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for Bugs

Seems to be outdated. Logo not working and perhaps some other issues since many updates WP and WooCommerce have taken place.


Author response

Just provided the fixed in the item comment. If you it's fixed, could you please consider to re-rate the theme? The issue is really small which can be easily fixed. One star makes us really sad :/

for Customer Support

The customer support on Goodlayers themes is wonderful. They get back to you with solutions quickly. Love their Modernize theme and use it on 5 websites for a university. They've done an excellent job on coding, documentation, flexibility and design!

for Feature Availability

This theme has long helped me with a client, it's a shame it has been stopped for its update. It's a great theme, a great solution.

for Customizability

I was not able to customize as much as i needed, so i changed to another theme right now.

for Flexibility

It's a pretty good theme, but it's a little slow, as it loads assets that are not required by the page you actually build.

It's also fairly inflexible in the layout of many elements. A Modernize page will look like a Modernize page, even if you change colours around.

Shortcodes don't work within certain design elements. You can't put a divider within a message box for example.

Overall though, the theme is easy to work with, but the age of it and lack of updates starts to show.