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Hello ! I’m really impressed with your work but having problem with “HOMESLIDER” as picture trend to blur .any suggestion how to fix that ? Thanks

The images look great on my end.

please check it on firefox

Screenshot from FF

^so the question would be what pixels are to be used to replicate the homepage images

Do not understand your question.

hey having an issue with the contact form it wont seem to send the email from the form any help

It is not secure to post admin details. Checking…

just sent you a message you can contact me @

hey i m using smtp configure with the gmail mailer , when i test with that its fine its only when i use the contact form that i get no return

Please let me know your wp-admin and I will do the test.

no probs cheers

It says invalid details. Please check them once again and send via my profile page

Will there be an update for WP 3.9?

Answered to the previous comment.

I just looked through the last 3 months of comments and I do not see where you answered the question about WordPress 3.9 support. Does this theme support WP 3.9? Thanks

Yes, it supports 3.9

How do we get text on top of the images used in the homepage slider? I used your demo content and it does not come with any text just the images and I can’t seem to add text to overlay it. See link:

If you hover the added image, and click “edit” you will get this popup with the settings



When a right sidebar is active on a page the Accordion doesnt function. All sections are expanded and are unable to close.

Rated :) btw. Is there a way to remove the pause-on-mouseover function from the landing page slider?

and to remove the link icon from the portfolio thumbnails. thx

Sure, drop me a line to my email and i will let you know how to do that

With your HTML Version

There is Grid Portfolio and Shop functionality such as shopping cart, shop item etc.. Is that also included in this WP version ?


Hello! Please note that they differ, that’s why I recommend you to check the demo.

got it.. I need admin back-end so I will purchase this wp version.

Just bit odd that the html with no back-end has a shop layout and the cms doesn’t.

Plans to implement shop layout in wp as well?

I’m working on a new interior theme, will release it in a month or so.

What recent changes to update?

Fixed: Minor bug fixes Added: Updates notifier

How to have the first visit of the homepage load/start with hamburger menu instead of expanded menu ?

What “hamburger menu ” do you mean?

Hello, I have a problem. I’ve added a custom form made with Visual Form Builder but it doesn’t work fine on Chrome, mobile phone and tablet. Can you help me? Here is the link:


Check your email, sent you back.

Hi mad_dog, I’ve sent you another mail. I’ve done what you said in email but nothing, the problem is still “alive”. Can you help me?

OK, will get back to you via email, there is no need to duplicate it here. Thanks.

I would like to know what are the configuration parameters used in the homepage slider: when I set up, a space of 120px appears on the upper and lower… Can I delete this space?

Hello! Can you please put the link to your site?

Great! Nice to see that everything is ok :)

Hi!! i am trying to change the footer font colour. When I write the number and the direction on the translator, it appears in black colour :(( how could it appear un white colour please?


Hello! TF stats shows that you did not purchase this theme. If you used another account, please post all your tech related questions to my support forum at Thanks

Hi, I’ve upload the new version of the theme but I have the same issue for the contact forms: In Chrome and mobile devices it doesn’t display the multiple choice item. You can see a demo here: Can you help me?

Got no email, what’s your email, maybe it was spam filtered.

My email is antonio[dot]frattaruolo[at]gmail[dot]com

Hmm, see the old emails only, can you please resend it once again?

Hy. We introduced the homepage featured post, can change the link on the photo to enter directly into the post? If so, how? Please explain to me the steps. Thank you.

Hello! Did not get what you mean. Can you please put the link to your home page?

I try in on mobile phone (UC browser, IE,chrome) the theme is not responsive as I hope. 1. Can I change the home image cropped in center position? Your default is left allighment. (try open it in tablet/phone) 2. Overall :: Good (consider to purchase)

Frankly speaking it has the documentation ;) i can check the backend only on monday

OK, I will wait. btw, one of your costumer (in 1st comment : ) has good menu. All menu disappear when you click RIGHT MENU button. Is it default from your theme or personal modification. It looks good.

It is a default option, you can check it on the demo.

Hey, how are you. Great theme! Are the images included?

Hello! It is mentioned in the theme description “Important: Please note that the images are not included in the source zip file.”

Sorry, didn’t see. Are they purchaseable somewhere or do you own them?

I do not own them. They were either purchased from the stock sites or downloaded from free ones.

Is there an easy way to get a full-sized slider like the demo?

It seems imposible, the slider is always contained into a content-div and can’t be fully expanded, no matter what size you try.

Hello! You can have the same slider like on the demo, please either read the documentation or post your request to the forum and my support staff will do that for you ;)


how can I change the effects in the Home page slider. I’ve tried to change settings in flexslider.js but nothing. I only obtained the vertical scroll, but I want to change the effects (fade or like in the gallery) how can I do it? Thank you!

Hello! Please post this request to my help forum and you will be assisted. Thanks