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Hi! I’ve bought your modern interior template and I think it’s really great! But I need an help concerning the layout of the site. This is the url: ( you can even find an english version) and I need that all the contents of all the pages must be centered. I find not good at all that all the contents ( images, title, subtitle, text area and whatever) stay on the left side of the screen and on the right one you have a huge blank ( white) column that cannot be used or in my case I don’t need to use. I need to have all the contents in the center of the screen ( I’m talking about the desktop version, and of consequence the mobile and tablet version). I’ve tried to fix the problem with the css editor but no results. Would you please help me? My client is not very happy of the actual result! Best regards.

Hello! I’ve checked your site, the content in on the center, please check the screenshot

Hi! Thanks for you answer! The reason why the contents of this page and the most of them is centered it’s because during the past 3 days I’ve changed the image settings just adding an html module that’s great and it worked perfectly. My problem is on this page ( And just talking about this page ( and the contact page) : if I leave the responsive function on modality on ( on the control panel of Modern Interior) the result on mobile phone is horrible ( the four images detach themselves and the contact page is a mess). So I’ve tried to put the responsive function off and it works but of course the function of the responsive site ( like the menu) disappear. So my question is: is it possible to leave the site with the function responsive on except those tow page in order on the mobile version they could work properly? I’ve tried in many ways but without success. Maybe there is a code to insert in the single page that I don’t know. Thanks a lot.

It’s much easier to resolve the issue with the responsive. I’ve checked your site, the responsive mode is off, so I can’t check the problem. Can we move our discussion to email? My email is help at gt3themes dot com

Hi there, well done buddy,

i want to know can we use this template RTL languages ?! is it support RTL? or not?


I did not test it with RTL.

hallo, i bought modern interiors on 8. jan 2014. i created my website and i am pleased with the result. now, i like to create newsletters for my clients. how can i do it? do you have manuals for this? because i’m not a specialist about computers. if i’ts possible in german? than i like to upload pdf-files in my site about informations of my products and services. how can i do this? thanks for response soon.

We would recommend you to use mailchimp for newsletter services.

Hello, I wanted to know how to change the height of the photos that appear in the portfolio (now have 1170×497) and bring such to 1170×700 px). Thanks for your attention

Thanks for the reply. The page is and this is an element of the portfolio. Thankkksssss

Yes, it is possible to change the height. Please send your request to help at gt3themes dot com and we will get back to you with the instructions asap. Thanks

Responded to your email “I’m afraid I wasn’t able to deliver your message to the following addresses. This is a permanent error; I’ve given up. Sorry it didn’t work out.”

Hello Mad_Dog… I have purchased your awesome product! Very well done and like everyone else.. Good luck with your sales..

Now I have a question please..

To make it short, we had to re-purchase the theme for a client of ours since our recent client can’t remember which account he used earlier to purchase your theme, or even the email associated with that account.

Now the question is:

Is it possible to update the theme that our client has on his localhost machine with the purchased one without loosing any of the changes as far as the setup and specially the css code?

Your answer will be appreciated.

Kind regards

Never mind mad_dog.. All good :)

Thank you again

Got it, thanks.

Ok mad_dog, here I am again.. is your theme compatible with Contact form 7?

I can’t make it run by any how! Any idea please? Kind regards

We will get back to you asap. We have much higher priority tasks.

Hi mad_dog.. by chance I found a message from the 6th in one of our mailboxes that we do not monitor. I thought I would receive my reply from the same email address assigned to my account and from where the ticket was opened.

I have replied from both addresses to update your end. Please let your support people know to email me on my correct address and not the demo site electronic forms. :)

Kind regards and hope to hear back from you guys soon

Hello, I have two problem: 1- I can’t register to your technical support forum; 2- I’m testing the template (url: but I have a problem with the home page slider: when I insert three or more images the timing between the slides change and it slides very very fast. Can you tell me where is the problem? Thank you

You have a lot of sections in menu with the long names.

I thought this, so I have to modify the names. Thank you!

You are welcome.

Great theme. But when I view it on mobile site like ipad or iphone and turn the phone to landscape the menu bar does not work. What is the deal with that?

Thanks, JL

Its works correct on your demo site. What do you think would have caused this? I have not changed any coding

I found the issue. You need to add # to the top level of the drop down menu. Thanks and awesome support and help! Thanks buddy

Thanks for choosing my product and have a good day. p.s. do not forget to rate my theme if you like it.

Hi, i have a problem with portfolio. After setting a 4 column gallery doesn’t appears a pic. I see all categories and i can click on it. I have read your documentation but nothing…

So, could you explain a step by step for me/us? Thank you!!! nice theme!

Hello! Thanks for choosing my product. Sure, please send your site credentials and I will check it. You can send them using the contact form on my profile page.

