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First I would like to say that i love you’re theme. I didn’t change a lot and it works great for me.

At this moment i’m making a woocommerce webshop and if i make some variations on a product (like size and color) there’s a half border (from table class=”variations” cellspacing=”0”) shown.

Is it possible to hide this half border?

Thank you!

Try to add this code at the end of style.css or in custom css box in admin panel(


Hope this help :)

Thanks, works great!

The border at the right is gone!

Hi there,

could you please let me know how to add the google map to the contact page?

thank you:)

We use embedded code from google directly…. You may put it in text widget if you want to put in sidebar. >

Hope this help :)


We are using the Modernize theme in the

Here is the star rating on this page..

We need the start rating display like this way Please give me the suggestions for this.

Thank you

I’m not exactly sure what you really need. Anyway can you provide this url again?

Please give me the full url.



We are using the Modernize theme for this website on this page displaying the start rating..

Is there any way for the star rating same like in this website ?

Please give me the suggestions for this.

Thank you

Oh nope, we don’t have that feature in this theme :/

You have to implement external plugin with this theme instead.

hi I post and I wanted to be on the right side there is no calendar, and I want to eliminate the date on my post, please help

1.) you can assign widget item here >

2.) To eliminate date on post, Try to add this code at the end of style.css or in custom css box in admin panel(

.blog-thumbnail-date { display: none; }

thank you its solved

Hi there, one more question… how can I add three different “content items” next to each other? I managed to create one (custom content item) in the visual editor, but I would like to add another one next to this one with a different image and copy.

Hope it makes sense


Actually you can use the page item ‘column’ instead. You can put different content on each item with this one.

Hope this help :)

Is it possible to change the language of the date and comments and things like “Back to top”?




If you need to change those specific page, you have to use localization method… you may use this plugin >

We already prepare PO file in the theme :)


Does this theme have the capability for a sidebar on the homepage for ads?


Yes, you can have sidebar on homepage too.

Thanks for interest anyway :)

Hii, I am considering purchasing the theme. What color options are available please? Thanks Mohan


You can change elements color via admin panel, it’s not fixed. See this >

Thanks for interest anyway :)


I just wanna ask if i can change the width of this Modernize theme to higher width. Because this theme support only 980px width..

Is it possible?



nope, the width of the theme is fixed at 980px.


My purchased code for Layer Slider plugin not valid. And for some reason everything in the slider move so fast between images, it’s stack! Preview:

1.) About problem on slider and image, please go to admin panel and click on the ‘save changes’ button once.

2.) About layer slide code. It’s in this file > (in layer slider folder, it’s not the same as theme’s code.)

Hope this help :)

Does this theme automatically update within wordpress when you release a new version? I used the theme on a hidden website so I could learn it then went live with a whole new website. It didn’t update automatically and I’m wondering if it is because I used the theme twice or if I have to re-upload the new version. Thanks, And YES this theme ROCKS with zen simplicity.


Sorry but you have to update it manually…

To update the theme,

You need to login to your Themeforest profile page, click on ‘download’ tab, then download the theme again.

After that,

1.) After you downloaded file from Themeforest. Do not upload it yet. Extract it!

2.) You will find 6-7 folders and some files inside. You’ll see the file called ‘modernize…’

3.) Upload this file through wp backend and activate the theme.

After that go to ‘appearance > menu’ and assign menu location again then go to admin panel and click ‘save changes’.

BTW, Make sure that you haven’t changed or customize any theme code.. if you did, you have to do it again. All setting in admin panel and page will be the same.

Hi, I want to display different posts from different categories, ex: I have three categories: Fashion, Art, Design

I want to have my home page display couple articles from these three category, ex:
article1, article2, article3
article a, article b, article c
article x, article y, article z

is that possible? Tks


Sure you can do that :)

You can call blog on specific category.

Thanks for interest anyway :)

hi, I’m korean. so I can’t speak english very well. I have one question. I use light box shortcode. But I don’t make my page like your preview site light box & frame. My light box page’s text is broken, not responsive. How can I use light box&frame like your preview site light box & frame ?


so you used this code?

[frame src="" width="290" height="200" lightbox="on" ]

Can you provide page url please? I’ll check on that.

Cheers! :)

Is it possible to put images in the accordion?


yep, you can put img tag in accordion content.

Thanks I will try that.

It working thanks


Pre-Purchase Question: Can the search box default to open? Not too fond of that slide open.


we can guide to do that after purchasing ;)

Thanks for interest anyway :)

Hey there, is it possible to add “attach a file” functionality to the contact form? Cheers


Well, You can’t do that with the form in the theme. In this case you have to use external plugin instead. You may try to google about form that allow to use attachment feature because I don’t know about that as well :(

Cheers! :)

Hi, Why the footer not in the same line?


go to appearance > widget and you need to set each footer area for each column . I think you figured that already.

If you got any further questions, please head to our support forum :)


Please note that, Right now, all support will be conducted through our support forum

Please create your own account, make sure that username in forum must be the same as your Themeforest username, none blank space contained in registration fields.

Username must be the one that purchased this item

If you got a problem with registration, please make sure that you follow this article >

Thanks so much!


I have bought this theme and i got a layerslider with the theme, however the plugin tells me it has an invalid purchasing code. Because of this I’m not able to ask for help from the plugin developers.

please help me out here

kinds regards,


The layer slider code is not theme’s license id. It’s in the file ‘purchaed code(LayerSlider).txt’ in folder ‘LayerSlider’

Hope this help :)

Hey there, my page i almost ready so I’d like to start working on SEO, do you have any tips for that? I need to add title and meta tags… can you please tell me how and where I can access the code of each widget and page? Thanks:)


PS1: this is my page PS2: I love your tech support, really helpful!!! :)


We don’t have that feature as built-in functions :/

In this case you need to use plugin like Yoast SEO instead.

Cheers! :)


I can’t get access to the support forum. After I’ve logged in I am being asked to log in!

I’ve had this problem before.

I sent you a direct email so hope you can respond soon. I just wondered if others had the same problem?




Okay I will check email very soon.. about the forum, Please make sure that you followed this article >

If you already followed but still doesn’t work, please send your purchase license and your themeforest username(Username that purchased item!) to ‘’. We’ll do that for you.

Thank you! :)