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This is a great theme and I’m very happy with it. Was exactly what I was looking for. One issue tho; the quality of the images I’m uploading appear to be quite poor, almost warped. I’ve tried uploading them at different sizes and resolutions but it doesn’t seem to be fixing the problem. Any ideas on how to fix this?


Hi Gavinjmaguire,

Thanks for purchasing our theme :) Could you please send us a message via contact box on our profile? So we can talk more detailed.

Best regards, CanYigit

Great theme, fantastic and super fast support. Modena Rules!

Thank you so much for your kind words Javier. We appreciate :)

Hi, I want to purchase this theme but first I would like to know if it is possible to have the website in Spanish and English. Thanks

Hi Nonoema,

Thanks for considering to purchase our theme, but currently it is not possible to have 2 languages at the same time in Modena. But you can find translated mo./po. files for Spanish inside the theme.

Best regards, CanYigit

Love this theme!

I’m wondering if there’s a way for to make the “slides” on an individual portfolio entry to only advance when the user clicks on the arrow buttons? Or at least be able to change the amount of time it’s on each slide before moving on to the next image?


Hi Christine,

Thank you for purchasing our theme! Could you please send us a message via contact box on our profile?

Thanks, CanYigit

Sorry, one more question. Is there any way to add LinkedIn to the social icons at the top?

I bought the theme but when I tried to upload it in wordpress it says “The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” Please help me, it’s my first time using wordpress


I already fix it, thanks :)

Hi Nonoema,

We’re glad you fixed it and thank you for purchasing our theme! :) If anything else comes up, please do not hesitate to contact us via contact box on our profile.

Have a nice weekend!

Hi… im tring to put an LI style in the WIDGETS but I see the Icon and the default LI

you will see a PINK TICK LIST with the li squeare… How Do I remove the lastone ??

Thank You


Thank you for purchasing our theme. Could you please send us a message via contact box on our profile? We will take care of the issue immediately.

Best regards, CanYigit

Thanks a Lot!

I bught It and it is an excelent template, but the best are the team who support you. In a few secconds they answer your questions and fix your issues.

Thanks a Lot!

Compré el Template que es exclente, pero lo mejor es el equipo que te asiste. En pocos segundos te responden las preguntas y te solucionan el asunto.

Muchas gracias.

Thank you so much for your kind words BloomArtStudio. We are glad if we could help! Muchas gracias.


I have emailed once before with no response. I am wondering how to center my logo above the menu bar.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Hi Jessa,

Please check your inbox.

Best regards, CanYigit

Just wanted to clarify – CanYigit did in fact respond to my request in a timely manner and went above and beyond the support I have experienced in the past. I have purchased several themes from other authors before, and the support CanYigit provides is exceptional and I would recommend this theme/author without hesitation.

Thank you very much for clarifying and for your kind words Jessalux, we appreciate :)

Is there a way to display more than 5 images on a portfolio project?


Yes, there is. Could you please contact us via contact box on our profile?

Hello, when trying to upload a picture, I get the message “cheatin´, uh!” Is there an update of the theme ? How can I get it? And, is there a possibility to upload more than five pictures in a gallery? Thanks ! Miriam

Hi Miriam,

Could you please send us a message via our profile, we will help you with the issue ASAP .

Best regards, CanYigit

Have emailed several times over the past week about an issue with the portfolio pages displaying as the homepage. Was informed the problem would be fixed by the end of the week but no progress has been made.

Please get in contact asap. Thanks.

Hi Regancr,

We are looking over previously uploaded and changes that have been made in your theme currently, because Modena does not have such issue. While we are looking over the issue, you may try to reinstall and see if this problem remains in original theme.

Best regards, CanYigit

Thanks for the immediate support provided to my inquiry! You guys are awesome…go way above and beyond for your customers. Thanks again. Chris

You are welcome Chris, glad we could help :)


Really really nice theme, quick question, does the slider support posts from the blog?

And can you add a recent articles/blog entries to the front page as well as the portfolio items?


Hi Rich,

No it does not support, but our customers requested similar features to yours and we have noted them for the upcoming Modena update. It will be added soon. If you’d like to get notified, please send us a mail via contact form on our profile page and we’ll send you a detailed mail about updates. Thank you for your interest.

Best regards, CanYigit

Hi, great theme, well documentated, but… there’s no xml file? :(

Hi Mravani,

Thank you for purchasing Modena and for your kind words. We will send you xml file if you could please send us a mail via contact box on our profile :)

Best regards, CanYigit

Hey, this is my email: Thank you for sending me this file, but I have found some bugs here and dont know how to solve:

- I cant drag any widget to one specifc sidebar (on appearence/widgets).

- All options with a chexbox (like “Logo Background Color” on Modena/General Settings) doesn’t work…

- My menu doesn’t follow the order I put on “Appeareance/Menu”, it just sort by alphabetical order.

Can you please help me with this questions? This is a very urgent projetc. Thanks!!!

Hi Mravani,

I have sent you an email. Please keep in mind that we only provide support to our customers via email.

Best regards, CanYigit

Thank you for email support, everything is working fine now!! Great job!!

Hi great theme! :)

But I’m having a problem with the homepage slider on Wordpress v3.4.2 – the slider items display underneath each other and don’t cycle properly?

I’ve tried the theme installed on a fresh clean install of Wordpress and its still a problem…

Can you advise please? Thanks!

Hi CloserCreative,

Thanks for purchasing Modena :)

Could you please send us a mail via contact form on our ThemeForest profile page?

Best regards, CanYigit


Everything working just fine now, thanks to CanYigit – It was 100% user error, I had forgotten to change the ‘timeout’ settings on the slider!

Great theme and even better support – one of the best on Themeforest!

Thank you so much for kind words Closercreative. We’re so glad if we could help.

Best regards

Guzel olmus, elinize saglik, bol satislar :)

Tesekkurler/ thanks :)