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How can customize the footer with copyright?

You can change the text in the translator, in the theme admin panel. Having more questions, please post them on my support forum.

Hi mad_dog, How can I recreate the same homepage you did on your Preview ? I can’t find how to set up the homepage with a full page slider and to set up also the menu which can collapse into a small button (with 4 lines).

Thank you very.

Ok, thank you.

Also, do I have a LayerSlider purchase code included ?

Please use the slider plugin that comes with the theme, there is no need to specify its purchase code.

I followed yuour instructions and I can;t get the home page to look like yours. also i created double menu, i delete some of them and now it screwed up the menu. how do i fix this?

i already did that. Can you reply

It is too late here, the support staff will answer all your questions. Please review the working hours here

Hi I’m very happy with your theme but I have one issue with the logo on the main page. I have noticed that when I go full screen with my browser, the space between the image and the logo is no longer here. Where can I fix the settings in the code ? PS: and sorry, english is not my mother tongue ^^

You can send em to help at yhemedev dot me

hi well you can just access the site at shantihome dot nc I just want to know how to display the logo correctly. When I put my browser on full screen, the logo is too close from the main image. Is there a way to fix the space between the logo and the image ?

Please post all tech related questions to my support forum where you can get assistance.

Hi mad_dog, could you tell me something about adaptive capability? Is this theme adaptive ready. I made some test it’s look like only responsive ready. Is it true? Tks

It is mentioned in the theme name that it is “Responsive”

I saw.. tks a lot.. Just another question.. Is it possible using tablet and/or smartphone zoom image/test using “Pinch Zoom” (using fingers)

You can use only the available theme features.

The social icon in the footer bar are hidden using mobile phone resolution. Is it normal?! Is it possible to show it also on mobile phone?

Yes, it is normal, you can see the same on the demo. Having more questions, please post them to my support forum.

Hi, I really appreciate your support. UNfortunately I have another issue. I know that is it possible to display a specific category in a blog page, is it possible also exclude one of it? I try to explain my business scenario is: 1) Blog page to show all post category except one (“press category”) 2) Blog page “press” to show only press post category

Is it possible to manage this situation. And also, is it possible to change something to achieve it? Regards

It can be done as a custom solution only.

Could you help me to implement it?

Please send your request to custom at themedev dot me to get a quote.

Is the grid portfolio from the non-wordpress version available here ?

Grid portfolio is not available in wp version

Nice theme, good idea. Congrats! Good luck with sale!

The last time I looked at this theme it had text in the main slider pages. is this still a function as I wanted to have the large text as it was previously shown? thanks

I think you checked the HTML version of this theme, not a wordpress one.

Oh OK, it does say WP in the pulldown :-)

Hi mad_dog,

I really like your template and I’m valuing purchase it for my project. But one thing that worries me: as another user said before, the full screen flex slider on the home page doesn’t show any text.

Your html + css Interior template does show text on the slider, but WordPress template not, why? Is it a technical limitation?

Others WordPress templates have slides that show text without problems, like and others.

Is it possible that your template displays the text as I want? Specifically, as does your html version, is it possible?


Thanks for choosing my product.

Not at all :)

P.S. do not forget to rate my theme if you like it ;) Have a good day!

I spent a long time to increase the width and height of this logo. by default is set to to 358×40, it won’t go higher than that.

Hey Angry Dog, no answer yet to my questions. this is going over 24 hours. You are the only author that takes forever to answer

How could this be possible? You answered just 1 question in your forum, but refused to answer my main question. I need to place 3 boxes like team at the bottom of the home page. I have dragged all the boxes in the admin and updated, but they don’t show up. Provide a solution. You know what. if you are not going to provide support for your stuff because you are too busy, then I might have to request my money back. This is getting ridiculous. My questions have been there for more than 48 hours

What is the link to your forum thread and I will personally check it.

A good template! How can I add two portfolio pages but with different categories and pictures for each portfolio. Thank you.

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Please post all your questions to my support forum and you will be assisted. Here is the link Thanks

how do I add 3 divs at the bottom of the HOME PAGE. At this point no matter what I do, it will never update. What are the steps? This is an ongoing problem. Please reply as soon as possible.

also, how do we change the contact us button text to say something else?

Dang! Have you already looked at your support foprum? I already did it to no success

I already posted in your support forum and you don’t answer. You should use this website to answer question like any other author that is selling theirs themes.

What is the link to your thread. All the authors provide the support via ticket systems, forums etc. This comment form is for pre sale and general questions.

I need to add 2 more Social media icons, how do we add them? I cannot even remove them because they are still showing. I need to add pinterest icon. how do we do that.

Listen. There are 2 problems here:

I believe yo have an email. Please send it to me. I Thought it was Is this true? if so I can send you my URL. I don’t want my URL to be posted in these forums.

problem 1: I cannot add 3 DIV boxes at the bottom of the home page. Send me instructions on how to do that since I already did a lot of work and it doesn’t work Problem 2. At the bottom of everypage it has all Social Media Icons. I need to add 2 more icons such as pinterest and houzz. Also I need to add them into SHARE, keep in mind mid, these 2 types. The social media at the bottom links to your social media profiles and the SHARE, where you share your website through social media

Let me know if you need to edit any PHP file so we can enable the above

Anyhow, you can reply back at this forum link:

Will do.

Just sent you an email

Hi Mad Dog

Great theme. One issue I’m having is on the gallery page

The buttons ALL BATHROOM KITCHEN are not lined up – how do I fix this issue.


Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Did you make any changes in the code?

No not that I’m aware off. I just added in a category and it didn’t align. Is there a code or an area I can fix this?

No, it should be displaying properly by default. Can you please send your wp-admin and ftp details to help at themedev dot me and I will take a look.

Retina-logo is not working with Firefox :(

What do you mean? Do you test it on mobile?

No, I’m using retina-macbook pro

Hmm, I will check it.

Hi, congrats for your work, this theme is amazing, only a question: in the html version is available the shop section but not here, will be added the woocommerce plugin in the future?

if yes… when? :bigwink:

Thank you

Hello! I do not plan to integrate woocommerce.

great theme. how can i make more than 4 images appear in a row on galleries? i find the thumbnails are too big still with 4 images….5 a bit smaller would probably be ideal for me

You can have max 4 columns.

Hi, really great theme!

One question, is it possible to have a full sceen image background on a page, with content showing on top of it ?

Thank you, G

Hello! This theme does not support this option.