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Hi! Having a lost of fun playing with this theme. I’m running into a few issues.

1. Blog post automatically default permalink to /team I must be doing something wrong. I just cannot figure it out.

I have a few other questions. Do you guys have a support email I can reach you?



1. Can you provide page url that having problem please?

2. Actually we do it on support forum ;) >

Cheers! :)

The theme is not installing in Wordpress. After I find the .zip file and click Install Now a page comes up that says:

Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again.

I have tried multiple times and in different browsers.

Could you please provide wp-access and ftp-access through the form in my profile page (please state your issue again)?

We’ll try to investigate your issue.

By the way, Right now, All support will be conducted through our support forum

Thanks so much! :)

thanks for the great service!

Hello Goodlayers,

I have purchased 2 of your themes and on the verge for the 3rd. I have a question, so I currently have a client that is interested in your KingPower theme. In the future they would like member login capabilities. Can you give me some advice if the theme is compatible with certain plugins in the repository/market or if its even possible to do this functionality extention. Thanks in advance!

Great Great Work! Like it have to be! :) Thx a lot!

Thank you so much too! :D

Presales question


For SEO purposes I want to create an alternative post loop in your framework that structures individual posts into separate “cornerstone” sections ~ giving the site real structure, rather than simply displaying posts in a blog and faking it with categories and tags.

The goal is to not use a separate blog page for posts but end up with a site structure that looks like this ~ http://domain.tld/page/post/comments/ to the search engines.

I believe I can do this with the Cornerstone plugin ~ [ ] ~ but I don’t know how/if I can do it with your framework.

How do I replace the loop in your framework with a loop that loads post URLs rather than categories?

Here’s a Cornerstone loop that displays the title and an excerpt with a link for each post in the section.


I am not a developer, not even a designer ~ just an integrator ~ so any help you can give me would be much appreciated.

Based on your answer my client will make his decision to buy your framework or not.



I’m not so sure about this as well….. Are you experience with this one before?

BTW I can point you where the loop code is in the theme…but note that I couldn’t provide support on this plugin issue :(

Thanks for interest anyway :)


My blog page is not looking ok. I installed the latest version of the theme. Look at the link:

I Think something is wrong with the Full With blog layout (i got the sidebar on) but i mean the post lay-out

Hope that you could help me.



Did you modify any themes code? If not, can you try to install the theme again but if that doesn’t solve, Could you please provide wp-access and ftp-access through the form in my profile page (please state your issue again)?

We’ll try to investigate your issue.

But if you modified the theme code and it’s broken. I’m afraid I can’t help :(

Thanks so much! :)

No i have not changed files. And i reinstalled the theme this morning. i”ll send you a message. Thanks…

Did you recived my message??? i want to go online soon…

I Have some problems in the Admin Panel… After i didn´t save die Site Options by the doorsite, now the Admin Panel didn´t work anymore… All Plugins are deactivated – it did´t help – Now reaktion in Your configurations “Site Options”anymore

and now, after the New Defination, if i want to delete an image – folloring Message is comeing:

“Warning: Illegal string offset ‘file’ in /homepages/31/d283157594/htdocs/derpcfuchs-de/wp-content/themes/modernize-v3-11/include/plugin/filosofo-image/filosofo-custom-image-sizes.php on line 297

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘sizes’ in /homepages/31/d283157594/htdocs/derpcfuchs-de/wp-content/themes/modernize-v3-11/include/plugin/filosofo-image/filosofo-custom-image-sizes.php on line 299

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /homepages/31/d283157594/htdocs/derpcfuchs-de/wp-content/themes/modernize-v3-11/include/plugin/filosofo-image/filosofo-custom-image-sizes.php:297) in /homepages/31/d283157594/htdocs/derpcfuchs-de/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 876

... everthing is allright – i did it ;) Thank for all!

Cheers! :) Not sure you can register to the forum yet?

If you got a problem with registration, please make sure that you follow this article >

Thanks so much!

My site is, my editor looks different and only available in html. Can you please help? I cannot write code. I installed TinyMCE Advanced but it’s not compatible to the theme I believe coz it’s not working. Thanks.

Picture attached

Thank you.

I did and followed the instruction but The visual option is still missing. For adding the code, please look at it here if it’s right.

Then I also check Media Library but nothing unusual as shown like your example.


Could you please provide wp-access and ftp-access through the form in my profile page (please state your issue again)?

We’ll try to investigate your issue.

By the way, Right now, All support will be conducted through our support forum

Thanks so much! :)

Hi, I am having problems with the admin on my site – I cannot switch between text and visual editor, cannot upload images within a post or page and the page options are not working at all. I have tried disabling all plugins, downloading the latest version of the theme and replacing all files, checked for any corrupt media and it’s still not working. I have also tried switching to a default template and the visual/text editor and image upload works fine with TwentyTwelve. Please can you help, thanks in advance

Hi, thanks for your reply – I had already checked out the link above… there are no corrupt/blank images in the media library. Is there anything else that could be causing it?

