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Awesome item, Good luck with sales :)

Awesome and great. Congrats and GLWS :P

Awesome theme, Good luck with sales :)

i love this Theem so much but dont know if possible to add multilanguage?

yes, Modest comes with multi-language. Go ahead for purchase.

its responsive already

Hi, After I setup the template with Quickstart, I can’t open the Online Catalog

for installing the modest quickstart you don’t need to import any sql patch file

just click on Yes radio button while installing the Modest Quickstart Store demo step

ignore the zen_modest.sql file for now

Hi, after I click the portfolio, all the products will display 12 times, how to fix it to 1 time?

please submit ticket with your store url,ftp details and adminside user name and password so i can solve your issue

I have a question of the my bags template. How to configure the 3 products left of MY DAY WORK & HISTORY on the home page??

To configure the 3 products left of MY DAY WORK & HISTORY on the home page just follow below step

Go to Admin side

Catalog->Specials->Just insert specials product to display at home page

After I import data with easypopulate, The products page title is blank. How to fix it?

Please submit support ticket with your store url,ftp details so i can solve your issue

Hi, I meet 2 questions, first is I set the metatags_title_status as 1, and there are keywords in meta_tags_products_description, but there are blank of product page. Second, how to change the main image size of product page?? Thank you.

For changing the Product image height and width on product info page you just follow below step

includes->templates->modest_temp->templates->tpl_product_info_display.php file

in this file find

you just change this div section width and height by changing the col-sm,col-md classes

Thank you very much, can you please fix the first problem?? I set the metatags_title_status as 1, and there are keywords in meta_tags_products_description, but the tile is blank of product page.

please send me your store url and screen shoot where you have problem with meta tags

in our live demo there is no problem with meta tags

Hi, When I tried to login backend, the Admin page became to blank… And the logs files show the error below:

PHP Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at //includes/functions/extra_functions/testimonials_manager_functions.php:45) in //includes/functions/sessions.php on line 115

Please Hlep!! Many thanks!!

Please submit support ticket with store url,ftp details, admin side url,username,password so i can solve your issue

Dear Sir, the issue caused by a blank space or extra line at the beginning or end of several .php files. I have fixed it now.

Another issue is Home riff products show 12 times, and this issue caused by multi languages. It fixed when I only remain English language and removed others.

By the way, there are a few other bugs. I think You should make an updates for this beautiful theme…

Best Regards!

Home riff products only display when you select English Language, in other Languages Home riff products will not display.

For display home riff products in other language please insert that products in particular language and than select language.

myhip do you have a listing of those php files with the extra space? I’m having the identical problem.

ticket id?

Your ticket system doesn’t have a ID number. It was the one titled: Modest Theme installer making admin page blank posted to your support 24 days ago.

the ticket id you have is 999 and we have asked for FTP and admin details on your email john@3….com

Dear Sir, do you plan to make an update for this beautiful theme? How to add a dropdown menu for categories at the header?

In modest template we don’t show categories as dropdown option.

if want to do this just follow below step.

go to : includes > templates > modest_temp > common > tpl_header.php

from here you can edit the menu code around line number

Line no. : 149, you see a label like “MENU_SHOP”,

Hi, this looks like a great theme! Before I purchase I would just like to know if it is possible to integrate a blog ?

Cheers, Bob

Zen cart not provide any Blog module. But it is possible to Integrate the Blog with help of wordpress in zen cart.

i was looking around and found wp4zen which displays blog posts in sideboxes, would this be suitable?

you can give a try..

Hi, I’m having trouble getting this installed. Uploading the entire contents of the Quickstart dir results in a blank zc_install page, adding the template to an existing cart results in a blank admin page.

Ok, I’ve given up trying to use the Quickstart folder, I get nothing but errors from the ZC installer contained within it. To install the Template into an existing installation your documentation says: II.Steps for Modest – template installation for Existing Zencart User:

Step : 1
Unzip the Modest_Package.zip file and find the Theme folder
Step : 2
Note:The Next step will be over ride the all files from Modest Template folder to your site root folder path. Please Take the backup first. Replace the "YOUR_ADMIN_FOLDER_NAME" as shown below with your admin folder.

I’m assuming that all files in the Theme folder are uploaded to /includes/templates and that all files in the YOUR_ADMIN_FOLDER_NAME are uploaded to overwrite files in the current admin dir. Once both of these uploads are done I then run the SQL patch.

Is this correct?

Use quickstart if you are new user or doing installation from scratch

To upgrade or for existing site, use Theme Folder.

Please, first take full backup of your folder,

—> yes you are doing well,

after copied all file in proper directory folder structure, than
install patch (Execute patch ) one by one,
may be there is an error of data duplication or ID duplication issue occurs.

Is there more than one patch? Also in my admin the menu is not displaying properly, it looks like the stylesheet is not being applied although it is loading correctly

Is this template compatible with Zen Cart version 1.5.5a?

will soon release compatibility with v.1.5.5a

if i add more than 1 language to zencart, is it with language switcher on frontpage?

We already provided this functionality on front page.

Will this work with the COWOA module? For guest checkout, since I’m assuming the core files are modified extensively to make it responsive

But when you replace all file there is possibility to lost all default code from it.

Hallo isi this work with 1.5.5 version ?

Yes it works.Thank you