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Good Luck with sales, nice temp..

Thanks mate :)

First theme, congrats and good luck with sales!

Thanks IulianN. I appreciate it!

Awesome design. Great work!

Thank you so much Charlie!

Good luck with sales!

Thanks AJ :)

I’m interested in using this for a client but don’t need the portfolio section on the homepage. You said in the description that its all widgetized, so I’m assuming it will be easy to replace that with either a block of text, or separate columns?


Hello Sreuschling,

Well, Modena was created to serve as a portfolio theme, so portfolio section is not widgetized currently. But I can help you replace it if you send me an e-mail via my ThemeForest profile page.


Good luck with sales! Nice work!

Thanks Matt!

Welcome to TF Zone, Good luck with sales! ;)

Thanks, i appreciate buddy :)


I dig it ;)

And welcome to TF

Thanks buddy :)

I love your responsive design! Good luck with sales ;)

Thanks a lot! :)

I love the way you show the social networking , goodluck :)

Thanks a lot Manh! Glad you liked it :)

I am glad of CanYigit service and template. I had a few issues and they helped me in a very short amount of time. Those guys are really Pro !

:-) /

Thanks a lot for your kind words Piccaya. It’s our pleasure. We’re glad we could help :)

Again really helpful guys, they rock !

Gražus dizainas! S?km?s pardavimuose! :)

Aciu labai! :) / Thanks a lot Mindaugas, we appreciate it :)

it have something trouble in Explorer 9 plz, Check it


Could you please contact us via contact form on our profile page? Thanks

Any idea whether this might play nicely with an ecommerce plugin? For a retail client of mine. Thanks!

We are working on Modena updates and new themes, so unfortunately, we are not planning to have an e-commerce plugin on Modena. But thanks for your interest!

Great wordpress theme and excellent service from CanYigit! They’ve been very quick to respond and helpful with any problems I’ve had- though a lot of it was just my confusion (first-time wordpress user). Now I have a lovely, professional looking website that I ADORE !

Thanks a lot for your kind words Omgsammiches. We’re so glad hear that you like our theme.

Best regards, CanYigit

This theme is flat-out gorgeous, with many useful shortcodes and built-in effects. It had some initial glitches, but the authors were extremely responsive to debug and also enhance the functionality in very short order. Great support.

I highly recommend this for websites with simple portfolios. However, if you have more advanced portfolio needs, such as being able to use pagination, link-backs or tagging on your portfolio category pages, or the ability to control the order of your categories, you may need to custom program this yourself. Right now, using taxonomy, you have to show all your projects on one page without a pagination option. Still a very worthwhile theme, and authors may add these features in the future?—I just wanted to point this out since these control issues aren’t self-evident on the demo.

Thanks for the great theme!

Hi Webspinster,

We are working on taxonomy pagination option on Modena and for sure it will be available on our future themes as well. Thanks for your kind words! :)

Best regards, CanYigit

A fantastic theme and excellent customer support. Highly recommended!

Thank you for your kind words Marsa, we appreciate :)

very good! template!

Thank you for you kind words Reple :)

Hi, I love this theme however is it also designed to work on mobile phones? Whenever I’ve looked at the preview on a mobile it doesn’t look good but I notice you have a mobile phone in your screenshots. Thanks, Jason Mitchell

Hi Jason Mitchell,

Yes it is designed to work on mobile phones and tablets also. We regularly check our preview site on mobile devices and it looks pretty fine. If you send us a mail via contact box on our profile, i can send you screenshots from my phone and you can compare them with yours.

Thanks, CanYigit