yourself by looking at theme folder with files. Why are you saying it is many?

Most of the CSS and JS files are provided by the plugins and WordPress itself. So you have a choice – to use plugins or to not use the plugins.

Only a basic Blog theme without any plugins installed can be lightweight like you describe.

At the very least, you need to use a plugin to combine and compress JS and CSS file into 1-2 files. And also a caching plugin. If for any reason you don’t want to do that – please find another theme, I am ready to provide a refund, if you like: https://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new

You must understand that the theme is just a part of a WordPress website. And it is not a biggest part.

Thank you.

Hi, I want to purchase your theme but found that there are many css and js files which is making the theme heavy. Speed is a big ranking factors as per Google, so this theme needs to optimize for speed.

Then I will definitely buy it.

46 is very poor score.

I can assure that the theme theme is fine. I will implement caching after the weekend, and then it will show numbers that are close to green zone (80+ or so). If you can wait, please check then.

If you test a page without Slider Revolution, scores are higher. For PC models page now shows me 87. On pages without images it’s 96.

For mobile the only thing that really need improvement is images sizes. And this is not also a fully theme task.

Theme is not responsible for file CSS/JS file merging and minify, for page cache, image compression, number of plugins installed and their affect on performance, CDN and hosting quality. All those things on the site owner and administrator.

You are right, I need to prepare the demo with all those things implemented to show the potential buyers that there is no real issue with our product. And that it can work fast if the whole WP website is properly configured and hosted.


yatseng Purchased

It said that the page not found.

Register form need to be enabled in the WooCommerce settings, “Accounts & Privacy” section.


yatseng Purchased

How about registration page? It shows:

[wpuf_profile type=”registration” id=”7382″]

Instead of registration form.

Does the form require WP User Front End Pro version?

If you don’t use WPUF plugin, use a standard WooCommerce login and registration page.


yatseng Purchased

1) My pricing is not showing on the homepage

2) I get warning [WARNING] Failed to import action-group wc_update_product_lookup_tables [WARNING] Failed to import action-group wc-admin-notes [WARNING] Failed to import action-group woocommerce-db-updates

3) My models page does not have filter button but have the filter option showed at left page which are not functioning. Example : Categories [facetwp facet=”categories”]

1) Pricing table come from a WP User Front End Pro plugin. If you don’t have it, you can replace it with themes page builder element. But it will be not functional, just a static pricing table element.

2) It can be ignored.

3) FacetWP is optional paid filter, in case you need more advanced filtering system. If not – you have a standard WooCommerce filters.

Filter button depends on the selected mode list page layout. It can be with a sidebar or full width, and then sidebar filters are hidden behind the button. Layout can be changes in the Appearance > Customize.

1) My pricing is not showing on the homepage 2) I get warning [WARNING] Failed to import action-group wc_update_product_lookup_tables [WARNING] Failed to import action-group wc-admin-notes [WARNING] Failed to import action-group woocommerce-db-updates 3) My models page does not have filter button but have the filter option showed at left page which are not functioning. Example : Categories [facetwp facet=”categories”]

Please write your questions from the account that bought the theme.


rakumar Purchased

hello, i have purchased them and imported data but i am unable to see content theme. i am sending my website credentials to support, kindly check and update asap.


to import demo data, you need to open Appearance > Import Demo Data, and use the first option in the list (data import).

I don’t see any new support tickets in the system, so probably you sent it not to us but somewhere else. Support details are describe in the Support tab.

Thank you.

Great theme! Is there a demo area I can access or view for models/clients ? This will be a deciding factor for me.


the models in backed manager using WooCommerce products post type. So if you ever worked with WooCommerce – then you already familiar with it.

What about it is managed in the front end is with WP User Front End Pro plugin which you need to buy separately if you need allow users to submit model profiles etc.

Thank you.

OK, please supply me with a link to: WP User Front End Pro plugin Nothing solid showing up in search.

This plugin is not sold here or on CodeCanyon. It has free version, but it is not working with WooCommerce, so you need a paid one: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-user-frontend/

Hello, i need to change de title of “dimensions” its not quite on topic, and in my country, “Similar Models” appear “related products” and i cant change that.

I imported the theme and the demo content, but my home is totally different from the demo we have here, what could this be?

Hello, can you please provide a website URL via the support system or profile page contact form? Thank you.


fdlprod Purchased

installation does noty work, several emails only one answer to tell what s happen , this is really a support ? if no support because documentation not up to date pleqse refund us

I just replied to you again. I did not receive any answer from you to my additional questions, that is why you did not receive any more emails…


fdlprod Purchased

hey maybe check your spams because i answered same days and there is few minutes ago…

We don’t have s Spam folder in our support system. All email goes into Inbox and are visible for us.

Since we face such an unexpected issue – I sent you an email from my personal email. I hope to receive your reply this time.

Product Detail overlay doesn’t show above the photo on product list page

Hello have purchased the theme: so far so good.
Actually cannot enable the product / model details overlay (over the product / model photo) into the product list page. Have i missed anything? thank you

Issue Solved
found the answer into previous messages, please discard this

June 3, 2022 – 3.5

  • Redesigned integration with WP User Front End plugin
  • Many CSS improvements
  • Demo data file updated
  • Slider Revolution & WPBakery updated
  • Deprecated Testimonial plugin

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