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Hello how are you doing? I am working on a test site, and have run into a problem with the menu. When I set the theme to responsive, the drop down menu appears on all the pages no matter what device you are using. Is there a way to prevent this, the url is If you can tell me the way to fix this, I would appreciate it.


that’s weird.. is it still happening? Because it seems to be fine on my side. I tried all of my browsers… >

You may try to clear your browsers caching or try to another computer and see if it’s fixed…

Cheers! :)

Please, can you answer me the question of the support page ? Is important, thanks a lot!!

Hi Darala,

Sure, please give us up to 10-14 hrs. after you create a thread on the forum. We do support on the forum twice a day(Mon-Fri) ;) and yep, I’ll jump to forum pretty soon!

Hi ..Does the plugin “layer slider” is included? What if the plugin has updates have to get them separately?.


Yes, the slider will be included. Anyway, to update the slider, we will put it theme’s update. If you need auto update, you have to purchase a license of LayerSlider plugin separately.

Cheers! :)

is there RTL option? I want to do a site in hebrew and I am trying to check if your template may work with that.


You need to customize css directly to use RTL >

Thanks for interest anyway :)

Wordpress 3.6 just released. Should I update it? Will this theme have any problems if I update to WP 3.6?

I don’t understand by what you mean that you just updated it. The last update I see is 16/06/2013, which is version 3.13. I went to the downloads and it’s the same version. Please explain.


I meant I updated to WP3.6 anyway, it should be fine. I didn’t see errors on Modernize with WP3.6 yet but make sure that all your plugins are compatible with 3.6 as well.

oh anyway, if you’re using LayerSlider, please hold the update. We will update LayerSlider later today.

After updating to WP 3.6 I identified two problems: 1 – The Layer Slider istn’t working correctly 2 – The dropdown menu (top menu) isn’t working (the submenu won’t display)

LayerSlider: old jQuery issue

It looks like you are using an old version (1.10.2) of the jQuery library. LayerSlider requires at least version 1.7.0 or newer. If you are using the WordPress version of LayerSlider, you can try out the “jQuery Updater” plugin from the WP plugin depository. If you don’t know what to do, you can write us a private message from our CodeCanyon profile page. We need a temporary WP admin account (or a temporary FTP account in some cases) to solve this issue.

We will update the theme with new version of layer slider later today :)

thanks a lot!!

Hello, first of all thank for your great theme. I’m new on Modernize and have some troubles.

Here is my topic.

Additionaly : Search icon at main menu doesn’t seem. :/

Thanks for your concern.

After updating to WP 3.6 can’t use “page builder” anymore. Looks like is locked. I can select “page items” from menu but when click “add” button nothing is working I’ve installes jQuery Updater plugin and deactivated all existing plugins


I just tried Modernize with WP3.6 but didn’t see any problem with page builder. Please check this>

I cannot seem to fix the Jquery Slider..

The slider seems to load but throws in a lot of jquery errors. Did a clean install of WP 3.6 with the modernize template..

What should I do?

edit: just read the commenst above, waiting for the update thank you

Thank you for your reply. I have updated to 3.14 but keep getting “Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined “


Could you please provide wp-access and ftp-access through the form in my profile page (please state your issue again)?

We’ll try to investigate your issue.

By the way, Right now, All support will be conducted through our support forum

Thanks so much! :)

Thank you. Think I solved the issue on my own.. future issues will be reported at support:)

looks like woocommerce not work correctly with WP 3.6. Simly design is missed


Can you specify problem please? It’s working fine on my side.

Cheers! :)

Hi, this theme was updated to be compatible with Wordpress 3.6 but I can’t see which files have been changed? I had translated some files into my language. Before updating theme can you let me know about the changes?


sorry here’s the changed log

==v3.14== 04/08/2013
- fix the personnel item when category title mismatch with slug

- embedded layer slider
    include/plugin/layerslider folder


- Improve stability / Plugin compatible


I just uploaded the new version and can see it now under Themes. How can I save the changes I made to the code in the old version and preserve it for the new version as well?

best regards Andreas


No that’s not possible. In that case you need to do the customization again. Or activate old version of theme that you made and update file by file manually. You can see changed log in ‘read me’ file.

Hi, I am having trouble with WooCommerce and Modernize. 2 problems I’ve noticed so far:

1) All my simple products display an “Add to cart” button with no problems, but my variable product will not display this. I can select a variation, but it does not pop up the add to cart button once the item is selected.

2) I cannot change the shipping options in the cart. When I select another shipping option, the page refreshes and defaults back to the original option.

I am running Wordpress 3.6 and I’ve also deactivated all other plugins except for WooCommerce. I temporarily changed the theme back to Twenty Twelve, and everything functions as it should. It does not function correctly when the Modernize theme (3.13) is applied.

Yes, I am running the latest version 2.0.13

I was running Modernize Version: 2.03 for the longest time and I updated to 3.13 last week to install WooCommerce. Now I’ve also noticed that on IOS devices, I cannot navigate to pages from the Main NAV. So I reactivated version 2.03 theme and now I can browse from my IOS devices. What’s going on with this new 3.13 version of Modernize??? My background is IT Admin/Network Security and Engineering, so I am very familiar with varios software/hardware technologies, but I’m a complete novice when it comes to writing scripts, so the only modifications I’ve made were either in the wordpress admin site, and the instructions from this page:

No other files were modified with custom scripts or anything like that.

Could you please provide wp-access and ftp-access through the form in my profile page (please state your issue again)?

We’ll try to investigate your issue.

Thanks so much! :)

Is there a size limit to the header logo? the demo logo is 208×50. Is that it?


nope, you can use much wider than this ;)

I bought this template and I installed on my server again, my question is how can I set the home page as I hasn’t XML file you see in the youtube video, thanks for the reply.


Go to your profile page on Themeforest, click on the tab ‘download’ then download MAIN FILE of modernize, extract the file and you will see this >

Hope this help :)

Hi i want to purchase your theme but i can’t test the responsive design on my mobile using the preview link

Do i need to change a setting in the preview or is there another responsive preview url?

Cheers, Jules

You may try again with this url directly >

Thanks for interest anyway :)

Hi … Would it be possible in upcoming updates, to add “widgets” with the “page builder” in posts and pages ? ... To do it right now I’m using other free plugins. Yours is very good and being paid should have that option.

anyway you may use this plugin >

to show specific page content in post.

You say that page builder is for page. If i want to insert a widget in the page … not in the sidebar .. how do i insert the widget in the page with this page builder ?.

Oh in that case you need to use plugin as well. There’re some plugin allow you to call widget item by shortcode but I’m not sure what its name. Some of our customers are using too. Please try to google on that.

Has Layer Slider been updated?


Yep, Please update theme to latest version. We already integrated latest version of LayerSlider in theme file. Before uploading new version of theme, deactivate the old version of Layer slider plugin first. After you upload the new version of theme, you don’t need to install LayerSlider plugin anymore. We integrated it directly with theme file this time.


Quick question. I created a sitemap page ( and an xml sitemap (I ftp uploaded). Here is the problem. If you go to it redirects to when I don’t want it to. Anyway to fix?

oh, I don’t know about that too…. This might be the problem on your htaccess file on your server… or may by you have folder ‘sitemap’ in your root directory? I’m not really sure about this. Can you ask your host provider on this?

I have the newest WP and newest theme files but I can’t edit may pages now and can’t use page builder. I was trying to like you say here: but with no success… How do I do to make it work?

Could you please provide wp-access and ftp-access through the form in my profile page (please state your issue again)?

We’ll try to investigate your issue.

By the way, Right now, All support will be conducted through our support forum

Thanks so much! :)