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Hello I want to upgrade the version 2.05 to 3.11. Is this possible? Thanks

To update the theme,

You need to login to your Themeforest profile page, click on ‘download’ tab, then download the theme again.

After that,

1.) After you downloaded file from Themeforest. Do not upload it yet. Extract it!

2.) You will find 6-7 folders and some files inside. You’ll see the file called ‘modernize…’

3.) Upload this file through wp backend and activate the theme.

After that go to ‘appearance > menu’ and assign menu location again then go to admin panel and click ‘save changes’.

BTW, Make sure that you haven’t changed or customize any theme code.. if you did, you have to do it again. All setting in admin panel and page will be the same.

Hi there,

I’d really like the gallery lightbox to have social shares in it. Is this possible please?

Thank you very much


1. please provide site url, I’ll see about social share issue.

2. hm, I didn’t guide anywhere to change css. anyway, I’m confused now… so it’s gallery or portfolio now?

1. Hi there, site url is 2. No, you didn’t guide me regarding the prettyphoto gallery thumbnails but that is the fix I require if at all possible. 3. Referring back to portfolio fixed size image you suggested previously in order to display photos at their original aspect ratios – could you tell me what you mean by “upload the fixed size of image manually” please?

Many thanks for your time and efforts :)


1. well I didn’t see anywhere you’re using blog post. Can you provide url of that one directly? because if you’re not using blog post, there’s no way to show social share.

2. to disable light box gallery, are you mentioning to this page? > , well go to ‘include/plugin/page-item.php’ on line about 194 >

3. I meant you need to crop and resize images in photoshop first and then upload it to backend.

Hope this help :)

a couple general questions.

1. Wondering if there is any issue if I purchase this them, install on different URL or on sub-domain of URL where it will eventually be. I would like to install it and play around with it and test some things, so others can view it before going live.

2. Is it possible to install on top-level domain but have an “under construction” page while still being able to view/work on the home page somehow?

3. Is the back-end “white-label” or does your name/info need to stay?

Thank You.


1. that’s not the problem but when you’re moving it online, you have to follow WP instruction >

2. yes, you can search for the underconstruction plugin. There’re many of theses.

3. note sure what’s that? Can you specify this please?

Thanks for interest anyway :)

Thanks for the reply. I was wondering if any of your back-end (admin) custom modifications are branded with your name and if so, if we are allowed to remove any reference to you being the designer or developer.


Well, we have logo in our admin panel. You can replace with sth else later if you need.

Dear GoodLayers

I disabled the comment function and still I see “comment 0” on a blog post. As you can see in the printscreen I still have the text “comments off” on the page. No I would like to disable this whole plugin, so nobody can see that a comment function is running. How can I do that? I looked already in the page.php but couldn’t find a relation to comment function, also looked in the functions section with no solution.

Can you please help how to disable this comment thing.

Thanks in advance


Try to add this code at the end of style.css or in custom css box in admin panel(

.blog-thumbnail-info {
display: none;

Cheers! :)

Thank you, works great! :)

I tried to post a topic to your support forum but it just comes up as Error Establishing Database connection!

So can you please help me since I have purchased this.

I need to know the folllowing:

How to create rounded corners.

How do i create the overall template to have rounded corners. So in other words, at the top and bottom four corners?



well, this is quite beyond my support scope… you have to use this css attribute. >

and put it over css element. If you don’t know how to do this, I suggest you to hire a coder for this.

About the forum, you may try it again. It should be back now.

Cheers! :)

cant see a way to bookmark this for consdieration, so just commenting to make this in my history.


Oh okay :)

did you try this anyway? >

Or you can also bookmark it on your browser ;)


haha, thanks.. I just realized finding the link to post history was harder than just relocating this theme. bookmarked it to show me team


How easy is it to upload my logo (this is not an image but code) in the header of this theme?




I’m not sure what you meant about “this is not an image but code” ???

Can you specify this pleasE?

Thanks for interest anyway :)

Hey there, just purchased the theme and have some trouble with it. After every klick on save or submit or else – I got an white page of death.

Nothing is lost. All changes are saved. The Problem is just seeable in the backend. Do you have an Idea what accours this mistake?

Thanks a lot for support.


Sorry. Was a Plug-In! ;) ;) Problem solved!!! All good!

haha… first rule – disable all old Plugins! ;) ;)

oh okay, glad you figured that ;)


I’m looking at purchasing this theme but have one question.

Using the full width template, is it possible to make the slider width smaller (aligned to the right) and add some static text to the left of it.

Thanks! :)


yep, you can have that. The slider width can also controlled by columm like 1/1 1/2 1/3 1/4 (When you purchased theme, use page item ‘slider’)

Thanks for interest anyway :)

Thanks! And this is possible on the home page as well?

