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Anytime I make a change inside the modernize admin panel, it screws up the background. Can you look into the problem?

Human for user and password for password.

please checked your mail. I still couldn’t log to your site.

“The server says: Human Check – U: human P: password”

I am not sure what the problem is, the popup TELLS you the username and password.

Having a blog page issue.

The second page of this doesn’t work. Any help is appreciated.

can you try to deactivate all plugin and see that which one cause the problem? You may need to skip that plugin

Hope this help :)

Thanks, that helped.

Hi there, great theme so far. I am switching over from another one and re-adapting my website. For some reason the images I insert into posts/portfolios are not opening up as links to the image file when clicked on. The lightbox opens up blank. See here for example:

I’ve check documentation and not found a solution. Please help. Thanks!

Thanks! I deactivated almost everything including WP-prettyPhoto. However when I do this, clicking on the image opens it up without the lightbox effect. When I deactivate, it goes back to opening a lightbox with a blank screen. :(

The only plugins still active are qTranslate and wordpress’ JetPack active.

Also, sometimes my twitter feed works, and sometimes it doesn’t. It more often doesn’t than does… :’( The .php file is up to date.

Can you deactivate plugin that having problem? (WP-prettyPhoto)

then go to ‘javascript/jquery.prettyPhoto.js’ on line about 86

change this

//jQuery("a[href$='jpg'],a[href$='png'],a[href$='gif']").not("a[data-rel='prettyPhoto']").attr("data-rel", "prettyPhoto");

to this

jQuery("a[href$='jpg'],a[href$='png'],a[href$='gif']").not("a[data-rel='prettyPhoto']").attr("data-rel", "prettyPhoto");

Just un comment this code.

Hope this help :)


I really like the theme, good work. I have two questions;

1) How can I remove author, date and the “Comments are off” fields from all posts? What I found online somehow didn’t work for this theme.

2) Where can I localize the contact form? I need to translate it to German.

Thank you!

Actually the place where I want to remove that information is from the “Blog” block from Page builder. It’s gone now in the post itself, but stays visible on the “Blog” Page Item. Thanks!

oh okay for blog item, add this css

 .blog-thumbnail-info {
display: none;

Hope this help :)

Thank you!!!! That works!

Hi, how can i make my website to be viewed as a regular website and not a mobile site?


You can turn responsive off here >

Hope this help :)

Well this theme is off to a flying start: - Transparent gifs show as black - PNGs size show as 0×0. - Then when I tried to delete that PNG, this happened: Warning: Illegal string offset ‘file’ in /homepages/20/d214037879/htdocs/brightoncctv-uk/wp-content/themes/modernize-v3-11/include/plugin/filosofo-image/filosofo-custom-image-sizes.php on line 297

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘sizes’ in /homepages/20/d214037879/htdocs/brightoncctv-uk/wp-content/themes/modernize-v3-11/include/plugin/filosofo-image/filosofo-custom-image-sizes.php on line 299

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /homepages/20/d214037879/htdocs/brightoncctv-uk/wp-content/themes/modernize-v3-11/include/plugin/filosofo-image/filosofo-custom-image-sizes.php:297) in /homepages/20/d214037879/htdocs/brightoncctv-uk/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 876

please replace the file > modernize-v3-11/include/plugin/filosofo-image/filosofo-custom-image-sizes.php

with this one instead >

And please note that gif file can’t be used here(when resizer apply on some are such as thumbnail) you may need to use PNG instead. And please don’t use transparent in thumbnail image(port thumbnail, blog thumbnail)


The logo instructions forgot to mention a few key things: - The ideal size of a logo, the max width/height. - The formats that work best (jpg) - To leave the Link URL there (even though intuitively I don’t want the logo to link to the image, it’s required to make it even show up in this theme) - Alignment doesn’t work, like to center it - To click Insert into Post - To use Full Size etc etc etc

The instructions would be better with those things. And save you a lot of hassle from extra customer support related to it.

The logo require to be image only. There is no recommend size because you can choose which size you wanna go. BTW the demo is using. 208×50px

Any way to turn off the search bar? It appears there’s no theme option. Prob has to be commented out in the code, right?

