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Hi. How can I delete this: ?

Please add the main menu in the Menus section. Please read the documentation. Having more questions, please post them to my support forum at


Hi, I’m waiting your answers to 2 days. When will you think to answer??

Please note that we do not provide support on weekends.

my all websites hosting from godaddy and no problem other themes.

Its not theme related issue. You have to contact them regarding this issue.

Hi, I installed Modern Interior 1.0.1610 version on WP 3.7.1; I have a problem to create a portofolio using image format. The WP back-end of portfolio section didn’t show me “Available images (for post format slider)”; so I can’t selected images for post format slider. The same behaviour if I want to use a video; Could you help me please Regards

Hello! Can you please send your wp-admin details to help at gt3themes dot com and I will take a look?

Pre sale questions

Can we select extended latin in the fonts section. I live in Turkey and we have extra characters.

Does po file includes all the translations?

Hello! Yes, it does.

Hi, i have a question. The ‘socials’ option does not appear in Theme Admin panel. The list is like this: - General - Sidebars - Fonts - Contacts - View Options - Translator

It is really strange. Can you please send your wp-admin details to help at gt3themes dot com and we will check it.

The problem is solved, thanks anyway! It does not appear in Firefox but in Chrome it works as it should. Thanks!

Hi! I am interested in purchasing the theme but i would like to know first if: - It is possible to translate the theme using codestyle localization. - Can I add music to the theme? - Can I run multilingual with WPML?

Thanks in advance!

Hello! The theme is compatible with WPML plugin. I did not test it with music plugins.

I’ve installed this on my wordpress website not using the demo install but using just the theme but theres a well this its like a box between the slider and the footer same with the header how do i get rid of this?

Please put the link to your site. How do you get this?

Hi! Can you make this theme compatible with WooCommerce?

Hello! It is possible, but as a custom solution.

Ok, how do we proceed? I need this custom solution

Hello! Please send your request to help at gt3themes dot com and you will be provided with the quote.

The auto-update feature requires a valid item purchase code ,where is the code

Hello! What auto-update feature do you mean?

have several questions…. 1. where is featured works in a theme? i see featured posts but no works 2. How to change the font color in the menu? – the settings for theme – header font color doesnt work 3. On the mobile/ipad—- cant see the social media icons.

Hello! Can you please send your wp-admin details to help at gt3themes dot com and we will check it.

Hi, 2 questions:

1. I want some menu items ‘unclickable’. Some menu items have sub items, so only the submenu items should be clickable. I hope you understand my question, it’s hard for me to explain.

2. I want the color of 1 menu item red, how can i change that?


It is very easy to do, please go to the menus section, add the link from column on the left, and instead of the URL, simply put #. This menu item will appear in your menu list.

Thanks, you are awesome!

Thanks for choosing my theme. Happy New Year!!! P.S. do not forget to rate my theme ;)

I have problems in wp 3.8. Is there an update for wp 3.8?

Hello! Please download the latest version of the theme from your account at themeforest.

Hello, couple of questions:

In your photoshop document you have a “Read Me” button as part of your slider, as well as a bold font line in your header. Curious how this can be done for our site, I’d like to add a button that says “Find out more” or “Learn More”, something along those lines on the headers.


It can be done only as a custom solution. Do you have this on our demo page?

I overwrote the demo “home” page unfortunately, it’s the only one I overwrote before I realized I needed to hang on to those pages. Any solutions to this that I could get?

As I mentioned above, it can be done only as a custom solution.

Hi, quick question, how can I make the heather “taller” I tried change the following height, but them the menu looks “shorter” .main_wrapper header { height: 120px; }


./css/theme.css line 376 there is a comment /* H E A D E R */ just play with the padding. Having more questions, please post them to my support forum.

Hello! messages from feedback form don’t come to my email

Hello! Please try to use gmail account for the test.

i try, i posted gmail in contacts and in feedback form but i can’t get messages

Please send your wp-admin details to help at gt3themes dot com and we will check it.

Hello, I purchased the theme, would you help me to make it compatible with woocommerce? He tells me to find <? Php if (have_posts ()):? > In the page.php file but I’m not succeeding. Help me please

Hello! This theme was not adapted to woocommerce.

Come potrei fare? aiutatemi :(

It can be integrated only as a custom solution

Hi there. I’m so glad that I can use this great theme.

I have a question about flex slider setting(Custom Settings in page).
In this setting, there are 2 options “ADD IMAGE” and “ADD VIDEO” to make a flex slider. I understand that it works as an image slider if I only add images, however if I add video, the slider doesn’t work and just show white background which is nothing.
title and caption fields works so well in video option, but video doesn’t show up.

Could you tell me now to add videos as a slider with mixed images?

Hello! This option is not available in the theme though there is an add video button.

Thx for the comment. Then is there any plan to add that function?

I will take it into consideration.

Hello, it is not possible to put two or more different sliders onto one page. How can i realize this? The sliders are overlapping and showing bad behaviour.


Can you please provide the url of the page where you have 2 sliders on it.

Thanks for your fast reply. Seems it works now, after delete browser cache.

Nice to hearing that. Have a good day!

Hello, I would like to know what are the configuration parameters used in the homepage slider.

When I set up, a space of 120px appears on the upper and lower

Hello! Please put the link to your site and I will check it asap.

Resolved, thank you!

hi it’s realy nice disegn work,? want to buy that one but… ? will build a result list web page and when ? look your page ? have a importnat problem!! when ? look that page when ? kooking to images ;if you are looking many images,when you click the back button on your browser,you have to click many times to turn to main page on that gallery page cause its show all pictures to back ? wnat when ? cilck to back button ? want to back gallery page with the one click, do you know any way to fixed that problem ? Thank you…

Best Ragards uygar aycan

Hello! Thanks for your kind words. There is no need close each images, it has “next and previous” links in the lightbox.