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Cze?? Kluska, I’ve been using your theme for my website for a while now and I’m really happy with it:) great job! However recently the problem occurred with the drop-down menu in my gallery. The background for it is white as well as the font of text so basically when you drop it down all you see is the blank space. Take a look yourself: http://mateuszadamow.com/?page_id=365 How can I fix this?


I’m looking at it and it seems to work well. Could you describe it more?

Hi, I really like this theme but see that the last update was nearly two years ago. It is still supported and works with the latest WordPress?

The live preview doesn’t work. You’ve not paid your hosting bill :-)

Hey! I am really interested in this theme but the Live Demo does not work and the last update has been in 2013. Could you please tell me if you are updating the theme and when the live demo is woring again? THANK YOU!

Hi Kluska, I recently bought your theme, great work! The only thing I run into is the appearance on iPad: on a long horizontal page (great width), the iPad seems to force to display the whole width of the page, resulting in a very small height of the website. You can check it (on an iPad) at www.w4y.nl/modern-metro Looking forward to your answer. Bests, Maurice.

Site non installé Le site impactweb.pl n’est pas encore installé

plz fix you demo !

4 months ago the demo was down and still not sorted… another customer lost.

Demo is offline, won’t take the risk to buy.

I’m not even sure this works with the latest WP version :-/ No replies. Previous author might have been named Kluska? Now there is someone else? I dunno… Sucks to have to get my client to redesign their website because there are no updates here.