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Quick Question. Maybe you can diagnosis this problem. Here are the details:

-Specific Testimonial (any size) disappeared from the site’s front page. -Only the testimonial header text and the big quotation mark image show and NOT the content of the specific testimonial -If I look at code on page (view source) the text is not loading so I don’t think it is style or css issue -If I select category for the testimonial type it will show up which is interesting

Please advise.


hm, okay first can you please make sure that your testimonial name contains only English character, none special chars and also make sure that its’ slug is the same as testimonial name. Then try to assign again.

Hope this help :)

how does the woo commerce shop work and how can i set it up

To use and install woo commerce please follow the instruction by woo commerce directly >

Hope this help :)

How do I get the Blog page to list all of my posts? Right now it is only displaying the most recent post. you can see it at

thank you

oh alright I got it.

Please go to setting > reading and make sure that ‘post pages’ is set to ‘select’ >

then follow this video to create blog page. > (different theme but the same method)

Hope this help :)

I did those things – I followed the video’s instructions exactly – and it’s still not working

no worry, Could you please provide wp-access and ftp-access through the form in my profile page (please state your issue again)?

We’ll try to investigate your issue.

Hello, Is there a way to show only 3 items per-raw on the mobile “Shop Page “responsive ( Mobile Device version ) ? since they tend to overlap at the current version?

Try this link on your iPhone or Smart Phone :

It need to be on column, or you may change percentage of width in the code below.

Try to add this code at the end of style.css or in custom css box in admin panel(

    @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {

   .woocommerce ul.products li.product, .woocommerce-page ul.products li.product{width:100% !important;}


Hope this help :)


1.) Is it possible to make a Post show up on a specific Page? 2.) Is it possible to make a Post show up on more than one Page?

Thanks for the response. I actually figured it out. Do you have any tutorials for this theme?

After download the package from themeforest. Extract it. Then you will see the folder ‘document’ Open the file ‘index.html’ with your browser.

Hope this help :)

This has helped a lot. Thanks!

Finally I might have found my theme – although all your themes are on the top-list ;-) I read somewhere you can set H1-H6 size yourself. Will this automatically set the standard font size accordingly? Or can you set “content” font size individually? Thanks

you can set font size of content via admin panel but for some other element, you have to tweak it via css but it’s pretty easy to do ;)

Hi, when using page builder for blog pages can i just check you can specify which blog categories will be diplayed?

The last theme i bought didn’t have this so i’m having to start over.


You meant you need to select a specific category to show in blog item? Yes, sure you can do with this theme :)

Thanks for interest anyway :)

Thanks for that, i’ll be buying this over the weekend. Is Woocommerce easy to set up for a coding novice or will i be better hiring someone?

hm, I can’t really tell about this :/ It depends on what you exactly need. If just like on the demo site, you don’t need any coding ;) But if you need to tweak, yes you may need to hire someone.

Thanks for interest


I am having an issue with the background image, I have a small image that I would like to use as a pattern, however what it happens is that it gets maximized and don’t use the current measures. I have also tried to change one of the pattern images with this one, however, it keeps being rendered much bigger than it actually is. Can you help?

Thanks a lot!!!


Can you provide screenshot of backend that you changed image + site url that it didn’t show new image.

You can upload screenshot to and share the link here.

Hi, here you are the screenshot where you can see I have change the pattern image many times:

However, when I select any of them and save it, it keeps on appearing the old one, as if I hadn’t change it, which I have, as you can see in the screenshot.

Thanks a lot!


please make sure that you replaced in ‘wp-content/themes/modernize-vx-xx/images/pattern’ ... not wp-content/themes/modernize-vx-xx/include/images/pattern’ It’s not the same.

Hope this help :)

Hi Author,

I like your themes if it can display the gallery with 5 pictures in a row but the default only allow 2 or 3 or 4 pictures only, any chance to addin to show in demo?

