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Is there a way to read the documentation before purchase? One specific question is: can we insert a logo in the header? (where the demo here has (and instead of0 MODERNER A MODERN CLEAN WEBPAGE

The documentation is for buyers only. The top text cannot be replaced with a logo without customization.

I believe there is a bug in moderner/header.php on line 4, should be: $frmw_options = get_option('moderner_theme_options'); Not: $frmw_options = get_option('troller_theme_options');


Thank you for your purchase and for pointing that out!

We’ll take care of it.


Hi this is Kwon from South Korea.

I have something that I haven’t solved yet.

That is about an installation.

I was trying to upload the files which I’ve got from the themeforest website.

But it wasn’t working.

It says “Are you sure you want to do this?” “Try again”

That’s it.

What do I do ?


Hello Kwon, make sure you are uploading the theme only, and not the entire ZIP you downloaded from ThemeForest.

Inside the main ZIP you will find the theme (another ZIP file), upload only that one.


Hi, this is Kwon from South Korea.

I’m having a problem that the Blog Icon has disappeared on my web, into navigation menu.

I’ve tried to figure out how to modify it.

But I can’t find the file, which may be a php file.


Here’s my website.

Once you should click the square configuration, upper right.

You will see the navigation drops down and the disappeared blog icon.


Hey I’ve made it ! It is going on well. Thanks

There’s an another issue about the drop down navigation.

I want to put sub pages add in the blog page.

I’ve tried that. Well, when I click the navigation and it drops down.

I have my mouse point on the blog icon to get into the sub pages.

Unfortunately, nothing on there.

What would I do !?


The icons for the main menu can be set with Custom CSS classes, you need to add one to each menu item.

CSS rules for sub-menus in the main menu are not included in this theme. The menu is supposed to look clean and work properly on any screen (with any size).

You can add new menu items and group them together by using the same icon.



I would like to have a column of two by two on the landingpage.

Any thoughts of how i can achieve this?


Hi Steven, you can use the columns shortcode if you want to split the page into columns. You can also change the landing page template if you need to.

For more questions and support, please use the support form.


Hi, one more question please. I’ve downloaded a plugin which is about short-code. Whenever I tried to put a music or image-slide or something else, it didn’t work at all. What would you think of the problem?

Hi, I am having a couple of issues with the Moderner theme. I am using the Any Mobile Theme Switcher plugin to activate the Moderner theme for mobile devices. It works great, however, if the Moderner theme is not activated via WordPress (which obviously I don’t want, b/c my desktop theme needs to be activated there), the menu is not working on a mobile device. If Moderner is activated (manually, without the use of the switch), it works. Any ideas?

Also, if you go to my blog page on a mobile device, you’ll see that the photos are not being resized properly. That page is: http://legacystatecollege.com/category/student-rentals/. Again, any ideas?

I appreciate any help. Thanks!


We do not offer support for third-party plugins. Please contact the author of that plugin.


Thank you for your purchase. This theme requires its own WordPress installation, please read the instructions included with the theme to see how you can install and configure it.


Then what if my web would’ve got the virus, such as unwanted advertising on my post.

What kinds of plugins can I use ?


Keeping your website secure is something you have to take care of. It’s not part of the support we offer.


I have uploaded the theme and dummy data and the iPhone surround is not showing up. Is there a guide or a support forum for this theme? Please advise. Thank you.

Hey there, thank you for your purchase! We have a form you can fill and our WordPress developer will get in touch with you directly! Please send a message here, Cosmin will get in touch with you within 48 hours! Thank you!

I am interested in purchasing. How will this work if I already have a WP themed site? I would like this theme to work only with mobile users. And does the portfolio area support video?

Thanks, Bryan

Hey Bryan, this page requires a separate WordPress installation, so it will work only for mobile devices, videos can be added as embedded coded. ( i.e. YouTube, Vimeo, etc etc embed! )

Thanks! Everything is working out great so far. I want to have multiple categories in the portfolio section is there a way to have a navigation element that will make it easy to sort?

Please use this form to get in touch with our WP dev, he will offer support on this matter directly! :)

Are there any plan to add Localization to this template, so its easy to translate?

Cosmin has answered your question lower, he is our WordPress developer.

Hi i want to send SMS from navigation menu but when i add the url: sms:telephonenumber like the call: code and save the menu, the url is blank. Can you help with this

Hey there, thank you for your purchase. Cosmin has answered your question bellow this reply! :)


Hello, a localization update is not planned for this theme.

For the links, sms: in front or tel:

Both work fine in WordPress 3.7.1 for links (in menus).

feel free to contact use using the support form and I’ll take a look if the problem persists.