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Hi Mad_Dog,

Does Modern support shortcodes in the footer’s copyright/translation area?

I would like to embed this plugin in the footer please and right after the copyright section

Hope to hear back soon.. Regards

You are welcome :) p.s. do not forget to rate my theme if you like it

Thank you! I wish I could rate it again and again tho =)) Your theme has been rated right after the first download, installation and the acceptance of our client..

Keep the good/amazing work up mad_dog


:) Thanks for choosing my product. Have a great day!

WPML not support this Theme.

Not Copy content from Turkish.

Page Builder not export – import.

Help Please.

Please be more specific, what URLs do you mean? I do not understand what you are saying. And please stop saying “s..” in every comment, they can be reported.

I did not want to upset you. I’m sorry.

All I want is to understand what you want to have in result and assist you. Thanks for understanding.

I have noticed on the demo that when viewing images in the portfolio, it shows ALL the portfolio images on the slider. So when i click on a portfolio item to view its images, images from all the other items show up as well. I would like to purchase this, but is it possible to make it so not all the images are shown on the portfolio when you click the magnifying glass, but ONLY the ones for that specific post or category

Hello! It can’t be done, it displays all the portfolio items featured images. But you can remove that icon if you wish.

How to edit the contact info setting window? I need to add more social media icons there.

Hello! Please post your request to the help forum. Thanks

Hi Mad_Dog,

I have one question:

I wanted to customize the theme as it is demonstrated here, but I cant’ import xml file from core folder (if that’s what it takes). It says “Warning: set_time_limit() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/a5120450/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-importer/wordpress-importer.php on line 91” and below are mentioned all elements and next to them “already added”. When I import file and don’t highlight “download and import file attachments”, it says the same error and below “there has been an error, the file does not exist”

I would like to only upload my photos and texts on this theme, so could You please help me? Tnx:)

I did, and they say it’s a wordpress issue, and they don’t provide support for that kind of issues. Would You know, perhaps, what is the issue here? :)

I did not see this error before. Maybe that’s regarding the time limit in php.ini ? If it is, you have to contact your hosting provider.

Ok, thank You:)

Please, where can I edit your homepage slider speed?

Hello! I’m using FlexSlider, you can find the js/jquery.flexslider.js and find slideshowSpeed: 5000

Hi, Our theme do not show slider picture and project pictures last 3 days. We load pic but we can not see them on the site. What can be the problem ?

Hello! Please make sure that you did not any changes in code, install any 3rd party plugins, anything that you changed before that happened. Just checked your site, the images are loading.

Yes, problem is solved. Thank you very much for your answer.

Great. Have a good day!

hi, I like this, I could tell you that when you purchase the necessary plugins are integrated urges me your answer, please, email:

Hello! Could you please be more specific? Did not get your question.

Hi Mad_Dog,

I have a pre-purchase question can I translate the contacts page? I have a customer in Portugal so I need the language to display in Portuguese. Also can I add more pictures and text on the home page, at the moment on your demo the home page is just a big header (slider) I need to put some content underneath it. Cheers, thank you, Filipe

Hello Filipe! 1. Yes, you can translate the site, it support WMPL plugin and it comes with .po .mo files 2. Each slide have the title and description text.

Hello Mad_Dog =)

Question please.. Is there a way to hide the following in the posts: date, category, written by and just leave the social share icons?

Do you recommend any plugins out there or can it be done by a custom css code? Please advise..

Kinds regards

Hello! Please post this request to my help forum and you will be assisted. Thanks

I got it! Thanks

Another question please.. Why the social icons do not show on the mobile devices/view?

Also in the forums nothing is mentioned about it. Neither an option in the theme setup. Any idea? =)

Thanks in advance

Hello Mad_Dog,

I am experiencing problems uploading the theme to WP 3.9.2 This is the message I get:

Installing the theme… The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.

Kind regards

Hello! What layout options do you mean? Did you read the documentation that comes with the theme in the main zip file? What color changes do you wish to make? It only shows “Header text color”, nothing else. I did check the documentation first. I would like to change the color of the header.

You can send your request to support[@] with the list of the tech related questions and you will be assisted. Thanks

Hello, how to try demo? Thanks in advance.

Hello! There is no way to test the demo.

Hello Mad Dog Not sure if I’m posting in the right place. I hope so. I am a newbie. So far have found the healther template great but I find when I make my logo big enough to see on a desktop / laptop screen it ends up with this big white / grey space at the top. I want to find out how I can edit the ‘header’ so that the menu is centered with the logo instead of being underneath, off to one side (essentially so there is not so much white / grey space at the top before the content starts). At the moment half the page is taken up by the logo / menu so you can only see half the slider image below. Is there an email address I can send the link or screenshots to? Thank you.

You post in the Modern Interior WP theme, please post in the right theme comments section.

Hello !

I thought alias, I mean friendly URL were available… How can I activate it ??


You have to do that via permalinks, default wordpress functionality.

ok, i’ll figure it out..

Hi bought this with another account, just want to let you know when updating or moving an image around in the gallery, if the title has an apostrophe, then text after it gets removed – could be a minor bug.

Hello! Thanks for reporting this issue, we will check it and fix it is confirmed.

No problem, manged to fix it. Added in pb-functions.php:

$slidetitlefix = htmlspecialchars($slide‘title’, ENT_QUOTES);

Got it, thanks and sorry for the inconveniences.

Hi… If I want to have a bigger logo, like for instance something like 800 * 80 on the banner… ...(I have tried by changing the size in the admin…) ...but of course, as I expected… the responsive behaviour works erratically… there an easy trick here to do what I want, or should I go through the whole css, js, etc… files ? Thanks for your input.

email sent

it seems it is working fine ! Thanks !

Hello, I’m having a problem with the slider. how to use the full hight slider ???

the link :

Hello! TF stats shows that you did not purchase this item.

the comapny was purchased the Item, and I’m the webmanager and i need to know how to resolve it kind regards

Then please ask the company who purchased the item to provide you with the purchase code and register on our help forum

Sorry but I have another problem…

I have linked this item from the portfolio to 3 categories : Partnership, Europa, and Mostra… .: European Development Days

but unfortunately, when I go on the page : and click on the category “Partnership” I see it, if i click “Europa” or “Mostra”... ..nothing shows :s

Everything is correct, it filters the items that have been loaded. The isotope plugin works in this way. All the wp themes on TF that use Isotope will work in the way you see. If you load all the items and the filter them, you will see portfolio items.

ok, thanks

so it will be without ajax for me then.. :(

Hi Again,

Do you think I can easily have a widget with the portfolio’s categories, instead of the post’s categories ?

the last one on the right side bar…

Hi again, I have a problem of alignement in portfolio page…

any idea ?

I’ve already made a fix, let me know your email address and I will send you the updated files.

you can send it to me at edouard@ samedomain as the link above ;)

please update these files