Thank you; Adam


In this case you have to use shortcode to show gallery because you can set the width of each images directly >

Thanks for interest anyway :)

Hey, could you please tell me image dimensions for the slider? Cheers


in the demo site is 980×360px

Cheers! :)

Using the Nivo slider I’ve created slides that are 370px in height , yet when I add the sliders and add in the height as required my slider images are fuzzy and squashed.

I already did that. I created my slides in Photoshop, exported them at 370px in height. Yet when I enter the 370px in the field you just mentioned the slides look squashed. I have to enter 390px to get the slide to look sorta ok.

Nevermind it looks like it’s fine now…weird. Thanks for the support!

Have you implemented a rich text editor for a column in your page builder yet?

Thank you,



Sorry but we’re not planning to do that. It’s too heavy for backend.


I upload the demo-xml.xml file and now, on my old theme at the top, I have a menu with many words.

How can I delete this file and where can I find it ?

Thanks for your help (I’m very new to install a theme on WordPress)

Seems like you’re still using the default theme. Follow these.

1. go to appearance > theme and acticate modernize theme. (if it’s not installed yet, you need to install it first. To install wordpress theme, please follow these steps.

1.) After you downloaded file from Themeforest. Do not upload it yet. Extract it!

2.) You will find 6-7 folders and some files inside. You’ll see the file called ‘modernize…’

3.) Upload this file through wp backend.


2. go to appearance> menu and assign menu location.

3. go to admin panel and click ‘save changes’ button (green button.)

Or make sure that you follow this video > ,

Thank you so much ! Beautiful theme !

For the main navigation links they look like they are automatically bold. Is there somewhere I can un-bold the links?


Try to add this code at the end of style.css or in custom css box in admin panel(

div.navigation-wrapper {
font-weight: normal !important;


After install new theme version + latest woocomerce: Your theme does not declare WooCommerce support – if you encounter layout issues please read our integration guide or choose a WooCommerce theme :)

Why? Theme is not comportable now?


we just didn’t declare it but the theme works well with that plugin :)

If you need to disable that message, just put this code in functions.php >

add_theme_support( 'woocommerce' );

Hope this help :)

Hi on your demo the excerpts just end mid word with no ”...” or “read more”

is that easily fixed or is something wrong? It just looks odd.

we can guide to add it after purchasing ;)

Hi I am trying to figure out how to make the header transparent. I have the option to change the color of the background but not the option to make it transparent. Is there anyway I can do that? Thanks in advance.

nope, this can’t be done because behind the header background is container background. So if you make it transparent, you will still see color of container bg… sorry about that.

Can I put an image in the background of the header?

Try to add this code at the end of style.css or in custom css box in admin panel(

.header-container-wrapper.container-wrapper {
background: url('URL');

Hope this help :)

Hi, I’m going to run an online public relations site that offers turns of services. I’d like my blogs to show as much as my business portfolios.

1. Can I use 468 by 60 ad banner on the header without having it look bogus? 2. Can the home slider run recent or feature posts from categories instead? 3. Can I Have 723 by 90 banner in between front page sections? 4. Can I use widgets in those areas?

By the way, I can do most things but I am not a designer. Do you give simple css supports?

I’ll do business with you depending on the issues above.

Thanks Prince


1. You can put it as html code instead of phone and mail information >

2. We don’t have it for the full slider as demo but we have page item ‘post slider’ in page builder. It will be in content area and have margin around it about 20 px

3. You can put it as html code in content area.

4. nope, but our page builder is already widgetize. Did you check our page builder video yet? >

Yes, we provide if it ‘simple’ css. Not to change many stuff.

Thanks for interest anyway :)

Hi. Is there a way to turn off the date feature so that none of my posts have any dates on them?


Which page url you need to hire it pleaSe?

Hello, I need to use a new font with the extension. Otf, what is the correct procedure.



In this case you have to customize them using font face directly >

We don’t have it as option in the theme.