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Great Stuff…I really like this one…

Thanks VWMMaestro!


Nice work!

One point: the large slider thumbnails appear to be ‘squashed’ in latest Firefox. I don’t see any difference between Default Slider & Default slide v2…

Glad you like the work. The thumbnails aren’t squashed hah. They are just a different size from the home-page on purpose ;-)

We make sure to check the site in all of the latest browsers before releasing including IE7 , IE8, IE9 , Chrome, Firefox, Safari, & even Opera. Thanks for the tip though, I double-checked in FF5 to make sure we didn’t miss anything.


great work!

Much appreciated!


this theme is gorgeous!!! been looking for a theme for months! This might just be the one :)

any plans on a WP version? or should I go ahead and convert it myself?


Glad your interested. I suggest purchasing it and converting it yourself. I plan on converting it to WP but not for some time (Still have to convert 2-3 other site templates).


Can’t seem to unzip the download file. I don’t usually have an issue unzipping anything on my Mac. Do you know what the issue may be?

Nope, haven’t had issues reported with unzipping. I’d suggest using some other software like UnRarX, Winzip or others available. (I just double-checked it on my mac and confirmed it works)

Try downloading the file again and/or using another piece of software. Send me an e-mail if you are still having trouble and I’ll help you out.


Okay, re-downloaded it and it unzips fine. First file must have gotten corrupted. Weird. Thanks for the help!

Awesome, I’m glad it was an easy fix! Let me know if you have any other questions.


I am working on this template for a client. Their new logo has a taller height dimension to the default one. With the new logo, instead of pushing the slider container down, it actually causes the slider container image area to be cropped with less of the slider image shown.

I have tried to find the CSS style to fix this, but no avail.

Can you help me in the right direction?


The proper area to edit is in the style.css file in the section “Logo Size and File Location”.

There is also a section in the documentation near the top titled “Changing the logo size” which gives directions on how to change the logo height. You can essentially have a logo of as tall as you want. The top bar will move with the height of logo automatically.

If you are still having trouble, send me an e-mail with a link to your site and I’ll check it out.


Momento is a gorgeous and extremely useful template, Mike! Congrats!

I have a very nice Wordpress template that freaked out and went into shock (I think the size of the photos may have been the problem) when I tried to do the following . . .

I’m looking for a template that I can upload about 150 photos that are 2448 × 1624 in size. I’d prefer to be able to upload them all at one time… I would then like for the template to auto create thumbnails. I understand that that would be quite a few pages of thumbnails.

When any one of the thumbnails is clicked, I would like for that photo to be displayed in a “viewable size,” but the originally sized and uploaded photo could somehow still be downloaded by friends in the 2448 × 1624 size.

Am I dreaming or will Momento do this for me? Recommendations or suggestions appreciated, Mike! Thanks in advance.

Glad you are interested in Momento. First off, this is a site template, not a WordPress Theme. So you would be resizing and uploading the images yourself and not through WordPress. You could edit the site template to display wider photo’s but there wouldn’t be an option for a “viewable size” as you describe.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Is there a simple way to be able to setup the blog so that my client can use it without having to teach them about code? Like connect it to a blogging network that will format there posts to their site?

The easiest way would be to convert the files to a content management system. I have used Tumblr in the past. It’s very easy to use and they have great documentation. You can also choose any light cms and do the same thing.

All you would need to do is include all of the styles and the header/footer/sidebar. Than work in the API from whichever CMS you choose to use.

Hi all

I’ve just downloaded this theme as it look lovely, in the flesh.

However when I open the files in Dreamweaver (Windows Vista) I get the following error

Mac OS X 2Š ¼ATTR XŠ¼˜$ ˜$ com.macromates.caret{ column = 29; line = 128; }

Can anyone help?

Is this theme only for use on a MAC ?

Regards Dave

Try re-downloading the files and/or unzipping them with another program. I’ve never encountered and error like this or had one reported. Yes, it works on any OS and with Dreamweaver.

If you can open them in your browser, then the files work. There isn’t any special code, it’s just static HTML and CSS .

Got it sorted out, just a matter of unzipping the files again.


Cheers Mike

You guys are fab, in depth email response within a hour or so..



Thanks Dave, feel free to e-mail me if you have any other questions in the future.


I will Mike, thanks

Just to let you all know Mike is the most patient designer I know. Template wasn’t as easy as I thought to edit, but Mike has kindly answered question after question to try and help me resolve my problem.

Top class Gent!

Regards Dave

The template is very easy to edit, hence the 5/5 stars :-). The only reason you had any troubles is because you completely ignored the documentation. I even recorded videos to make this process even easier for buyers.

Sorry you had trouble, I will be working on a WordPress version in the next few months for those that aren’t as capable with editing HTML /CSS.

Soooo…. I’ve downloaded the template and unzipped the file…. and now I’m stumpted. Total newbie here… maybe I’m in over my head. How do I actually get this thing on my site and up and running? thanks

You will need an HTML editor like Dreamweaver, Text Wrangler, or any other programs depending on your operating system. You can then edit the HTML /CSS files, reading the documentation for more difficult customizations. Here are some good forum threads to help you get started:
Where do i start?
HTML Tutorials for beginners.

You can also hire a developer to help you out if you want. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any other questions.


I’m using the index-simple file (image slider rather than whole page width image)

However, when I resize my images to fit the slider (950×375) all 3 images look rather squashed

is there anyway I could resize the actual slider to 800×375 as this would give it a much better fit?

Regards Dave

Yes, there is documentation for the slider of course. Here is further documentation to help you out:

You can easily resize the slider to whatever you want. The css for this is located in “css/orbit-1.2.3.css”.


Hi Mike

Having watched the videos, and read the link, I still can’t find which line/s to change. Can anyone please advise

Dave, please send me an e-mail.

Thanks, Michael

Is there a way to add a video player contained within the [code]

  • [/code] tags so that the image shows up underneath but you still get to play the video? Pre-purchase question…
  • This is a Site Template, so you can embed video on any page easily. Also, you can easily add video to the lightbox as shown on the portfolio pages and the Styles page. Let me know if that answers your question.


    Hi, nice theme!

    Q: Can you please tell me what do I have to change to use the scandiavian letters; å, ä and ö?


    You just have to code them in using HTML Codes. See this web page:



    Is it possible to use prettyPhoto also? It doesn’t seems to work for me..

    Yeah, you should be able to use prettyPhoto without any issues. There shouldn’t be any special requirements or limitations. Go ahead and e-mail me a link and I’ll check out your site.


    Thank you Mike,

    I noticed that you use a simular script in your Portfolio named fancybox.js. I tried it out and now I am more than satisfied!

    I can tell everybody who is thinking about buying a theme from ProgressionStudios – DO IT !! Great themes and a very fast respons when/if there are any questions.

    Glad it got sorted out. Also, thanks for the great testimonial!


    Hey Mike! I’m pretty new to Themeforest and was wondering whether or not this Momento-theme is usable with Wordpress, I can’t seem to find anything that state it is.

    Cheers T-man!

    Momento is a Site Template, not WordPress Theme. I went ahead and responded to your e-mail you sent with more details.