The contact form sent it to two emails, the same one twice, and cut off the last letter in my last name. I tested it twice, got the same problems. Looks like I’ll have to use Contact Form 7, at least until this is fixed.

You have to use contact form 7 for this case, the form with the theme can’t be customizable

How do you add a description and meta keywords, important SEO items? I can’t find it in the theme.

You need to use plugin ie ‘Yoast SEO’

Hello, I’m using the Museo Sans defaut font. I’ve got a problem with accent that are missing. For example in French if my text is : “L’éléphant” it’s written “Léléphant”, so the ’ is missing. It happens almost everywhere (it’s correct on block displays in the footer, but for the rest, portfolio h1 titles… it’s problematic). Can you help me please ?

Thanks !

It’s strange because it’s partially working as I explained in first message : check where “construction d’un appartement” i well written in the widget in the footer but not in the Title of the portfolio

Please try to replace the file ‘javascripts/cufon/Museo_Sans_500.font.js’ with this one? >

Hope this help :)

Yes it helps ! Thx !!!

Forgive me if this looks like a dumb question. I bought this theme and when checked my admin page, I couldn’t see woocommerce settings. Then when I opened the zip file, I found that there are no plugin files for woocommerce that came with the theme except for a css file and images. So does that mean I need to download the plugin from woocommerce separately and enable it form my plugin page? Do let me know.


Yes, you have to download woo commerce plugin from them first. We’re not allowed to included it in the package . >

Hope this help :)

Hi Can I increase height of the flex slider inside of blog-item? thanks for availability!


you meant slider thumbnail of blog item? it’s using the same size as image thumbnail,, so you may need to change image thumbnail size so slider will change… it’s in ‘include/plugin/blog-item.php’ on line about 19-32.

Hope this help :)

I mean slider of blog item! I see that load image-630×200.jpg and the image that i load on file media when resizer at this size… There is a resizer file that cut the image? can i modify this? Thanks :)

Solved!!! Just changed size in single.php file!! Thanks for your help!!

Hey there, first of all thanks for this great theme. Have been working with this one for over 1 year now and it’s still the best around.

I have one slight problem with the contactform widget, i seem to get a lot of spam trough it lately and i wonder if there is a way to add a captcha to it. Don’t really know how to do that but maybe a good future update??

Thanks ;)


Well, in this case I suggest you to use the plugin. ‘contact form 7’ instead.

It’s better to solve this ;)

Hope this help :)

I can’t get the “feature image” to work. It doesn’t open that screen where the option “use as feature image” is shown. The media window that opens is looking different (its that multi-upload window). When I just select an image and chose “set as feature image”, the image is visible as the featured image, but it just doesn’t show once published. What to do?


really weird… can you provide page url that having this problem?

oh sorry but featured image won’t apply with page. For page, you have to put image directly in content area.

Hope this help :)

Hi, thanks for all your help! I have qtranslate functioning almost everywhere on the site, but the codes I’m using to translate the PORTFOLIO CATEGORIES isn’t working. Is there something else I should be using?

I’ve tried :en and :es between brackets [] (withouth spaces) and <-:-> <-:->

Hopefully my last question. On the blog page option is there any way for me to remove where it shows 0 comments?


Try to add this code at the end of style.css or in custom css box in admin panel(

.blog-thumbnail-comment {
display: none;

Hope this help :)

I have a pre sales question. Is it possible to have a slider on top of a portfolio page or a blog post? I see only examples with pages with one image on top, or just a slide in a thumbnail.

thanks for your time


Yes you can have top slider on every page ( but not post )

for portfolio post or blog post, you need to set the thumbnail style to slider instead.. like this >

Been trying to enter the purchase code but it keeps saying “Your purchase code doesn’t appear to be valid. Please make sure that you entered your purchase code correctly.”. How do we resolve this?


Please make sure that you followed this article >

If you already followed but still doesn’t work, please send your purchase license and your themeforest username(Username that purchased item!) to ‘’. We’ll do that for you.

Thank you! :)

How can I remove the “social share” and social icons row from posts? Thanks for your help!


for removing social share. Try to add this code at the end of style.css or in custom css box in admin panel( >