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I bought this about a year ago and have some sites using it. I want a testimonial slider in the sidebar but can’t see how to do in current version. Can i do this with new version?

Also, can i easily upgrade without losing all my content and layout etc?


in this case you have to update theme first to use testimonial with slider.

To update the theme,

You need to login to your Themeforest profile page, click on ‘download’ tab, then download the theme again.

After that,

1.) After you downloaded file from Themeforest. Do not upload it yet. Extract it!

2.) You will find 6-7 folders and some files inside. You’ll see the file called ‘modernize…’

3.) Upload this file through wp backend and activate the theme.

After that go to ‘appearance > menu’ and assign menu location again then go to admin panel and click ‘save changes’.

BTW, Make sure that you haven’t changed or customize any theme code.. if you did, you have to do it again. All setting in admin panel and page will be the same.

Hello. I purchased your theme and submitted a support request 3 days and have not received a response. Please advise.

Sorry for missing that. I’ll check it out soon! :)

Hi… How can i put ”...” to the end of the excerpts in Page Item?

It seems very bad when excerpt cuts a sentence in the middle and showing nothing to explain this cutting process. At least ”...” may be useful. Or do you suggest any other thing?


You may need to use an excerpt box instead.


1.2. fill word in this box to show as excerpt >

But “page” is not a post :)

oh okay, please use this plugin >

It will help you enable excerpt in page ;)

Hi, I added three columns to my pages but i have three questions:

1. how can i add a picture to the columns. 2. how can i use the link option in the columns 3. how can i change the font size and the format of my content.

thank you in advance :)


1. column page item? You need to use img html tag directly >

2. use anchor tag directl >


Cheers! :)

Thank you, very much :)

hi there, does modernize use timthumb?


Nope, this theme doesn’t use timthumb :)


Is there a reason why when you add tabs to a page, they are not click-able. They worked for a few days, and now when you add info to tabs, they simply wont work. I have a page with 3 tabs, all have info on them and you can not go from one to another.


1. can you disable all plugin first and see if it’s fixed?

2. please provide page url if doesn’t help.

Cheers! :)

It is not the plug in, it is part of the modernize theme where you can add elements (tabs, blog,etc). Here is url (

I know it’s not a plugin but please deactivate all plugins first. It might caused by js confliction.

For some reason the Page options disappeared. It is the second time it happens. First time I reinstalled the database + theme and I fixed, but it happened again. When you edit the page, everything below “Page options” disappear, so I have no way to edit all content using the “add items” function.


Can you please see this>

Let me know if this help or not :)

having problems uploading things like the logo and the favicon. Here is a picture of the problem I am getting.


Please make sure that you do this >

Hope this help :)

Totally worked!

Hi, I have a question I’m trying to buy an image to put in the top slider but the site that is selling the image gives me different sizes for the image, and I’m not sure which size is the right one to put in the slider. The sizes that it gives me are the following: 1. 153 KB 280 X 72 px (3.89×2.60 in.) – 72 dpi – RGB 2. 502 KB 507×338 px (7.04×4.69 in.) – 72 dpi – RGB 3. 1.00 MB 725×483 px (10.07×6.71 in.) – 72 dpi – RGB 4. 3.01 MB 1255×837 px (17.43×11.63 in.) – 72 dpi – RGB 5. 8.59 MB 2122×1415 px (7.07×4.72 in.) – 300 dpi – RGB 6. 28.5 MB 3867×2578 px (12.89×8.59 in.) – 300 dpi – RGB 7. 51.1 MB 5175×3450 px (17.25×11.50 in.) – 300 dpi – RGB

Which size should I get so it looks good in the slider, thank you for your help as always ;)


In top slider should be at least 980px in width ;)

I had one more question! I seem to have an issue with vimeo videos not being responsive. Here is a link to show you what I mean. I have not had this issue before until recently.

I tried on both Mac and mobile. It seems to be fine now ;) >

Hello, i am currently using the Modernize theme while building I have the Facebook and Twitter buttons for my social network up, but the are grey and only show the letters versus the blue icons. How do i change this so it will show the actual blue icons? Thanks

To change color of icons, you have to change it via photoshop and replace back to your server.

It’s in ‘images/icon/dark/social’

Cheers! :)


I need to center a video, but this does not work.

I used the shortcode for a vimeo-video, but I can’t center it – it is always left. What can I do?

Thank you for help Irene


Try this.

[youtube height="500" width="640"][/youtube]

Thank you very much – that worked :-)

Hello, i have 2 questions please. 1. Im using a portfolio and blog on my home page. My portfolio has the option to add the READ MORE button, but i do not see one for the blog. Is there a way i can add a button like that so i wont have to post my whole blog at one time? 2. Also, how do i change the name of the author that appears at the bottom of the post from Admin to my name? Thank You


You need to access by FTP. You can ask your host provider about FTP access.

It’s in the path of ‘wp-content/themes/modernize-v3-xx/include/plugin’

Cheers! :)

Hi, i did what you said and added the line in the blog-item.php for the “Read More” button and saved it. Now im having problems locating the updated option for me to add the button on my blog. Its not in the blog editing box. Can you tell me where i am supposed to look to find it? Or is there some other type of way?

Nevermind!!! I got it!! Thank you sooooo much! Your amazing!

I have one more question please. Im trying to add about 4 pages in my footer. How do i go about doing that?


You can manage footer here >

in appearance > widget


I’d like to ask if it’s possible to have two menus. One above and one below slider?

ah, sorry but this theme support only one main nav :/

Hi, one question please. How do i create a PRINT button for my posts and portfolio. Is there a plugin for that?


Sorry I have no idea about that as well :(

Hi !

I would like to display a live google map in my contacts page in the slider or at least where the slider would normally be. Any suggestions ?




In this case you have to use Layer slider in contact page. You can put google map code in layer slider.

I have two questions:

1) How do I make the front page of the blog show the standard last posts? I tried to set it through settings, reading, latest posts, but I get a page with full posts, and without the titles of the posts.

2) How do I add a sidebar to the categories pages?



1. please set setting> reading> post page back to ‘select’

and see this to create blog >

2. go to appearance> widget >

and set layout here > (in admin panel )

How do I limit # of pictures displayed in a gallery shortcode?

[gdl_gallery title=”TITLE” width=”75” height=”50”]


Can’t be limited by shortcode. You have to remove unused images from gallery or create a new gallery with limited images.

Hi, i am currently constructing I have a question. I have a portfolio area as well as a blog area under my slider. They are side by side. Is there a way to add a dividing line between these 2 areas to make it look more separated? Thanks!

Oh sorry it’s not possible to put vertical divider this way :(