Could you please provide wp-access and ftp-access through the form in my profile page (please state your issue again)?

We’ll try to investigate your issue.

By the way, Right now, All support will be conducted through our support forum

Thanks so much! :)

Problem with filtered PORTFOLIO. Can you create 3 portfolio categories and several sub categories as show below? I have tried several things but still not working. Thx Brin



  1. Websites
  2. Logos
  3. Ads
  4. email campaigns
  5. Landing pages
  6. Blogs


  1. logos
  2. ads
  3. brochures
  4. posters


  1. project 1
  2. project 2
  3. project 3

Can you try to follow this video? >

BTW, note that filterable function only support 1 level of filter.

Cheers! :)

LOL, yes, I did follow the video…you answered my question with “BTW, note that filterable function only support 1 level of filter.” I looked all through your documentation for that, did I miss it somewhere? thx

hm, not sure what you meant :/ ?

I meant that the theme only support 1 level of filterable function. Like this > ( and just like in the video)

Thank you :)

Is there a way to select what links are in the Top Navigation bar – or is it just all pages that get added?


Sure, go to appearance > menu then you can manage item here >

Hope this help :)

Hi guys! with your help I built my first WP site ( It wasn’t hard at all. Thanks, and go on with good work!

Thank you so much! :D Appreciated this one ;)

Hi, pls how can I add five columns to the Home page instead of four?. Thanks.


Nope, it’s limited at 4 columns ;)


Is it possible to set the Social Share and About the Author off by default. Now every posts gets this, and i want it to set it manualy because not every post needs this info.

Hope that you have a fix for it.


Thanks but does the option still works when i put it on? i understand the display: none function…

Nope, it won’t show any more…

okay if you need to set as default value, go to ‘include/post-option.php’ on line about 50 and 57 switch the position of Yes and No.

This will only apply with new post that haven’t been created yet.

Hope this help :)

Yes, Thats what i need. Just changed my recent posts so thats ok. Maybe you cloud include this as an option in the next update? Would be awesome…

Hi there,

I am not sure how the personnel page works with your theme. If we add personnel to the customer post type how do we get the personnel to display on a page?

I am sure this is simply. Thank you for the help.


You can call by page item >

Anyway you need to assign category to personnel first ;)

Hope this help :)

Thank you for the quick response. That is great.

Great theme and really nice construction of the page elements dashboard! I have a small query I know you can help me with. When I change the background colour to dark of the top banner (i.e where the logo and social media links sit) then I can no longer see the social media buttons. I know there are light and dark versions of these social media buttons – how can I change so that light buttons appear on a dark background?


Can you try to go to folder ‘images/icon/dark/social’ copy all icons you use and replace it in the folder ‘images/icon/light/social’ ?

Hi, this is a very nice theme. But I have a question: Is it possible that the pictures in the latest portfolio sidebar have a square size?

Many greetings from germany


Can you provide page url that contain portfolio widget please? I’ll try to have a look at that.

Hi, I have solved my problem with the widget, but I have other problem with the port widget. I want to use it for announcements in the future. What should I do? The widget is always invisible at a future date.

2. How Can I disable the comment function in general?

Many thanks


1. I don’t know how to do this too because this depends on the core function of WP. I’m not sure if there’re any plugin allow to do this or not. Please try to seek.

2. yep, go to ‘single.php’ on line about 141, remove this code

                    echo '<div class="comment-wrapper">';
                    echo '</div>';

Hope this help :)


Is it possible to have two portfolios? Indeed, I have two activities and I would like to separate the two.

Thank you in advance for your return.


Sure you can do that. Just create 2 portfolio page. Each one can be separated by category ;)

Hope this help :)

I want to integrate the portfolio in a tab, how to do this?

Thank you in advance for your reply.


You need to use portfolio in tab or tab in portfolio post??

If portfolio in tab, sorry but the theme doesn’t support this.

if tab in portfolio post, you may try using this shortcode in portfolio post directly >

Hello, I’m interested in purchasing this theme but have a couple of questions:

Is it easy/possible to change the font of the headlines in the “layer slider”?

Also, can I just have a headline and omit the sub-head in the layer slider?

Thank you in advance.


You can do that but I think you need to have ability on code for changing font. It depends on which font you’re using. You may need to embed the font as font face directly and call it as css from layer slider editor.

About the sub header, yes, you can remove it easily.

Thanks for interest anyway :)

Very frustrated. Tried to become a member of the Goodlayers forum board. Tried creating an account, submitted my purchase code and was informed that my purchase code was not valid.

What’s the deal???

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thx in advance.

Please make sure that you followed this article >

If you already followed but still doesn’t work, please send your purchase license and your themeforest username(Username that purchased item!) to ‘’. We’ll do that for you.

Thank you! :)