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Great Design , Good luck with Sales Bro :)

Thanks for the Appreciation.

Wowwwww great theme 1700px wide, BUT.. please fix first page @ 1920×1080 :) i’ll consider buying it, do you offer further paid customization?

Thank you, Paul

Paul, we will check it for 1920×1080. We do offer paid customization.

It looks great, But I have some question. Is it compatible with magento extension? example facebook comments, facebook share, last twitters?

It is a Beautifull Theme. I am thinking buy it :D

Both the Plugins that you named are compatible with the Magento version 1.7, so there should not be any problem with the Mogent compatibility. Regarding the loading time of Mogent, we also noticed the issue and will soon fix that. We norally test this against PageSpeed Service from Google Developers.

Loading speed issue has been addressed. The grade has been improved from 41% to more then 62%. Soon we are updating package.

Latest package is live

Excellent theme! The website loading, like skaford pointed out, is slow and would certainly consider purchasing if this is addressed.

Loading speed issue has been addressed. The grade has been improved from 41% to more then 62%. Soon we are updating package.

Latest package is live

in which languages ??is the website translatable German is included?

Template by default isn’t written with any language support, but Almost all of notifications and other things are covered by Magento language pack.

when will be selling the new version?

Latest package is live

would be nice if you could customize how the Shopper – Magento Theme, Responsive & Retina Ready. Include social networks.

Mogent theme is already responsive and compatible with social networks.

is working on a new version?

yes it is compatible with latest magento production version

When accessing the theme config we get an error: Invalid config field backend model: adminhtml/system_config_backend_image_mogentlogo

please explain how to fix that.

Thank you for purchasing our template. Please visit our profile page and send us your ftp details so we can work out for you.

I like this theme and want to purchase it. but it seems it has some web browser compatibility issue especially with the IE. (7,8 and 9). Is this live version the latest version? Is there another latest demo site I can check? Thanks

Max 48 hours

Changes are done and uploaded. Once TF staff approves it, you can download.

Mogent changes are live

When i install the plugin cloudzoom from starplugins (compatible with ipad) it all works on my default theme untill i switch to the mogent theme. Now the plugin doesn’t work anymore. I think it has a conflict with the pre installed cloudzoom from eCommerce. Fancybox and vertnav quits working too?? Can you please help me with this one??

You have to just follow the next steps for it..

You have to set up your plugin folder as below path.

1) app / design / frontend / default / YOUR_CURRENT_TEMPLATE_NAME (ex: mogent)

2) skin / frontend / default / YOUR_CURRENT_TEMPLATE_NAME (ex: mogent)

For safer back up your all files then after just copy and paste your plugin folder in to your root directory and check it what happen.


I did that before I made this post. Every file what went in the default theme I copied to my own template. Still nothing happens. When I now switch back to my default theme it also doesn’t work anymore, strange because on the default theme it worked.

Please visit our profile page and send site admin and FTP details

Hello! Excellent theme, congratulations!

In “Item Details” teaches you how to make changes to the template. However, this path does not exist in Magento Admin Panel >> System >> Configuration >> Mogent Customization. There is no link to “Mogent Customization”.

Another question: Where do I translate the text on the button “Shop Now! View More” in Slideshow? I need to change this text and I have not found it.

Thank you very much!

Thanks for the Appreciation. Please visit our profile page and send us your ftp and admin details as soon as possible so we can work out for you.

Sorry for the delay.

I sent the data as requested.

Thank you!


I would appreciate your help in some changes. Regarding the previous question, I managed to solve without having to download and install the template again, thank you.

I sent my questions on your profile. I await answers as possible and thank you for everything.

Hi folks,

Thanks for the support and this is a great theme. :-)

Big hug

Hi Guys,

I did buy this theme and i must say its beautifull!! Had a few minor problems but “DasInfoMedia” Fixed this really quick for me. All works fine now!

Greets H.J Maat


I’m not having success with this theme and Support (“dasinfomedia”) do not answer me and ignores my emails.

If you can not help me, I would at least answer my message. (No problem if not solve, but please answer.)

You already have my details.

Now, I wonder how to display “related products”, because I selected the product, but does not display on product details page. Can you help me?


Ok, thank you.

I’ll be waiting…

You said have excluded related product module from template.

And how can I add related product module again?

Just tell me the code and the file path to change I do it myself. I am in great need of this module.

Thank you.

Emailed you the files you have to change.

Hey, how do I remove the typograhpy menu tab? and I cant change the logo as well


- For removing typography menu

- Remove code from line no 60
File is : app\design\frontend\default\mogent\template\page\html\topmenu.phtml
Code is :  
  • >getCurrentUrl() == $this>getUrl('').'typography') echo('active ') ?>"> <?php echo $this->__('Typography');?>
  • - Changing logo

    - You can change logo from admin, menu system/mogent settings/logo.


    hi, i dont see mogent settings under system/ configuration. please help thank you.


    - Mogent Setting
    - Go to System from Top menu
        - Click on Configuration from top menu 
              - Left side menu list Mogent-customization , Click on Mogent Settings

    if any issue please provide us site admin access and screenshot of issue.


    I am having an issue where during checkout as guest or register and continues on to the billing information form, it bounces back to the cart?

    Update: Tested creating a user account, if i use the login link, register, and create an account, then login and go through the checkout process it works fine – it’s almost like when you are not logged in the steps on the onepage checkout are looking for the user’s session variables, if they don’t exist go back to the shopping cart. Hope this helps out some more. Again any help would be much appreciated.

    Anyone out there?

    Hi Sorry for the trouble. We Did received your message and our team was scheduled to work on it today. Glad that you sorted out and once again sorry for the delay in response.

    Beautiful theme. Support has been wonderful! Thanks,

    Wonderful customer. Thanks

    The description states its HTML5 template there is no HTML5 in the coding – a little disappointing

    Which particular feature you think we have missed html5 tag?

    There are no HTML5 references in the code – there is no Header, Footer, Nav, ASide, Section. Its not a HTML5 document

    Got your point. Some of this tags give error in validation infact. So unless and otherwise you need those tags like Video and Audio tags where you have advantage of using it, we have choose not to use header and footer tag. It simply means we are just making our best choices with validation requirement.