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Hi There.

I have MINIMAL coding experience. How is it possible for me to implement this app and fill in my details / text / images based on wordpress?

Hey there. So, basically this requires a separate installation. You install it on a fresh WordPress and add your content to it, you can redirect your mobile users to the mobile version with a script we can provide if needed (script is free for buyers). If there is anything else we can assist with, please let us know! :)

So I litterally just open a new WP account, fill in the pages (just like normal WordPress) and it will pop up in the app.

Also is it easy to change / rename the icons? Background etc.

If it’s that easy you guys are the best. ever.

Not on wordpress.org, you need to be able to upload the zip files in the theme! We do provide manual, shortcodes to help you out, and in case you stumble across any issue, feel free to post it or (after purchase) you can use our support form found here! Please be sure to read the instructions after purchase, they will help you out a lot! :)

does it support widgets? I might need a categories widget for the blog


You can add widgets to the blog related pages, at the bottom.

If you open the blog page you will see a simple text widget at the bottom.


Hi Before i this this very nice looking theme, I have to know if your still updating it? – last update was in may 2013 – and is it compatible with the latest wp version

Yes it is! We update anything if needed and provide support! :)

Ok, sounds good

Hi Can,t I just install this mobile theme on my existing wp site, make the changes and use a theme switcher to “redirect” to the mobile version? ( I know I have to activate the theme to make the changes)

You can but there are chances it will not function properly. The page was built for a separate install.

Ok, I´ll install on a sep. install – thanks a lot

What does the desktop version of this look like? Can you send a url? Also, for the photo gallery can I add copy with each photo so people know what is in the gallery?

Please read the item title. Moderner Mobile Retina | WordPress Version

I know this is a mobile theme, but when you have a domain and people visit your website on their desktop….a presentation has to display. Do I download a different theme for my domain that will appear when the site is visited on the desktop? When you visit on desktop does it simply redirect to mobile view? I simply need to know what will show up if someone visits my site on a desktop if I use this theme.

Downloaded the theme, installed and have imported the demo content. So how do I get it to show a home page with all of the menu icons like you show in your example?

I’m interested in purchasing the product. Can you provide input on whether or not I have to use two themes (one for desktop) and this mobile one in order to use it?

Yes. This Mobile Theme requires a separate installation. It does not run as a plugin to the main theme.


If you don’t have a main website that will be displayed on desktops, and from which mobile users will be redirected, you can either create a simple splash page with a message that will be displayed if the users are on desktop. This is not part of the theme, and you will have to create this yourself


Hi, you need to change your reading settings (Settings > Reading) and set a static page as your home page.


Just purchased the Moderner theme. Looks like I need to do a separate install. I need the script and instructions on how to send the mobile to the separate install site. Also how do you get the landing page to show up?


Hey there! Yes, you are correct, the mobile theme does require a separate installation. Please use our support form and Cosmin ( our WP developer ) will gladly and promptly assist you! Support Form

Hello, Great work! I’d like to see if you can help me with a minor hack. I’m not a programmer, but know my way around enough to work my way through things. Anyway, I need to be able to dynamically call different images for the phone icon based on users. So, could you provide me with a piece of code that I can insert in the relevant HEAD portion in order to do this? Thanks.

Hey there, first of all, sorry for the late reply, had some technical difficulties! I see what you’re trying to do there, but we’ve never used this sytem before. As I see you purchased the item, I can direct you to our WordPress Support page where our developer will get back to you shortly. As this is a custom feture, he might charge you at freelance rates! Please do send an e-mail though! :)

Thanks. I sent a message. Can you please see if you can expedite it… Kind of in a hurry. Thanks.

Hey guys great theme, and almost ready to buy. Couple questions if I may.

1) I’m assuming I can add my clients a logo (transparent .gif) at the op of the page replacing the ‘MODERNER’ image?

2) Can i add sub menus to the main main? And if so how many levels in the navigation does your theme support?

Look forward to hearing back and purchasing. Thanks in advance



1) yes, the theme can be branded as you wish (the main logo can be uploaded from the “Theme Options” panel)

2) by default the main menu offers only one level. If you wish you can add new CSS rules for secondary levels


Thanks for the response. I did end up purchasing Your mobile theme and it’s great. couple more questions if i may

1) Do you supply the code to make my main site recognize a mobile device?

2)would you happen to know the CSS rules off hand to implement secondary nav levels or is that something i’ll need google?

Thanks again ;)

My apologies. I was able to read your support page and in doing so I discovered your redirect code :)

Hi guys, I sent you a support question and was just curious if you can respond soon.


Thank you!

Glad it’s solved. Please don’t forget to rate 5 stars! It helps a lot! :)

Never tried this before, do it work the same way to add new pages etc as a normal wp theme?

and can I place a logo where you have MODERNER or?

Yes, but the theme requires a separate installation! :)

Hey guys, hope all is well. Had a quick question: Can I put a phone number inside the toggles? I’ve tried and they are acting glitchy? seems to putting a style on it.



We’re sorry for the late response, technical difficulties, the toggle itself is a anchor link, the phone number that will be tapped to call, is also a anchor… basically, both together cannot work!

Quick SEO question.

With the decription is that available on each post?


I want to change the icon page (homepage with buttons on), but I can’t find this in the admin. Is this normal?

best, B

Hello! Very nice theme. Is it possible to add an offline message? For example if the phone has no internet, a page saying “Please connect” sort of speaking?

Have a nice day!