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Just purchased, looks great, busy tweaking away – nice job :)

Did you ever get a chance to put together the custom taxonomies screencast?

I will hopefully do that today.

Screencast about the taxonomies is now live. You can view it on youtube and on my new website.

What version of wordpress is this theme compatible with?

How come your demo of this theme shows a Date, and who a post was created by on your blog page? When I create a blog page, and start adding posts, it’s just showing up as a post and does not display the Date with the green button, where it was posted under, or who it was posted by..

Having some issues with the wordpress version of this theme. How do people sign up for an account with you. The posts appear on the front page and not the Blog page. The “order now” button takes you to a single page with the package description, the “order now” link on this single takes you to the same page. You have different sidebar items on different pages, how have you done this as i cannot find a sidebar.php to do custom php code. The modern hosting logo needs to be changed to our compnay name but we would have to change coding, there is no simple back end process for this.


I am looking to purchase a theme for my hosting reseller account and I was wondering if you have any experience integrating the theme with a heart internet reseller account or if that is at all possible?




I’m interested to buy your template for wordpress.

I see the menu that only shown HOSTING PLANS . I need to create a menu for HOSTING , STREAMING and WEBDESIGN .

I this possible?


I just purchased your theme and the menu looks different from yours. It doesn’t have a rounded rectangle aroung menu titles plus they are in blue. How to make the menu looks like it should?

Refer to the video mentioned in reply to other comments.

Since updating to Wordpress 3.4 i have lost the ability to choose Page Templates. Will this be fixed ?

I have uploaded a fix for this.

My Store: Hope this helps some of you:

Well i fixed the 3.4 issue there is an issue with the update that changes some part of the WordPress structure.

You need check the template name code at top of each template as there is known problem with 3.4 where <?php /* Template Name: Home Page / ?> will not work this will

<?php / Template Name: Your Template name */ ?>

Also i found out how to make the Blog Page look like the demo. Go to Settings >> Read and make sure you have set a Fixed stati home page and a blog page. In the Menu > appearance > menu’s create a New Button called Blog and use the category link for that blog as the button.

tkfranz: You have to go too Admin >> Appearance >> Menu’s and create a new menu using the pages, posts or create new menu with url. Save the Menu and then top left corner, you have to choose th Header Menu and Footer menu for the site to display as per demo. Hope this helps.

daferub: yes see my above comment on how to make the menu, but first you will have to make the pages that you want then create your menu from there and set as Header Menu.

nicolasgreening: Its not a case of intergrating into the reseller program, you would have to list and advertise what you will be supplying.

jonpaulh: Go to Admin >> Apperance >> Widgets and activate the “Meta” widget. This will add the ability to Login, Logout, Register etc on your site. Your post apear on the front page becuase this theme / demo is setup with a static home page and posts are directed to a selected page. go to Admin >> Settings >> Reading and choose a static home page and blog page. First off create a New page for your Home Page and your Blog Page, then select in these settings. The “Order Now” on the product description page can be changed via the Admin >> Apperance >> editor and change the link url of the image. Different side bar items on different pages are selected in Admin >> Appearance >> Widgets. On the right hand side you have different widget areas such as, index, right_sidebar, archive>sidebar, Single_sidebar and Page_sidebar. To change the Logo from the Modern Hosting to your own logo, no coding needs to be changed just upload and over right the current logo in: if you have one) wp-content/Themes/ModernHosting/image/logo.png name your Logo (logo.png) and that should work fine.

nickonometry: See my above post on how to setup a Static Page and a Blog page, with a Menu button taking you to a Category of your posts not the main posts page. Example would be, your menu button would be:

datavizion: Right up too the latest 3.4

These instructions are correct. I uploaded a video to show how to set it up

Hi there Ive installed this on Plesk with WP 3 .41

Im getting an

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.” error

thanking you in advance


This sounds like you have not unzipped the file from the original download. Once you have downloaded the file you will have to extract / unzip the files inside. Inside is another Zip file and thats the one you want to upload to WP. Hope this helps Ben

How do I show the blog page?

I set the posts page to be a page I called “Blog” and it just takes you to the homepage.

Any suggestions?


I bought your theme, and as soon as i updated my wordpress to the latest version all functionalities on your theme stop working. i can nolonger configure the them and its of great concerns to me Please help me configure this them, email me at

i have reinstalled the theme but its of no help

lol …. seems the theme isn’t working anymore … and the author isn’t answering. very cool!

I don’t understanding why you do not have installation instructions. This theme is misleading because it looks nothing like the Live preview. Why are you trying to sell an extra $12 hosting module? In your preview it already has that. Does it not? Where is the featured Slider I uploaded this and it is nowhere to be found? Is it also an extra purchase from you?

Where is the modern host zip file? Like the many thousands that I’ve downloaded. It appears you have taken some files out and not left clear instructions to try and make people purchase more from you and even watch a tutorial video that’s too small to view.

I downloaded this and do not have a zip file other than the original that was downloaded and supposed to be unzipped. All of the files are folders that are not zipped. modernhosting, HTML, Other, Read Me, and PSD’s. No installation instructions?? This is like selling a car without keys!

Don’t buy this theme it!!! Don’t be fooled as I was by the live Preview. It contains other modules you will get emailed to you to purchase to make it look like the Preview. Oh, and don’t bother contacted the author he doesn’t care. Don’t bother contacted they only care about more money coming in…doing the right thing for a customer is not an option. You have been warned!!!!