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Hi, I’m working with modernize and I’m trying to show a full width layerslider in the home and it’s been proved to be impossible. I only can visualize a slider with 940px even when I’ve defined in the global settings of the LayerSlider that I want 100% width…can somebody help me? Tks!

Sorry but that’s not possible. Theme’s content are is fixed at 940px.

Is there any way that I can change that?

Sorry but it’s need to much customization. We are using grid system called ‘super skeleton’ in this theme and it’s based on 960GS. To change layout you must crack the code on skeleton framework. I suggest to hire a coder to do that. >

Does this theme or any of the other GoodLayers theme support bi-lingual

You need to use plugin like WPML or qTranslate for that.

Cheers! :)

hi, i am using modernize for a while without problems. suddenly in one of my installations the item “modernize” (where you manage all the site settings) disappeared from the backend. how can that be?

or maybe try to disable all plugins and see if it’s solved or not.

yes, the theme is activated and disableing the plugins doesn’t help. is it possible that some sourcecode got lost thats responsible for the backend? or any other ideas?

Could you send us wp account and ftp detail to ‘’. We’ll investigate the problem.

P.S. please describe your problem again as well.

MY QUESTION When using widgets, HOW to change the color of the words put into the text bar? Thanks for help!

Hm, in this case you may need to use an inline stylesheet.
<div style="color: #444;">

Hope this help :)

it works! Thank U!

Hi not sure if I asked this already. Apoligies id I’m reasking. I really like this theme. I want to use this for a corporate site with double sidebars (left and right).

Unfortunately the content area becomes too small. Is it possible to expand the width of the theme, retaining the same width sidebars but increased the main content area width?


Sorry but content are is this theme is fixed size. It can’t be changed…. If you need larger content area you may check the theme ‘King Power’ or ‘Architecture’ from us :)


Hey, How can I put the testimonial carousel as a sidebar widget?

Thanks in advance


Put testimonial shortcode in text widget >

Cheers! :)

Thanks :)


I’m very proficient at tinkering with code but I have a small problem identifying a styling problem and fixing it.

I just want the vertical gaps between the portfolio thumbnails to be a little smaller than they are. So basically, a smaller margin-bottom or margin-top what not. I’m trying to find the div causing this to tweak it but I can’t figure it out.

Some help would be much appreciated. Thanks!


it’s using padding to, not bottom… Try to add this code at the end of style.css or in custom css box in admin panel(

.mt0.pt25.portfolio-item {
padding-top: 0px !important;

Cheers! :)

Thanks boss. If anyone’s reading this, great theme for photography portfolio.

Hi I’m Davide When you search an element by tag in portfolio section, the result is a list of elements, as blog style, with 1/1 or medium size thumbnail and text. I’d like to hide the row (under the title)with date and the words “comments are off” I try to do that but without any result.. and I think it’s the $item_index, to change or to specify anyway could you help me?



Portfolio tag will use the same template as blog tag list. it can’t separate. Anyway to disable meta content for portfolio tag.

Try to add this code at the end of style.css or in custom css box in admin panel( {
display: none;

Hope this help :)

This helps a lot!..nice solution! thanks a lot! also…for update to 3.0 is the same or shoould I change something? should I do a backup before upgrade?


To update the theme,

You need to login to your Themeforest profile page, click on ‘download’ tab, then download the theme again.

After that,

1.) After you downloaded file from Themeforest. Do not upload it yet. Extract it!

2.) You will find 6-7 folders and some files inside. You’ll see the file called ‘moderze…’

3.) Upload this file through wp backend and activate the theme.

After that go to ‘appearance > menu’ and assign menu location again then go to admin panel and click ‘save changes’.

BTW, Make sure that you haven’t changed or customize any theme code.. if you did, you have to do it again. (You may not need to back up database for this) All setting in admin panel and page will be the same.

Hope this help :)

Hi, I am wondering how to change the wording “View All Projects ->” on the Portfolio Page Option.

Thank you.

This helps. Thank you for the prompt reply. Can you also tell me where to change the link to where this text links to? Thank you.

You can set the page to link to here >

This worked. Thank you for the prompt reply!

Hi, I have one other question. I would like to replace the social icons in the header with text only. How can I do this?

Thank you.


you need to crack the code, in header.php on line about 155-174. if you don’t know how, I suggest you to hire a code to do this.

Cheers! :)

all of a sudden the Column Service icon of this theme became buggy. when adding the icon, all that appears is a blue question mark (?).

i was successful at adding icons to it during the first few days of using this them.

any clue how to fix this?


