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Dear Website builders,

I want to create a sitemap, zo i did make a new page and setted the template to sitemap, but when i visit the page there is nothing there. Do i do something wrong. Hope you can help me.


You need to set the widget item here first >
Each on for each column.

Hope this help :)

Hi is there any way if i can make changes to the navigation menu on the top and side bars to be “BOLD-ed” and at the same time in a different color when selected ? now it seems like i am only able to change the color of the menu when selected.

can it be bold as well? Thanks


Try to add this code at the end of style.css or in custom css box in admin panel(


Hope this help :)

thanks alot but still dont seem to work thou. any other work around?

Really… That’s so weird…. Can you please put the code I provided and give me your site URL please ? I’ll check it out.


I want the margin on the stunning text smaller. I change the “BUTTON TOP MARGIN” to a very small number, like 5, but it seems did not work. How can I make it? I need your help.

I want the stunning text looks like this one:

hm, but I think it works… >

this is much narrower than before :/

yes? it works now. thank you so much??? I really appreciate your help!

How to edit the content in “message-box”? I want to change the font and the size in message-box.

it did not work…... did I put this code into the right place.?


Please put the code that I instructed and provide me your page url. I’ll inspect that.

it worked on the message-box, but do not on the stunning text.

Please hop over to the Goodlayers forum, I have some urgent questions there. Thanks


I have problem ,, when i activate the theme everything is okej ,, but when i try to upload the demo-xml.xml file ,, then i got the problem ,, first it crash after download like here in the ss :

But the site looks like before ,, and when i start upload again the demo.xml file . hmm ,, and in wp admin panel is everything fine i think ,, :

But Again no Change ,, Can someone help me pls ,,


About the error that you got, you don’t have to worry about that because you just didn’t install Woocommerce yet. So the post that generated from Woo commerce won’t be imported. This is not the big deal. You can ignore it ;)

To set exactly the same as demo site, you may follow steps in this video >

Great Man ,, Now its working :) Thank you !

Hello. When i put link inside class “stunning text” it gets autmatically class with broken link. How can i change that? Thank you


did you put the full url with ‘http://' in front of it ?

If I misunderstood. Please provide screenshots about this so I can understand it ;)

Cheers! :)

Hi! Can someone please help me with a sharing issue?

If you go to and then go to the blog or here:

Try to share to FB or Linkedin. It shares ok, but puts a https:// in front so the post is not accesible to anyone. I looked in the settings…what am I missing?


hm, I just tried but it’s fine… anyway if you need to remove https. please go to ‘include/plugin/social-shares.php’ on line about 8. change this.
            $currentUrl = "https://" . $currentUrl;


            $currentUrl = "http://" . $currentUrl;

Hope this help :)

Hi there. I wonder if you can help, I have a rogue line of copy on all my pages which I don’t know where it has come from:

Enter the text or HTML code here.

Can anyone help? Thanks


First, I’m not sure what exactly your problem is.

Second, I’m sorry if you have question, you must go to the support forum as I couldn’t see your purchased badge :( We mush verify your purchased first.


Hey Dude! ,,

I need some help again ,,

I want to change the text and links of drop down buttons under the header ,,but i cant find the right place. :(

Can you help me where i can configure ,

Thank you .

Now i Find Where to change these buttons :) i spent just 9 hours :)

newbie :( but thx :P

Oh okey ;)

Glad you figured that out!

I want to move the MAIN NAVIGATION inside the bottom of the LOGO. Is there a way to do this?



“inside the bottom of logo”? I’m really confused :( Can you provide screenshots with description please?

Hi I was trying to check out your layer slider but the demo doesnt show anything.. its blank. i tried on FF and Safari


Thanks for reporting this but I don’t know where to fix too as it shows on all of my browsers :(

Hello! One question: Is it possible to remove the menu options in the admin panel for “Portfolio”, “Testimonial” eg.? This because we don´t use them.


Please go to ‘functions.php’ on line about 73. Remove this code

    $temp_root = get_root_directory('include/portfolio-option.php');
    include_once($temp_root . 'include/portfolio-option.php'); // meta of portfolio post_type
    $temp_root = get_root_directory('include/testimonial-option.php');
    include_once($temp_root . 'include/testimonial-option.php'); // meta of testimonial post_type

Hope this help :)

Hi Goodlayers, we’d like to use your modernize theme for the website of a customer. unfortunately i do not understand the licence description properly. using the theme for one customer and charging him for that a one time fee. which licence do i need? and what about the copyright information? may i write: copyright 2013 customername or do i have to mention goodlayers in the copyright at the bottom of the page? thanks for your answer best regards reinhard


You can use a regular license for this.(It depends on domain name. Usually one domain site for one regular license.)

And also you don’t have to mention GoodLayers in copyright section. You can change it later.

Cheers! :)

Is it possible to make the slider full width too?


Sorry but the content area including slider must be fixed on the center. :/

The width of it is about 980px

Hello! Love the theme and find it very easy to use but i have gone in to try and edit the main pages (i was having no trouble before) and its not letting me add any text or any items to the page at all? see the screen shot below.

have you come across this before? can you suggest anything? Thank you

Hi Just wanted to check if there is spam protection on contact form on Modernize. If not what do you reccommend


Please try to use the plugin ‘contact form 7’ for this purpose.

Hope this help :)


Please ignore my comment above. I have attempted to access it today and now it seems to be all AOK again?! just having a bad day it seems. thank you

Oh okay, glad you figured out anyway :)



i made the gallery but it shows on page, please can you help me with it?


You did you mean? Can you provide page url with description please?

I’m not quite understand this :(