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When you only have 145 purchases…that’s a clear sign there’s something wrong with your product…Lesson learned.

Understandably this is probably too late, but I haven’t been working on anything internet related for several months. I will however be able to get back into it soon and will attempt solve whatever problems the new WordPress causes the theme. Also the theme does not require any other modules to accomplish what is shown in the demo. I will upload a Screencast showing how to set it up.

Screencast is now live (sorry for length) to show how to set it up. I have also uploaded a fix for the template option not showing up on the latest WordPress version.

I would like to see a showcase?

Other than the demo I do not have one, sorry.

I mean have samples of people who have this theme and used it?

There is no information anywhere that says what version of Wordpress this is compatible with. Is it good to go for v 3.6? Thank you for any information about the Modern Hosting wordpress theme!

I haven’t tested but it should be. If not I can update it so it does.

I would buy this theme, but do not understand much of the installation of wordpress themes. It comes with a setup file and wordpress theme or do I have to install wordpress and then install the theme? If I can not install the theme and let the same advertising image, you help in the installation?

user: favaro

There is a video showing the installation. You need to install wordpress first, then the theme.

I am very experienced in Wordpress and I have installed this template onto my test setup. I am having extreme difficulty in getting this theme to work?

How do you get the header banner to scroll as in your live demo?

I see no options in the admin section to add or change the logo, banner and slider.

Check out the YouTube video for set up.

6 months to reply to a support request?

This template is a complete failure. Tried for 2 days now to get a workable site but it is too buggy. This theme does not seem to be compatible with the latest wordpress 3.7.1.

Save your $40 people.

Sorry to hear that.

As above… 6 months to reply to my support request. Template is rubbish and your demo site is riddled with viruses. I rest my case.

just looked at the demo and it tried to install malware. also the demo said the connection was refused.

Seems to be fine now but thanks for letting me know.

Just thought you ought to know, AVAST threw up this warning for virus blocked when I launched the live demo. JS:Includer-ANC [Trj] ... I’m not sure it it was a false positive but thought you ought to know.

I’ll look into it, thanks for alerting me.

I went to look at this and clicked for the LIVE View…. it was trying to redirect to your website and my security software said a Trojan was blocked. Dude you have serious issues with your server and website. I’m just glad my security software stopped it….

What was the warning you got? I just checked now and still don’t see anything.

EDIT: Found the problem, should be okay now. Thanks for letting me know.

This theme would be perfect for the website I want to develop, sadly I am hesitant to buy this after reading all the comments.

Has this theme been fixed and is it working with WP 4.1.1?

Also is it compatible with WooCommerce?

Sorry, I have no tested with either. Although I see no reason why it would not work in 4.1.