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I like this item! Good luck with it. :)

Have you tried bbpress 2.0 plugin with this theme?

Just checking to see if everything aligns correctly since so many of these custom themes working with bbpress have many CSS issues.

Thank you for your time.


Sorry, I have not tested with bbpress but can do so.

Looks like there are some CSS issues with BBPress 2.0 plugin. I see it on many themes. Any chance you would be willing to work these out?

I’ve never used it but if you can send me an email with the address to where you have it I will take a look.

Do you find it funny to promote a business with a blind guy? Creepy!

Haha, I hadn’t even noticed that. The image can be set for every package.

Hi, There are translations into Spanish?

Sorry, all documentation is in English.

I really like this theme. Very clean and simple…

Few things that would be nice to see…

1) Search widget that matches the the rest. 2) Maybe support for double wide widget for categories, recent posts, popular posts and even links. The sidebar is very wide and I think for most things leaves a lot of empty space.

One question I have is how you setup the live support widget seen here:

Thank you for this great looking theme and support.


The live support is just HTML . Thanks for the suggestions, I will look into adding them some time next week. Also I could make the live support a widget for the sidebar with an option to show whether it online or not?

Good luck with sales.

Hi, I am interested in purchasing this theme – Just one question ?

Is the PSD file included so we can add / edit the images in the slider ?


Yes, the PSD is included. The actual images on the slider are PNGs which you can set in WordPress.

Thanks for a quick responce :)

Hi – I was hoping the images woud have been included as psd files so I could edit them myself ?

Would it be too much trouble to include the images as psd files ?

Well the background is in the PSD . The actual server image is in the image folder as a PNG . So if you want to edit the server image you can just load it up in Photoshop.

OK, What about the table(s) on the left ? are they editable or they png files also ?

I’m not sure what you mean. If its the pink/red box, then yes, that’s in the PSD .

How can I get access to the screencasts? It would be great if there would be an easier way to set up the slider. At the moment I am a bit lost in how to do this.

The screencasts haven’t been made. I can make them if customers are having problems with certain areas though.

Hi there,

I want to change the language from the hosting plans to dutch, and i want to add some options in the hosting plans. Is this possible

many thanks



Just bought this theme, but I got no top navigation and so on, and the readme dosen’t help me at all..?


The top menu is the main menu position in the wordpress back end. It should be explained in the wordpress readme.

Hi iStudio, I just purchased your theme and I am attempting to get it working.

1, I can’t find anywhere to update the logo, normally where is a section in the theme settings to input the url of the logo.

2, Also, my posts keep on showing on the home page, I tried changing the settings in reading but I have not been able to fix it. Is there something that I am missing?

3, I am using the theme for a backup company so I would like to remove the domain search on the front page, is that easy to do?


1. Replace the logo as you would in an HTML template.

2. Posts show as standard I guess. Change in reading to a set page. That’s what I did in the demo.

3. Domain lookup should be a php file (although only contains HTML as standard). Change its content to whatever you want instead.

Hi, Your theme is very nice. I want to buy one. I have three ask-

1. Can add a domain look up underneath the slider? 2. Can I re-size the slider width? 3. After installation the theme will I get as it is the preview? Actually I want to know- is there available theme database?

Please reply.

Thank you.

The first two you would have to have some coding knowledge of your own to accomplish. As standard, no, the wordpress doesn’t come with demo content.

I was wondering how I can add/edit my own taxonomies? I want to use this to sell VPS servers, and some taxonomies will need to be taken out and I will want to make custom taxonomies. Can you please show me the screencast how to do this? Thanks!

I will try to work on a screencast for this when I have some time. If you look at the get taxonomies php file, most of the work will go on in there.

I’ve purchased this Wordpress theme, as well as the original HTML version. I’ve installed the theme on the latest version of Wordpress (3.2.1) and while I can appreciate your ambition in porting the html version over to Wordpress, it appears that a number of things are not working (as they should).

For example, I created a page called “Blog” and then in WP, I set the ‘Front page’, (in ‘settings’, ‘reading’) to a different page that I had created to act as the home page and the “post page” to the “Blog” page that I had created. When I go to the blog page, it does include the post I added as a test, but the title is static, so you can’t click through to actually read the post. I added another test post, and it’s title is static too, and there is no spacing between the two. It’s like the Blog section of this theme is completely undone.

Also, when I setup the Network page and added some examples, the title tag was missing from that page and the formatting/spacing under the picture was not correct (did not match your example site, spacing wise).

It appears that there are multiple issues with this theme as it is now. There were some more issues that I’ve ran across that I didn’t list above.

Can you do an export of your demo installation and send me the WordPress eXtended RSS (WXR) file so I can import that into my site and get it working that way?

I’ve noticed in your demo site that the “Blog” page actually just links to a ‘category’ section, so I assume that you realize that this theme was not complete, regarding functionality. I’ve already spent a ton of time on this thing. Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated. I love the clean, basic design and do not want to give up on making it work yet, but I’m about to pull my hair out. I could go through and re-code all of the broken stuff, but that is why I paid for the theme – so I wouldn’t have to do that.

Thanks, Joe

Give me an email and I will email you details to sign into the demo site. I can’t quite understand what you are meaning for the blog. In the example there is simply a main category filled with subcategories and the menu links to this main category – isn’t that the functionality of a blog?

In the demo there is some simple html added to the network page. Exactly the same as what is explained in the HTML section of the template.

”....isn’t that the functionality of a blog?” Umm, this is supposed to be a functional WordPress theme. WordPress is a fully functional blog by default (upon proper and initial installation).

Creating a manual link to a singular ‘category’ section within a WordPress install in your demo/example does not constitute a functional blog.

I’ll email you as you wish, but I’ve already spent an enormous amount of time on what should have been a working theme when I purchased it.

I sure hope you will take the time to make this theme functional – with the proper WordPress ‘blog’ functionality – and upload a new version of the theme. If you think it’s ‘ok’ to sell this in the current state, I’m afraid you’re going to have many unhappy customers. I’ll help you improve it and make it COMPLETELY functional any way I can, but I’m hoping that you’ll continue to improve it yourself, as you’re the one that is charging money for it.

This is a functioning WordPress theme. You have yet to explain any functionality of the blog which isn’t available. Not to mention this is a “Hosting Template” with a blog only being one part of it.

Hi, I am planning of purchasing the theme but i do have one question. Does the member login and the domain lookup works with WHMCS ?

Not as standard. You would have to know how to implement it yourself or by somebody else.

Hi there,

There are other questions about the included PSD but it’s not clear to me:

Does the included PSD incorprate the whole site design? Especially homepage?


The psd is of the design for the homepage.

Thank you!