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Is this item no longer for sale? The demo site isn’t working but I love the screenshots…

Thanks for showing interest in our theme. Sometimes Due to Hosting maintenance this happens. We are soon moving ourself to better infrastructure company.


Love the theme.

Is it possible to place a static block / Module in-between the free shopping and the content area?

I would like to display icons/tiles linking to product categories in this section.

Yes you can place custom block there.

I would like to ask how do I change the homepage slideshow?

I need to put images / captions and am wanting to use the following module: http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/etatvasoft-dynamic-image-slider-3773.html

How do I replace the slideshow template? I want to use the slideshow link above instead.

Can you tell me what I should change (files, blocks, etc.)?

Thank you.


- rename file Lof to Lof1 in app/code/community/
- rename filelof_slideshow to lof_slideshow1 in app/design/adminhtml/default/default/template/
- remove line of code line no 59( <!- mj-slideshow ->) to line no 119( <!- mj-featured1 Ends here->) in app/design/frontend/default/mogent/template/page/1-column.phtml


- open admin, system/magento connect / magento connect manager/ - copy http://connect20.magentocommerce.com/community/Etatvasoft_Dynamic_Image_Slider paste in to ‘Install New Extensions’ 2 option and install.

- admin, CMS/pages/Home – click on right side menu content and paste {{block type=”slider/slider” name=”slider” template=”slider/slider.phtml” }} in to area.


Hi I’ve bought the theme pack and installed it on my site. But it seems like I am not able to checkout where the checkout process gets stuck on payment mode selection tab. I select paypal or check/money order, nothing happens, I cannot move to order review, can you please help and advice? Thanks in advance!! My sites URL http://shelving.com.sg/stage/

Please visit profile page and Email us FTP and admin details.

I getting this error:

SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘admin_magento14.lof_slideshow_banner’ doesn’t exist

Have any idea?

Visit profile page and please send your site admin detail and database detail.

Hi, can you please help, the checkout is redirecting me back to the cart. When I click on Continue to the next stage of checkout.

Any Idea Why?

Thank You

Please visit profile page and email us FTP and admin details.


I would like your help..

How to change the store search? I would not have to hover your mouse to display the search field. I want to display the search field instead of the icon with loupe, ie I want to display the search form directly (without the hover event).

I do not know if I could explain properly. Do you understand? If so, how do I do it?

Thank you!

Please visit profile page and email us so that we can email you some files that you can change

Ok, thank you. Already got in touch through your profile page.

I install on localhost by Quick_start Installation and Mogent Sample Data but erro: Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to


Please follow installation steps properly from mogent installation (Quick_start Installation).

We can only provide support if you are doing installation on live/dev server.

Hi, can you please help, the checkout is redirecting me back to the cart. When I click on Continue to the next stage of checkout.and your header logo is not cleared. and the lower part of the beta map free shipping address can not be changed. Help me, please Any Idea Why?

Thank You

Any Idea Why?

Thank You

Visit profile page and Email us FTP and admin details.

hello, i need help please. I cannot remove the Mogent logo or change couple of banners or the footer contents. i’ve tried it with the ftp, magento settings. and at checkout screen, either by guest or registered member it keeps rederecting me to the screen choose checkout by guest or register screen. I had to extend my online store opening for these reasons please help. Thank you.

Visit profile page and Email us FTP and admin details.

can you tell me where to go and how to change the information of my web page? or do i have to email you my user mane and password everytime i have sele,event,etc…..... please.thankyou thank you

please email me username and pass


Sorry to bother you again, but I wonder …

How do I remove the block “New Products” and put an image instead? I want to replace “New Products” by a JPG image, where should I change?

Thank you!


- For displaying image instead new products Please change this below file code.
- remove file code and add only image like

remove file code and add only image like

Hello! Excellent theme, congratulations!

In “Item Details” teaches you how to make changes to the template. However, this path does not exist in Magento Admin Panel >> System >> Configuration >> Mogent Customization. There is no link to “Mogent Customization”.

Another question: Where do I translate the text on the button “Shop Now! View More” in Slideshow? I need to change this text and I have not found it.

Thank you very much!

the Mogent Settings no see into magento

Visit profile page and send us FTP and admin details.

HI! I insalled theme and its work not correctly. I can change logo from admin panel. Look on my site homegadgets.ru Thanks!

Please visit profile page and send us FTP and admin details.

Recently after installing my ssl certificate my site had some down time. After restoring from backup files from host the ssl certificate can’t be seen verified at the address bar. Long story short, called host, called ssl provider, told me to open site https://www.meccadeco.com and press ctrl+shift+j saw error message that i’m missing two of something. Again from host to ssl telling me to contact the developer to change http:// to https:// on html page and if I knew what that is the site wouldn’t have had down time and all this mess would’ve been avoided, please help. Thank you.

P.S. when i click on contact us at the footer it directs me to an default error page.

We have checked your site but not get error so can you give screen shot for your issue.

- Visit profile page and email us site ftp, admin and database details, We will check your site.

you emailed me to check for the fixes i requested but nothing has been fixed. would it be too much if i asked for a guide of “how to” or “trouble shooting”?


- You can change mogent template code for secure url.

- You can add secure code url for example: Mage::getUrl(’’,array(‘_secure’=>true)) Thanks.

Sorry as I can change the part of the facebook

as I can modify the connector you have installed facebook tamplate to place my application

can you please communicate from the user account you have purchased mogent.

- You want to change facebook part to edit code in ’\app\design\frontend\default\mogent\template\page\html\footer.phtml’ file in mogent template.

- You want to add facebook link to go magento admin and set facebook link in moget settings.

Hi, we are having issues with the theme not allowing to go beyond the cart, once I’ve added a product to the cart and move to checkout, the system asks me to either checkout as a guest or register. When I select either of the option and click continue, it takes me back the the cart, and this circle continues.

Just wondering if you’ve heard of this bug and/or if there is a fix that you can help or suggest us with.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Please visit profile page and email us FTP and admin details.

thank you for getting back with me on this. I’ve send sent you the email!

I sent an email to you via the profile page. If you can help me, I appreciate it. Thank you.


Your theme is really fantastic!

We have find one minor error, can help me to solve this?

We are using multiples stores, and have an error in a variables in head.phtml, we are getting this:

<style type=”text/css”>SELECT * FROM core_config_data WHERE path=’mogent/themecolor/selectcolor’</style>

And the changes in the configuration menu ( like colour ) is not running. Can check pls?


Please visit profile page and send us FTP and admin details.

Does this theme have an supports for Magento

yes it does support Magento



I noticed that the menu of my store is changed.

How do I change the link on the top menu? I would just like to change the order. See the screen image at the following address to better understand: http://s18.postimg.org/o4um7jje1/screen_site_menu.png

The store address is: http://www.ioredes.com/

Thank you very much!

That content of top menu comes from the following file:

- App > design > frontend > default > mogento > template > page > template > links.phtml

You can make changes there. Or if you dont get it then send me your admin panel and FTP detail i will fix it for you.

Ok, I have already sent the details through your profile page.

Unfortunately I did not understand how the links are generated, so if you can change the order for me, I appreciate it. :) Please be careful, because the site is online.

Thank you very much!