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Could you please tell me how I can change the colour of the hyperlinks on this page:

I need to change them from the orange to match the maroon of the rest of the site.


Hi, you can change it here >

Hope this help :)

Thanks….one more question, how do I change the four mini headers under the slider? Such as ‘Experience & Quality’ I’d like to change this colour too. Thanks :)

Forget that, I got it :)



theme looks great but is it fit for multilangual purpose. (Like the Polylang plugin for example, do you have any experience with this?)

Thanks for quick response


you can use the theme with plugin like WPML or qTranslate, yep ;)

Cheers! :)

I really love this theme. I am trying to use the Revolution Slider with the theme. I am setting my slider preferences to full width (100%) but it only shows up in the theme at 960px in width.

Can you help?


Sorry but the theme layout is fixed with 96px :( I think it can’t be full.

Hi, beautiful theme. I have couple pre-sale questions.

1. Is it possible to put Recent News and About Post side-by-side like this?

2. Is there a page that shows Team and Roles?

Thank you


1 You meant first category on the left column and second category on the right column? It can’t have exactly like this layout, Can you check the theme ‘Megazine’ instead ;)


Thanks for interest anyway :)

no qeustion anymore :)

Thanks! ;)

hello, Q1)I do not know how to use “shortcode” like you did in the demo. do you have any detail intruduction on “shortcode” functions?

Q2) I want to put several pictures in a “new portfolio”. These pictures will display with a number”1” “2” “3” “4” in different time(only one picture will be displayed each time ).

thank you very much!


1. just put the code that you see on this page > in to the main wordpress editor in page or posts.

2. You may create a new gallery post and call it by shortcode >

thanks! I got some feeling on the shortcode… I will try it and see what will happen.

another question. I want the ” products sidebar “always display in my product page. like this:

when click on the categaries in the sidebar, it lead me to the specific product page.

how do i make this kind of product sidebar?

thank you!


after you create portfolio, you may create a new menu in ‘appearance > menu’. For menu item, you may create a link to portfolio page.

Then in sidebar manager (appearance> widget) assign the item ‘custom menu’ and select the menu that you just created.

Cheers! :)

thank you so much. I’ll try!

YEAH!!! I have did what you said and I got what I want. I really appreciate your help!!! Good luck with U!!!

another question. I want the ” products sidebar “always display in my product page. like this: when click on the categaries in the sidebar, it lead me to the specific product page. how do i make this kind of product sidebar? thank you!

Hi there, I’m currently using the anything slider as I need video setup. Is there any reason it adds #&panel1-2 on the end of the url? eg (in this case)

Please don’t ask me to post in the forum as I have already done this 3 days ago and not yet received a response.

Many thanks, Max

Really sorry about this, I just forward the thread to the dev directly. Should be reply your thread very soon! sorry again :(

you have a great theme. what would be great and will put your theme in the top forever and ever.


RTL support for this theme in the near FUTURE :)


Thank you so much for kind words and for feedback :)

Glad you love it!

How can i place an image linking to my gallery on the right side bar…


You can use gallery shortcode in text widget ;)

Cheers! :)

Help and Support required… I have been creating a Site based on Modernize theme i just completed 20 pages for my site and now the time had come to work on my Gallery page to showcase my project.

The trouble started from here I Brought a premium Gallery plugin in from the premium gallery creator is named ” ILightbox ”.

After installing i was facing troubles with my template, So i deactivated and uninstalled the plugin.

Now here are the problems facing by me now. 1. I had put images on all my 20 pages of blog and pages, now its not showing.But its seen in the media library. Now : its showing no images on all my pages .

2. In the Page creator or post creator its not showing the visual creator for accommodation, gallery..etc

So pls solve this issue asap… As its urgent.. I had previously given my admin id and pass to acess my site. Its still the same you can use it…

Okay, can you conclude this as bullet please and send information over the form in my profile page. Including your wp access. I’ll check it out.

Any update… Pls also guide me how to create a gallery

sorry did you check email? I already sent :/

Hi, I installed a plugin called ‘Business directory plugin for my site. It seems the plugin has got a conflict with your theme. It does not show the image I uploaded, even though the image is uploaded and sits in the media. I did a long testing and found that the function wp_get_attachment_thumb_url($image_id) does not return the url path. I am sure $image_id has got a value. Any ideas? Cheers.

Hm, can you please post this on the forum? I will let the dev to check this out. Please also page url that having problem.


Buenos dias,

he comprado el tema porque es “responsive”. Lo he instalado, pero en mi iPhone se ve como otra web cualquiera que no es responsive.

Tengo que hacer algo en especial? Gracias y un saludo desde España

Can you please post it as English?

Good morning,

I bought the theme because it is “responsive”. I have installed it, but in my iPhone it looks like any other website is not responsive.

I have to do something special? Thanks and greetings from Spain


You need to enable here first >

If you got any further questions, please head to our support forum :)


Please note that, Right now, all support will be conducted through our support forum

Please create your own account, make sure that username in forum must be the same as your Themeforest username, none blank space contained in registration fields.

Username must be the one that purchased this item

If you got a problem with registration, please make sure that you follow this article >

Thanks so much!

Hello, I just purchased the theme but can’t find how to setup my homepage as blog just like this:

I got it! Please ignore my previous message…

Hi, i need a help with sidebar. So how to do next. I need for different categories other sidebars? I have create already few side bars, but what next? Pls gave me a sample code. For example i want for category “News” have “News sidebar”.


did you check how to create sidebar in the doc we provided yet?

After download the package from themeforest. Extract it. Then you will see the folder ‘document’ Open the file ‘index.html’ with your browser.

But for sidebar in category page, you need to set it here > and here >

Hello, I need your help. When we post a Portfolio. there are some function in Portfolio option, such as SIDEBAR TEMPLATE, CLIENTS NAME, WEBSITE URL, SOCIAL NETWORK SHARING… Well , I want it will be an area here in Portfolio option that can let me put text, and the text will be show in portfolio page below the “DATE” after posted.

Please show me how can i do this.


Sorry but the theme doesn’t have an option for putting text in that area. In this case you need to hire a coder to implement it :( >

hello? I have anther request. when I Edit Portfolio, there is an function call “USE FEATURED IMAGE AS” (and I love it) in the Portfolio option. when i select “Lightbox to Current Thumbnail”, it will show an image when i click it in Portfolio page. but it is only to show an image without any text. I want it to display texts below the image when I click and enlager the Thumbnail. here an image to show you that what i mean.

Sorry about this too, but the theme doesn’t have this too :(

Hi I am trying to get the ‘LayerSlider WP’ working. There seems to be a problem with the animation delays. I imported the supplied slides but they dont work well either. In the preview window all is good but on the actual page the elements come from same direction and if graphical all at once.. thanks. Palu


Can you provide page url please?