I am using your very fine template! But at the contact page i have very strange error. With ipad/iPhone the icon HOME and the icon TELEPHONE are reversed. Only the icons are reversed not the content of the field right next to it. With Android / Windows i do not have these problems. Any idea? See:

Thanks in advance!

Got it. Will fix it.

HI – any news here? Thanks!

It is fixed, the update will be available on TF this week. I can send you the updated files directly. Please contact me via TF profile page.


I’ve bought the theme and installed it here

When I look at it on mobile devices the slider swhows only a part of the photograph and the text over the slide disappears.

Is it possible to rescale the image to fit the new width and make sure that the text over the photo appears?

Thank you Paolo

The text is not displaying by default. Regarding the images, if it fits the screen, the image will be too small.

Is there a way to display the text?

We hide the text because it is not readable, very small.

Is there anyway to see partners without carousel view?

Hello! There is no way to remove the carousel.

Hi, i really like your Theme, and i want to purchase it, but I have a few questions. In the Slider in the Home page, can i insert: 1. Contact Form in 1 slider 2. A video in another slider 3. Some information in another slider? In general, are the sliders created as pages, or as slides?

Thank you ver very much!!

Hello! The fullscreen slider supports only the text.

Hello, I purchased this theme about a week ago and am generally impressed. I have a few issues though;

- How do I change the Main menu and footer color if I wanted to - I installed Black Studio plugin, but it has refused to show on the widget page as it would normally do on other themes. how do I fix this problem? - Is there any way to add radio buttons to the feedback form?

Hope to hear from you soonest.

Many thanks.

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Sure, we can help you with the colors. The only thing you have to do is to submit your request to the help forum and you will be assisted. All the standard and custom widgets are displaying in the sidebars. Regarding the plugin that you mentioned above. We do not have any experience with it, so we can’t provide the support for this 3rd party plugin. I’m working on the contact form 7 support, so you will be able to create any contact form.

Hola mad_dog. He comprado la plantilla y quiero importar el contenido demo. pero después de los 20 minutos no hace nada. Por favor necesito tu ayuda. Otra cosa, como y donde puedo cambiar el color del texto de los menús? Gracias por la ayuda.

Hello! Please get back to me in English. Thanks

Hello mad_dog. I bought the template and I want to import the demo content but after 20 minutes doesent work. Please I need your help. Another thing how and where I can change the color of text in menus? Thanks for the help.

Hello! I got your email. Please send your site credentials (wp-admin and ftp) to my email.

Hi! is there any update to use woocommerce? Or could you suggest an ecommerce plugin?

Thank you

I do not have any ETA, but woocommece will work, the only thing, you have to do some styling.

Hello, the theme looks great, but i am looking for two features before purchasing it.

1) Can i change the colour of the menu ? for example once i click on one menu (let’s say portfolio), I would like this part to be in a different colour.

2) Secondly, Is there possibility to have English and French, where user can switch as they want to?

if these two can me done, they you have a buyer…

You mean the demo home page or you use another page as a home one?

+1 800 789 50 12

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these text :) I need to put our contact so visiting customers don’t call on these numbers.

You can easily change it via theme options panel => Translation Please read the documentation that comes with the theme.

For this theme and your Frame theme, is there a way to add categories or basically a second navigation bar to set up categories? So would be set up the same way your Portfolio pages are with your navigation above the image, ALL, Accounting, Programs, etc. Also, can we add a footer to the Frame theme?

When I put a background image , it will not become responsive. I have problems about reponsiveness of images too. Do I have done something wrong ?

Hello! Please put the link to your page with the image background.

Hi! I’ve just bought your template for Wordpress but when uploading the zip file appears: “Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

How could I solve this problem? Thanks in advance

1. If you created the menu before, then there can be a Menu 1. To better understand I need to see your settings. If you activate that menu and the menu will display properly on your site, then you did it right 2. The theme setting panel is available in the menu wordpress menu, the latest one at the bottom of the menu list. Settings -> Reading that’s the wordpress default pages.

Hi mad-dog.I continue configurating the website “”, and we’d like to solve some issues:

1.- As you can check, the logo (light blue circle) invades the slider space in “Proyectos” tab. How could be rise the logo so it would be placed only in the black background?

2.- How can I change the color of the background of the theme? We want to change black/grey color for white or another one? In which section can I change this?

3.- In “Proyectos” tab, as you can see, there’s a lot of tabs (Proyectos, Quienes somos Blog, Certificaciones energéticas…). The lenght of this buttons are different. I’d like these buttons to be the same width and, in case the text wouldn’t fit in one line along this width, put automatically the text in 2 lines. How can I do that?

4.- How can I modify page builder items like “Social Share”, “Feedback Form”...? How could I add some social links like Instagram or Pinterest to Social Share?

Thanks a lot in advance! Best regards

Hello! Please copy/paste all these questions to my support forum and you will be assisted. Thanks