What cache system is recommended for “modernize” Thanks


You may try the plugin ‘hyper cache’. We’re using it :)

Thank you and congratulations, I have the theme from around me, and you can really do anything, total success.

Thank you very much for kind words :D


Very satisfied customer, been using the theme for over a year and I’m even ranked number one for my main keyword.

Question, is there no setting to remove the meta (tax, comment, author) that displays below the 1/4 blog grid? Or would the best way be to set it not to display in the css.

I’m leaving it up on my homepage so you can see what I mean.

Thanks so much.


Thanks and glad you like our themes :)

About Q, Try to add this code at the end of style.css or in custom css box in admin panel( {
display: none;

Hope this help :)

I have a question about the license. I understand we have to buy one regular license per domain and may sell the domain to a client/customer for example but what if we bought a regular license for our domain, built a site and then decided to flip the site, would a regular license still be ok or not as I’m not sure? Thanks.


can you please describe deeply about this? I’m not sure that what ’ decided to flip the site’ meant? :/

Thanks for the reply. It’s just when you build a site and then sell it to somebody that wants to buy it on a site such as Basically you build the site on whatever topic/niche and then put it up for sale.


including the domain? Well, this shouldn’t be the problem ;) You can do that.

Hi, i have installes woocommerce plugin but your theme not work with woocommerce ! How i can change the woocommerce css with your css theme ? Thanks a lot again for your modern theme :)


Are you using the latest version of the theme?

Hi. I’m helping a friend who is using Modernize on their website. It’s all working perfectly apart from a few breadcrumb/text overlay issues. Please see this link for a screenshot…

I’ve tried to put this support request up on the forum but it wont let me sign up using the product code so having to submit on here.

Any help ASAP would be great – ideally a solution to allow spacing around the overlaying text areas or to align it all correctly.




which version he’s using? It need to be v3.10+.. please check it out.

It’s 3.0. I will make sure it is updated and check back if the problems persist. Thanks PD

What exactly was changed in portfolio filter in the theme update of yesterday? Where is the theme change log?

==v3.12== 29/05/2013
- filter portfolio 

Hmm…. not very helpful. I now have to compare files and evaluate the code. Couldn’t you just tell me?

ah, actually we modified it along time ago but just released the update. Not really sure which line of code we done this too :( sorry about that…

Hello! Can we expect another update with the new version of layerslider in the next few days? :-)


we just upgraded layer slider in latest version of theme package. You can grab it there ;)

hello I would like to delete from the time and date of the article … I followed what you suggested to another user … but I can not get it to work … I still see the plug-in function can help me?


Try to add this code at the end of style.css or in custom css box in admin panel(

.blog-thumbnail-info {
display: none;

Cheers! :)

perfect! thanks!

Hi, GoodLayers. Update modernize to v.3,12 and install Layer Slider. After created a new sliders they work with errors in chrome and ie. In chrome images don’t show. In IE text don’t work normally. Look How fix this? Thanks.


Could you please provide wp-access and ftp-access through the form in my profile page (please state your issue again)?

We’ll try to investigate your issue.

By the way, Right now, All support will be conducted through our support forum

Thanks so much! :)

Hello, I just purchased your theme a couple of days ago and it has some really great features! However, I’m having trouble setting up the blog, it’s not responding like a standard WordPress page. I made sure that in the Reading Settings the page was properly directed to the posts page. That’s kind of working, but the posts page has all the posts stacked on one another without any sort of separation or listing information such as date, time and author. Additionally, the page won’t allow me to add a sidebar for widgets. Thanks!

Thank for the prompt reply! I’ve been able to read through the support forum, but I can’t seem to post a question there. I followed this link:After you’re able to register. Please login via this link,, which then brings me to a login page. When I log in I am directed to a 404 page.

Also, my problem still exists. I did go to settings>reading>front page selected to static page, posts go to designated blog page. I had it set-up this way from the start. To make sure it wasn’t a plug-in conflict, I installed a brand new version of WordPress and re-installed the theme and it does the same thing. The posts go to the designated blog page, but all the post run together as if they are one single entry with no other information such as date, time, author, etc., plus the page still won’t accept any sidebars. Otherwise everything else is working perfectly!

Thank you for your time!

About the forum, please send information to ‘’ (as mentioned in the instruction) We will do that for you.

About problem,

For front page, you need to set it here >

But for ‘post pages’, you must leave it as ‘select’, then to create blog page like in demo site, please follow this >

Hope this help :)

Got it, I didn’t realize that “Select” was an option itself that could be selected, which makes sense if there are multiple blog pages. Thanks again for the prompt reply and great service! Cheers!