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Great Template :) glws

Much appreciated!

It was a very special template, Awesome work.

Thank you very much for your kind words! Much appreciated! :)

LOVE this theme. Is there a Wordpress version?

Thank you very much for your kind words! There is no WordPress theme at the moment and our current plans don’t include a WordPress theme.

Is there a way to easily add a search option to this template at the top of the menu?

That can be added, but it’s a template, which basically means it wouldn’t search for anything!

question: Can a put an option on it that says go to original web page?

That’s just a button with a link! Of course you can! :)

Will this theme work with PhoneGap?

It’s not a theme. It’s a template! Considering it’s W3C, best practices, up to the highest standard of coding, it should work with PhoneGap, I’ve had several customers use my templates with PhoneGap before without complaints!

Neat & clean – really beautiful template. GLWS.

Thank you very much mate! Much appreciated! :)

Great template. Works well on android phones, particularly samsung s3, however displaying Iphone 4s, (using safari) the toggles are all badly rendered/formatted.

Might be worth checking out

This is because the huge size of the features page! There are so many running scripts at the same time on that page it makes it load harder! I can assure you it works like a charm! I might have crowded the features page a little bit by loading everything in just one page! :)

Ah.. I see. Thanks.

Hi, I need some advise regarding the images. I’ve uploaded the site and im failing to get pages to see image files. I know my path is correct. For example in my home.html page the path from base directory is src=”images/misc/candy.png”

Any advice please?

First thing, try to clear your cache! This is always an issue with templates. Secondly, the template doesn’t use any dynamic language that could interfere with the image loading, so the path must be the only error present! If it doesn’t load, please copy all the items to the server again! It might be a simple installation error. If you’re still having issues after that, please feel free to e-mail me through my profile and I will gladly assist you! :)

Can the background image be added to the front page?

I don’t understand what you mean! Can you please rephrase in a more elaborate way? What background image are you talking about?

After reading my post again I figured that would be the response. My point was I dont want it as a desktop. I was wondering if someone links to it from a desktop could it be configured. Else ill add php to redirect to another page if mobile device not detected.

Please visit our support page, we have a redirect script available there!

One noobie question: We have a “normal” site… we can redirect our mobile visitors to a new site build with this template with your redirect script?

Another question: In Windows Phone mobile looks great, but only one issue: the sms button doesnt seem work…


Hey there! Yes, you can redirect users to the mobile template using our script, once you’ve purchased the file you can visit our support page, select the redirect icon, and enter you purchase code. Once you’ve done this, you will recieve a zip with a PDF and a JS script explaining how to use it!

Nokia’s are running Windows Mobile, and Windows Mobile ( certain versions of it, older ones from what I’m aware of ) don’t recognize the SMS href, only the TEL href. Sadly, this is an issue that comes directly from Nokia! It works on certain versions of Lumia where they updated the OS, we’re still waiting for confirmation on other OS’s! I hope that answers your question! If there is anything else, please feel free to ask! :)

We have a WP site with a current theme. How can I get this theme to only work for mobiles whilst leaving the current theme to work on desktops? DO I need to install any extra plugins etc?

Please send me a message through my profile, I will give you our WordPress developer’s email address and he can explain how to achieve this! Please remember the current item we are having this discussion on is NOT a WordPress theme! The only available themes we have are Side, CeeVee and Troller! You can find them in my portfolio or by clicking them as I listed them! Waiting for your email! :)

Ok thanks. Does this HTML one work for tablets and blackberry devices?

No worries! To answer your question, this HTML Template works properly on tablets as well, it’s a fluid design so it will expand to fit any screen it’s put in, but please keep in mind, the design shines (is made to look best) on mobile phones! As for compatibility, it should work properly with BB’s as well! I’ve had no previous complaints regarding Blackberries! Of course we are speaking about newer generation of BB’s ( 2010 / 2011 + ) it does work on the others as well, but lower CPU’s mean it won’t be as smoothly animated! :)

I bought this template about a week ago and think its a superb product in terms of looks, use and integrity. Enabled has responded to my questions very quickly providing me with excellent support and customer service. In this day and age its so important to stand out with little extras such as simply replying to emails within good time. I am therefore happy to rate with 5 stars.

Thank you for the kind words and rating Paul! I highly appreciate it! If you require more assistance with your item, please feel free to let me know! All the best, Enabled, Paul.

Any chance you can turn your off-canvas menu into a wordpress plugin?

No. It’s a HTML template.


I’m using your template with Phonegap, it works perfectly, only when i try to use is trough Phonegap as an app, and when i disable the internet on my test phone, the app doesn’t work anymore, it works, but when you want to go to another page, it keeps loading… Does this template gets something then from the internet? is it possible to disable this? so i can use the app also offline?

Hey there! The only thing used from the outside is Google Fonts. The fonts are free for commercial use and are Dosis for headings, Open Sans for text! Please keep in mind that using the template for the AppStore requires an extended license!

Okay, thanks! So when i look to fonts, and maybe embed them, or change the font, he shouldn’t need internet anymore? What do you mean with an extended license?

Fonts are loaded using the Google Fonts API, meaning, in style or framework-style.css there are 2 links at the top. They download the font from Google! You can embed these fonts using font-face if you wish to use the application offline!

If you wish to use the application in the AppStore, you must purchase an Extended License (click to find out more) of this product!

like the template, i have a question, does this works only for phones? or it also works for tablets?

Hey there, the design is optimized for mobile devices, but it does work with tablets as well! It doesn’t look that good on a tablet though!


i am using the template with phonegap, only when i use it on a telephone, it still check something to the internet, causes the app to have long loading times… when i put my phone into flight modus the app is as fast as light;)

Do you know why this is possible? I know for sure the pages it is loading doesn’t have anything to do with internet, it is just some plane text and an image..

Might be from Google Fonts, it’s trying to download the font! Please try to import fonts manually using @font-face technique, or simply use default fonts such as Arial/Helvetica if you wish to use it in an offline mode! :)

it works on my local machine but the live site doesn’t finish loading


Delete the entire thing from the server and re-upload it! Might be a corrupted file! Files that override other files and leave a 0kb memory imprint! Also, consider clearing the cache!

you can enter the button “save the home” when you open the page?

That requires custom coding. It’s not included in the template.

hello, I have to increase the speed of loading, and I see that is influenced by js and image. For images ottimizazione to work for the js would eliminate those that do not use, ie you do not use the page swipe, I can eliminate the dead js that runs it or not, what are they? how can I do? can you help me understand. What do you think about the use of compressors css and js? ;) thanks

You can optimize all the scripts if you wish to compress them you can do that as well. I didn’t compress the scripts to make it easier for buyers to use them! Also, you can make it lighter by optimizing the images for your specific usage! Removing scripts can cause certain pages not to work! You can try that but at your own risk! I’m not responsible for any JS errors that occur that happen because of script removals on your end! :)

the theme works fine, I just wanted to remove scripts that do not use, you definitely will not feel responsible. ;) But if you could tell me what these js I would be really grateful: contact.js swipe.js klass.min.js photoswipe.js colorbox.js retina.js modernizr.js slicebox.js twitter.js custom.js thanks :)