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Congratulations Great work. I like your Light Skin :)

Thank you! :)

is that possible for me to stop slideshow background?

Hi, if You are add only 1 image in slideshow so automatically stop slideshow. Thanks.

I’m looking around some opencart themes these day. Fortunately, I found this theme I like the most. So, I think I will buy this theme after some inspection. The thing I’m worrying about this theme is this theme looks heavy than i expected. i.e. feeling lagging behind when I’m scrolling. T^T

Hi, Thanks for interested Moderns theme. if any query so please send me email & let me know. Thanks.

very nice work. it like work.

it supports multi language? Arabic, Persian, Russian?

Hi, Multi language supports in Moderns but Not compatible RTL language Now. Thanks

Hi, The problem arises because the language is Arabic manually add it to the theme?

Hi, We have updated them in latest OpenCart version. and also, support the RTL language. please check it now. Feel free get back if you have more questions. Thanks.

Hey, does your template support mobile website?

Hi, this theme is responsive so it is support in mobile device. You can see demo in mobile device: http://demo.harnishdesign.net/opencart/moderns/black/ if any other query so please send me email. Thanks


Good job! but I have a problem. When I try insert a custom menu, It not show, can you help me?


Thank you! I sended you a email.


Thank for support!!!! great theme! Good job!

Hi, I have replied your email & solved your query. Thanks

Hi, I’ve added a custom link to the page, why not look at the top the homepage?

http://baydolu.com/cust.png http://baydolu.com/page.jpg

Hi, I think, You are not add any categories in top menu bar. So Top menu bar disable. so add categories in top menu bar. follow below steps.

Go to admin : Catalog > Categories > click on Edit Category > Data Tab > & then On Check box for Top: Display in the top menu bar.

if you any other query so please send me email. Thanks.

hi , nice work ^^

i would like to have this theme But ! im going to use RTL ( Arabic ) can you support the theme with RTL ?

Hi, Thanks for interested our theme. but not compatible RTL language. Thanks.

Hi, We have updated them in latest OpenCart version. and also, support the RTL language. please check it now. Feel free get back if you have more questions. Thanks.

Awesome theme. I might require some customization. Are you available for that?

Hi, Sorry, I am not available for customization work. Thanks.

This theme is absolutely extraordinary. I love every aspect of it’s design. Fantastic work—5 stars.

Thank you :)

Will this work on

Hi, It is not compatible. Only Compatible with OpenCart Version / 1.5.6 Thanks.


I have purchased this theme, really love it. How do i make the black a little darker so you cant see as much as the background?


Hi, please send me email. so I will fix one black bg image & send you. Thanks.

Hi, I have sent an email. Regards

Hi HN,

I have some issue with my site before applying Moderns themes.
1. Site http://www.chonang.vn which image is "200x220" on Latest, Featured, does it fix for Moderns template?
2. On the demo, I don't see you enable SEO friendly URL. Does it support SEO?
3. I'll modify the language to Vietnamese. Just want to make sure that the browser will display correctly after I change the themes.
4. There's 6 vqMod running on my site for Rich Snippet, Stock Available, Remove add to wishlist, add color for Latest Available Stock. Hope that it's not affect.
Waiting for your reply and ready to be your client :)

Cheers, Huy

One last thing, there’s no Shop Information in themes. Could I add in somewhere for better look? (Address, Phone, Yahoo, Skype)

Hi, I have sending you email. Thanks.

Great design, beautiful style and support is excellent, can’t fault at all, thank you :)

Thank You.

Hi, nice work! has the same files online demo (full install pack)?

Hi, I have Only provide OpenCart theme source file. Not provide for demo content & images. but How to install? & How to setup modules? it description include in documentation. if any other query so please send me email. Thanks.

hi, we find template for ours eshop. your template is nice we have only some question:

1) when have website for example two languages shows change languages on top panel too? same as currency? 2) exist optioh for top panel and main body without transparent? 3) when we add in future some adds banner in opencart is this template ready for this 4) and last question but mainy, exist option how create when user add product into cart thht shows ajax popup window? or not and this template want only message on top side?

Now when i look on all pages in demo i found one thing. when you click on top menu on “My account” and after on “My account” load page with bad gab on top, is it only small bug on demo website?

Hi, 1) Yes, if you are use two languages so language option display same as currency. 2) Here, I am not clearly understand. I think, are you talking for black (in dark skin) & white(in light skin) transparent background? 3) Yes, support for default OpenCart banner module in Moderns theme. So you can add banner. 4) Sorry, it is default OpenCart functionality. so I can not help for this topics. 5) I will solved as soon as possible for search issue in ipad. 6) Sorry, many changes after it is possible here. 7) I have check after on “My account” load page. but Not create any issue for me. can you send me it issue screenshot. so I can proper judge. what is issue?

if any other question so please send me email. Thanks.

thanks for reply, okay now i you send mail.