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Is there any way I can demo the admin?


No, there is no reason for that. Admin is just wordpress on woocommerce. And page builder- screens are in the item description.

Hello i am interested Buying this Item ! but i have a few Questions Please :)

in Payement Checkout Page i dont want Peoples to pay via Paypal or Cards…, i want only to get Data and address after that i send them the things they Purchased in 1 week via a Delivery Company and they Pay the Company and they get what the Bought ?

also the Plugins of the websites are free or paid ?

Hi There. You can set up whatever delivery/payment method you want. Payment on delivery plugin is free and available in woocommerce by default. Some plugins are free some are paid.

Hi There,

We still have the same problem with the outdated theme.

The problems that the system indicates to us is :

Overides ( WooCommerce ) - CB- modello / woocommerce / archive – product.php - CB- modello / woocommerce / cart- empty.php - CB- modello / woocommerce / cart- totals.php version 2.3.0 has expired. The core version is 2.3.6, - CB- modello / woocommerce / cart.php version 2.3.0 has expired. The core version 2.3.8

Please upgrade this theme …

Greeting Q

Hi, update coming at the end of week

Need Help with the CSS style isn´t look same at the DEMO


Hi, please check http://support.cb-theme.com/4881/problem-with-demo-look Ive answered minutes ago.

Hi, Please answer me

why on shop page not show all product? my product 2 item

http://muaythaiteeshirt.com/shop/ show 1 item http://muaythaiteeshirt.com/product-category/muay-thai-t-shirts/ show 2 item

pls. answer fixbug for me


Maybe products are just not set up correctly- for example quantity, or status. Please try the options and if the problem persists ask on http://support.cb-theme.com – I will be around today.

Dear Author,

First of all thank you very much for such a nice product that you made.

I had a problem BUT after couple times trying i solved them, Currently i have only problem which is about importing slider datas, when i select an slider zip file it show me “Error: slider_export.txt does not exist!” error. and when i check the folder .txt file is already there BUT how to solve! i don’t have an idea for…

PS: i checked your support center and found the solution witch yu mentioned about to import only .txt file, I tried and it doesn’t worked, Forbidden error printed on my browser :)

I’ll be appreciate if you help me to fix this issue!

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Support is really zero, Never suggest it to new buyes. :|

User received fast responses minute after minute. He has a problem with the server which i have proven but he cannot comprehend that. I have provided him with link to 2 solutions (server and woocommerce installation) and he left 1 star.

Hi, I’ve asked for assistance on the forum and I’m waiting for a response please. Can you let me know when you will be able to help. The thread is:-

“Modello Theme – Search Page Appearance”

I’d like to know if there’s a way to change the layout of search pages on the theme as the default ones are a bit on the ugly side I’m afraid to say

Hi Sorry to pester, but when can we expect the 1.5 update please? I thought it was due last week.

Hi There, update will be available in the morning.

Hi, there seem to be some major issues on the mobile for this theme. We cannot access to subcategory in the menu or other link in the menu.

Could you assit me this asap ?

the search seems to bring up posts and pages rather than products, plz help

I hope so, please let me know once it’s done. Thx.

Hi There, update is available now.

Thanksss, I ‘ve downloaded the update and the search is working fine now.

Hello, there is an option to disable responsive design?

Yes, there is. Support is handled on http://support.cb-theme.com Please post a question there.

Hi, How to disable responsiveness of this theme?

Support is handled on http://support.cb-theme.com Please post a question there.

Hi demo won’t show up correctly on website? How come? You can see what I meant www.wilddreamsboutique.com

Hi, support is handled on http://support.cb-theme.com As for the demo, it shows up correctly. http://wilddreamsboutique.com/home/ You can set your home page in wp admin->settings->reading. As for the slider- please check theme documentation. one more thing: you installed demo content twice (pages doubled in menu). You can delete it and install theme again.

Hi, i kinda love this theme but i wanna know if i this theme has support for demo contents which you can import. thanks

Hi, yes, it does.

In the support forums there was an issue posted where the Visual Builder is not working correctly. After opening for example a “Text” block to edit, all windows after open behind and cannot be accessed. I do not see in the forum where this was addressed and can tell you that it is a problem still in the latest version uswing both the latest version of Firefox and Chrome.

I’m interested in this theme but obviously this is a problem as well as it seems that the quality of support is somewhat lacking if this issue can still be unaddressed since July 2016.

Comments from the dev?

Hi, thats not theme error. User was missing tinymce editor in wp-includes folder. Theme works just fine.

theme is in need of an update for woocommerce 3.0

Hi, update will be online tonight- you should get an email in few h.

after upgrading the theme, all the theme style changed! fonts sizes colors everything!!

https://camelkidz.com this is the website, the main menu, once I hover over it, the drop down menu is not working?!

Please read my previous messages again.


Are you still in business cb-themes? We have posted a question – 0 answers Fatal error Modello theme Wordpress , plugins are not being activated showing error message. and you have not answered in 8 days , but you claim 99% in 24 hours support.

Hi there, already contacted you on support- havent had a look there recently