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Hi, I can’t create an account on the forum 1, it says “No valid purchase codes where found.” and i need a quick help for my website ! Thanks for your help

Please make sure that you followed this article >

If you already followed but still doesn’t work, please send your purchase license and your themeforest username(Username that purchased item!) to ‘’. We’ll do that for you.

Thank you! :)

Thank you so much!

hi, can you please help me, i found a strange date format on my blog using this themes, it print like this :

November 15, 2013103030p://bUTC443010201300000044UTC15UTC44231011.2013-11-15T10:23:44+00:00201311/5p-am15112311/am15112311.p10p?pam10UTC=10201311UTC/201311am10amp23k/p000000bFriday232013-11-15T10:23:44+00:00_103011Friday/5p-2013-11-15T10:23:44+00:0020131130UTC1130/3010UTC11UTC44/11201315UTCFri, 15 Nov 2013 10:23:44 +00001123318UTC_v2-23/23112013-11-15T10:23:44+00:00Friday00000015UTC/102013201315Fridayam13UTCFri, 15 Nov 2013 10:23:44 +000044-2013p3023201311.p10p#

How do i remove this..? it appears in homepage and every page, post, and archives that has its date format.

Thanks.. best regards, fahmeebo

Can you please check it and gives me the solution for that problem. Thanks….

Oh sorry, we’re now no longer do support here. Please move to this website instead >

Hello, i love the theme. Short question: I want to use revelution slider. How do i do that?

I’ve already installed it, but how does it appear in pages to use it?

Thanks in advance!

You can use it but not as ‘top slider’ as you see in the demo. For external slider plugin, you’ll need to call slider by shortcode in content area instead.

Put shortcode in main text editor in page that you need to show.


Please, help me with one question.

I use theme “Modernize”. Go to “Pages” – Add page – Add items – Content item.

Then in the discription of this item: “This item will get the content in the editor(wordpress visual/html editor) to show as a page item. Don’t forget to hide the page content in page options, otherwise there will be a duplicated content in the page.”

How to do this? Now all content is duplicate

Thank you

And one more guestion…How to do simple table with many colomns in the pages? I found only the items “Tab”


1. to use ‘page’ item, you’ll need to turn page content off first >

2. to use table, you need to put html code directly (table code) >

How can I hide the “0 comments” from blog page? I only want the date, thank you!

Try to add this code at the end of style.css or in custom css box in admin panel(

.blog-thumbnail-comment{ display: none; }

Hope this help :)

Solved. Thank you!

Hello. I have a problem with the contact form. When i click submit i get the next message: “Message cannot be sent to destination”. What can i do to solve this issue?


1.) Please try to use this plugin >

2.) if still no luck, please use the plugin ‘contact form 7’

We are using this template for almost two years now and worked perfectly till now. A few days ago a lot of trouble came up:

- Every accordion is always opened, can’t close - The header isn’t working, just loading - Tabs aren’t working, can’t change from one to another

We use the latest WP version, every widget is fresh, etc…

Anyone has any idea what is wrong now?


1. please try to disable all plugins and see if it’s fixed or not.

2. if it broke after you update WP, make sure that you’re running latest version of theme.

Cheers! :)

Hi, I love the theme, just downloaded and set it up. Unfortunately I can not see the demo site’s pre-installed content, the parent pages which I could modify for my site. The different homepages setups, the “Post With Both Sidebar” etc templates… Can you please let me know what might be wrong?

thanks, Daniel

Do I need to install anything else besides I tried to follow the video, but when I clicked Appearance » Menus: I do not have the options shown on the video at all /main, top menu and blog, portfolio etc pages/ :(


I think you use new version of WP, It has changed their interface. Click on this button and you will see it >

Cheers! :)

Hey, thanks, I managed to solve it! Great template btw!

Nice work on this template.

I’ve been using v2.2 for a year and just installed 3.15. I’m doing very well with SEO/SERP and just wanted to make sure updating to 3.15 will not affect my ranking negatively. Thanks to let me know and keep up the good work!

any insight ?

Sorry for missing this. If you didn’t modify any code then it should be fine. We didn’t change any structure of it.

not changing any code and content stays the same. Just some light css customization in the editor. Thanks!


just installed 3.15, everything looks good but the admin panel has a huge lag (like 10 seconds when I click on something). The rest is fine an fast. Any Idea what could be the issue ?


Please switch to use Chrome or Firefox instead. Seems like it’s having js problem with Safari in Maverick.

Cheers! :)

Thanks for your prompt reply!

Hi again,

is it possible to add a full-witdh background color gradient on the flexslider? I would like it to extend the way the menu and footer does. I want the picture to stay 980px.



Sorry but that’s not possible because all stuff will be place in content are which is fixed in 980px box….

Hi, I’d like to change the custom image size of the single.php file, that is, where the post appears. I have changed the blog-item.php file from includes/plugin, but there I cannot find what is exactly that I have to change. It’s exactly this image that I want to edit to make it larger:

thanks a lot!


For image in link that you sent, go to single.php on line about 65 >

Hi, can you explain what the “ENABLE ADMIN TRANSLATOR” does. Can’t seem to find anything in your documentation?


following up on my last comment…

What I mean is what does turning this OFF/ON in the Admin panel do? I don’t see any change.



When you turn on you can change language in translator directly. but if you turn if off, you’ll need to use localization instead >

Hello, I’m planing to purchase these theme, so I’m interested is it possible to remove client, date and tags from portfolio item.

Thnx …


We can guide to do that after purchasing ;)

Thanks for interest anyway :)

I would like to insert an anything slider into my blogposts. I can’t seem to find how to do it except to have it appear IN the post, which I don’t want, I would like it as a slider like it appears on all the pages.

Is there any code for this anywhere? I tried some plugins, but they place the header/banner inside the post as well.

You have to modify single.php directly. If you don’t know how to code, I suggest to hire a coder to do it. We don’t provide customization as support :/


All links in my articles work fine in individual posts, but on the archive page or in the shorts they are not visible (no longer a link, it appears as just text). Is there a place I can change this so the links stay live no matter where the text shows?

Thank you.

no no, in this theme you have to leave post pages as ‘select’.

you can only set the ‘front page’. Let me know.

This is what I have: Front Page (Static): Home and Posts Page: Select

oh okay, so you’re having problem with only the latest post in the first page? I see that the post content contains only few word >

if you need to have it link on blog list page too, you’ll need to use excerpt instead.


2. fill word in this box to show as excerpt > Try to fill ‘a’ HTML code directly to put the link.

wwoow great and sales are greater


The theme seems to conflict somehow with the Woothemes plugin Sensei causing a 404 error when trying to display a course page or a lesson page. (the plugin:

After a long troubleshooting session with Sensei’s developer we turned off all plugins and switched to 2014 theme, it didn’t work but after resaving the permalinks it fixed it. then we switched back all the plugins and it was still working but as soon as I switched back to modernize the 404 returned but resaving the permalinks settings didn’t fix it this time, it would only fix it on other themes.

So there is some conflict in the theme with relation to permalinks.

what can it be or how can I fix it?

here is a link to a course page:


Can you pm this message via the form in my profile page? I’ll forward this to the dev.


Just a note to say how impressed I’ve been by Goodlayers service and support. I’ve created a large school website using Modernize – and the school is delighted with it.

Thank you very much :D

Site looks great ;)