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beautiful app can i use it for photo commmunity?

hello, you can insert a splash screen? :)

Already inserted. Check the images/code head.

I’ve seen the code and images, but are not displayed when you open the app, but only a blank page. why? :)

It only loads instantly on the iPhone 5, because of the fast connection it has, on other phones, the splash screen can appear after 2 to 5 loads, depending if you are on WiFi, 3G, EDGE! All images must be the exact same size as the ones provided, in the same folder, and key sensitive.

I have the redirect script working fine (mobile site loads when using smartphones etc.).

Issue now is that I have a link on my mobile site that says “visit full site”.

However, when they click on that, it obviously just re-directs back to my mobile site.

I want people to be able to visit my main site as well when they click on the “visit full site” link.

Is there a way to prevent it from “re-directing” back to the mobile site when they want to view the “full site”?

The redirect script is a bonus for customers that otherwise would have to pay for it. Customization for the script is strictly up to the customer!

No worries. I just used a Wordpress Re-direct script instead that did what I needed.

Perfect! :D

hello I have included additional 3 icon, even though I created the class for the new icon and changed the file retina.css, those in the iPhone 3 icons are low resolution and not the retina. why? What else should I upgrade? :(

I am very sorry for the late reply but there was no mail in the inbox! Please let me know if it helped! :)

Hello I emptied the cache, renamed and moved the folder to another server, but the problem remains, I see 2 icons with retina resolution, all other, normal resolution. How can I fix? :( my email is andreaberns2@gmail.com

Sending you a message now! :)

I’m using a TreeView control with this template. However, when one of the nodes are selected, it turns the font color to white which makes it hard to read. Where could I change that value in the style sheet?

Also a second question, on the results screen, I would like it to allow for horizontal scrolling IF when they click a node, it extends beyond the horizontal page size. Is this possible?

Thanks and excellent template!

Hey there TeraCop! Thank you for your purchase! To answer your question! One, regarding the CSS selection. That only appears on desktop computers but regardless, if you wish to change it, it can be found in framework.css, search for the following line

::selection {
    background: #CCC;
    color: #fff;

Replace #FFFFFF with whatever color you wish. As for the results screen, please give your results div a class, div-results as an example, and in css add the following


That’s about it! Let me know if I can be of more assistance or if you have a link, please send it through my profile and I’ll take a look over it!

Hi I am building a table which is too wide to view when my device is held in ‘portrait’ mode. Is there any way i can allow the user to scroll to the right and view the ‘hidden’ table columns?


Give your table a class, let’s say “table-scroll” and in CSS add .table-scroll{overflow:scroll!important;} It should work, yet I cannot vouch it will on all devices or even on which! This is quite a bad practice! :)

Hi, Can it support on Android and IOS platform ?

Works for most smartphones out there! Android, iOS, Nokia, Windows Mobile, etc etc, so yes! :)

I love seeing how your templates looks in an iPhone but i haven’t bought because i the majority of my mobile traffic is with the iPad. Any thoughts on making a demo similar to the iPhone setup, but for the iPad?

Hey there. The page is only available for mobile phones! It won’t look 100% good on tablets! :)

I have the wordpress Monderner theme and I bought this template. How do I get started with adding this template to wordpress?

I did a separate wordpress install at a subdomain then installed the Moderner theme. Now how do I add this template to wordpress? I want my mobile site to look very similar to the demo version. Please help.

Hello! Beautiful app. I have some problem :( Please see this screen. http://oi40.tinypic.com/2n83cps.jpg How can I fix this problem?

Add this to the css, it should fix it!

.column a {overflow:visible!important;} 
column a em{overflow:visible!important;}


I purchased a template from you guys a few weeks ago and really love it. I’m having trouble figuring out a couple things. Any advice is appreciated.

1. I can’t find my Item Purchase Code. There is no “License Certificate” link under the “Download” tab like it shows in the “Need Help?” link.

2. I’m trying to create radio buttons in one of the forms I’m building. However, the problem is the framework radio buttons are , which doesn’t get posted after the form is submitted. Can I use the radio buttons that the framework already created?

Thanks for any info.

Hello again, I was able to find the Item Purchase Code.


We replied to your email.

I’m having Shirazi’s same problem. But the CSS didn’t help, it made the icons closer together. Any suggestions?

That’s the code! :) It removes the hidden overflow.

Great template. Can i add an rss feed on blog tab???


can u tell me how can i enable special characters?(? ? ž š ?, etc )


Hey there, first of all, sorry for the late reply, had some technical difficulties! You need to re-import the font used for the template from Google Fonts and enable special characters there before importing it. I believe the font is Dosis.

So i need to make changes in styles/style.css and thats it, or there are some other files where i must do edits?

There are no edits you need to do beside copy and paste the code generated by Google Fonts into the CSS, as long as you don’t replace the font we use, it will automatically include those fonts. Thank you for your purchase! :)

Hi, Nice Demo.. What will happen if load this page in Java Phones Like Samsung C3322? Will it work properly?

I don’t believe it will since our items, as the title says are HTML5, CSS3 and require support for these. New age devices offer that, but java phones are old technology…

Update Released

Purpose: Revamped Moderner to reflect new web standards.

  • Added new HTML, CSS, JS Version. Optimized and updated to 2017 standards. Better, simpler code, faster performance, preloaded pages, preloaded images, and much more!
  • Added new Google AMP version. All pages of the HTML Version are available in the Google AMP Version. Some features that required jQuery have been removed as Google AMP does not allow the use of external JS
  • Google AMP comes in 2 versions. One built using HTML, with the style inline in each page, another built using PHP, with only 1 style needed to be edited. Both Google AMP Valid, both easy to use and edit.

hi, I bought the Moderner Mobile mainly for the AMP version. Actually to create my site I also need of the classic desktop version. It is suppoused to be inside of the package, but once I navigate it I see it is just a responsive version of the mobile template, seeing on the desktop is not good. Actually I need of the desktop version of this template. Without it I can not work it out. thanks

You can use any desktop site with Google AMP and just add the canonical URL to your AMP page. Google AMP is made for very fast delivery of content, designs don’t have to match, especially since Google AMP designs are quite limited due to the fact that Google only allows a stylesheet of up to 50kb. Just use any desktop page you want and add the canonical URL to your AMP page and you’re good to go. Cheers!

got it, but what about the discrepance between the designs? From the users point of view for example..

Over 90% of AMP websites have a different design than the main page, as long as your logo is clearly visible and your branding is there, there’s nothing to worry about. Cheers! :)