Can you provide site url please? I’ll check it out.

thanks guys, got it figured out already. Link of media must be File URL and should not be set to None

what’s the size of the picture of layer slider in homepage of your demo? I know the width is 940px right? what’s the height of the picture? thank you!


We’re using as 412px for height ;)

my portfolio links on the main page, the shadow link image thing doesnt work anymore, and what would force the accordian to be open full time?


seems like it conflicts with one of your plugin, please disable all plugin and see which one occur the problem.

Cheers! :)

last question: why does my page have weird social share buttons?

Could you please provide wp-access and ftp-access through the form in my profile page (please state your issue again)?

We’ll try to investigate your issue.

By the way, Right now, All support will be conducted through our support forum

Thanks so much! :)

I want to translate the Contact-Form strings (Name, Message, Submit) via WPML but i can’t find the strings in WPML. Is there a way to add them? (ICL)



Please use this plugin >

Please also disable translator feature in admin panel too >

Pre-buyer question: Is this theme truly “responsive?” Will it adjust to tablets, and other smartphones? I’m getting different information.



You will get the same information. Actually you can open this url via phone and tablet directly >

I’m sorry. I didn’t mean “I am not getting the same information” from the theme template. I mean that I have searched, and some refer to Modernize as a “responsive” theme, while I do not see it referred to directly in your materials as “responsive.” Is it truly “responsive” or not?


Actually, yes, this theme is responsive :)

Problem with theme update v.3.13


was updated to version v.3.11 theme via backend-install (file:, theme enabled, but errors occurred:

1) all the widgets of all side-bars were eliminated. 2) We lost the settings menu-main and colors.

It seems they have the database does not recognize the data has version 3.11. I went back to version 3.11 and is OK site with all the data ok.

I deleted the theme folder and sent the data theme via FTP, tried to turn, but also will not, the data is blank ..

I need help mounts to upgrade the theme, HOW?


After you upload the theme and activate it. Go to admin panel and click the green ‘save changes’ button once.

Then go to appearance >menu and assign menu location again.

Hope this help :)

Thanks for the reply, but I still have problems.

After upload, activate, save button, configuration menu, ok, but lost all widgets.

Lost all Widgets footer

See the pictures:


How to solve this? thank you Mauricio

Could you please provide wp-access and ftp-access through the form in my profile page (please state your issue again)?

We’ll try to investigate your issue.

By the way, Right now, All support will be conducted through our support forum

Thanks so much! :)


I want to fit the Blog Images to a maximum width of 300px. I found out that the Images are called from the File blog-item.php. The Images are somehow not really good scaled.

Take a look here

One of the Blog Entry has a nice Image, the second one is scaled to half, the last one has no image. An Image Placeholder would be better.

The Placeholder has been sorted out with this Code

else { echo '<div class="blog-thumbnail-image" style="height:121px;">'; echo '<a href="' . get_permalink() . '"><img src="' img/img_placeholder.jpg'" /></a></div>'; }

If I set at blog-item.php like here than its looking a little bit better.

echo '<div class="blog-thumbnail-image" style="height:121px;">'; echo '<a href="' . get_permalink() . '"><img src="' . $thumbnail[0] .'" alt="'. $alt_text .'" style="height:121px;" /></a></div>';

To have it perfect the Images should be scaled to fit the DIV Tag unimportant which Size the Images has. Thats why I need some help.


Did you meant how to change thumbnail size? I’m still pretty confused on this :/

You can handle thumbnail size in blog-item.php on line about 19-32.

Cheers! :)

Thanks for reply. I mean the thumbnails and changed to size between the line 19-32 but the Image Sizes did not change.

The Images sizes are like below at Firefox 1. Image: 700px × 700px (scaled to 210px × 210px) 2. Image: 600px × 309px (scaled to 210px × 108px)

The second Image is not a square but somehow I will that all thumbnail images has the same Size.


I’m sorry but your English is pretty hard to understand for me :(

Anyway, as I understood, you don’t need images to be cropped but need it to resize by keeping ratio?? Well, the only way to do this is you need to prepare image with fixed dimension before upload, then in blog-item.php, you need to change thumbnail size in array to be the same as dimension of image that you upload.

Cheers! :)


I have used this theme to create a website at The whole site does not work in IE 8 or 9. If you like I can send you login details so you can see the site as it currently has an under construction page in place.


Hi, This is the link to the screenshot: Thanks.

hm, can you provide site url please? I’ll have a look at that.

Hi, it is I have emailed you details to login to view the site as there is a under construction page in place.


Hi there,

I upgraded to 3.13 to see if it would fix twitter but it is now saying Bad Authentication data

Did you do this yet? >

You need to fill this information in appearance > widget > twitter widget setting