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Hi, love the template but noticed right out of the box a problem with the footer contact form. Not sure if its happening just while viewing locally but you can see whats going on here. I didn’t even fill in the form or hit the ‘send’ button and this is what I’m seeing:


Yes this is only when you view the site locally. I have a note in the documentation about this, your local machine doesn’t reproduce the PHP properly. If you still have problems once uploading it, send me an e-mail and I’ll help you out.


Aaah, so you did mention it. I usually read documentation first but I was too eager to play with this template and only read half of the help file before noticing the error. Sorry ‘bout that.

One more question if I may? At first I really liked the slider images partially under (behind) the logo/menu container, but some of my photos are better viewed in full rather than with the top portion hidden behind that top container. I prefer to use the default slider over the simple slider. How can I push the slider images down 100 or so pixels so its completely below the top container rather than behind it (like the simple slider)? I just can’t seem to figure it out. Thanks once again.

No problem. Go ahead and send me an e-mail on that one as it’s sort of a customization. I can walk you through it but it’s harder in these condensed Item Comments, I’ll need to send you some code examples. You can reach me via the e-mail included in the documentation or via my Profile Page contact form.


Hi All (and Mike!)

Finally got to grips with the template. But I need some advice from anyone that can help.

I have changed the header and footer colours to the same # tag (593e31), but when you view they both look different shades of brown

I know its something to do with the transparency settings?

Dave you asked me this same question about 2 months ago and I explained why via e-mail. The background colors are not solid colors. Therefore the gradients that are on top of them slightly effect the color. Also, the top bar color will be effected by whatever image is below it due to transparency.


Hi Mike, Another nice template… Love your work! Downloaded & put to good use. Thank you – Brendon

Thanks Brendon27, glad you are enjoying the template.



Tool-tip seems to act erratically when used on an image with (either or both) “transparent” applied to the image and “fancylightbox” applied to the href. On mouseover, the tool-tip doesn’t appear above the image as it normally would, it appears near the bottom on top of the image (see photo). Any ideas?

Also, on the portfolio pages, are the buttons near the top of the page that read “view > all work, print design, web design, logo design” supposed to be sorting buttons? If so, are they supposed to work in the html template or is this something I’d need to add some additional script to?

Thanks for your time!

The sorting buttons are there so you can add additional pages as needed and link to those. The Tool-tip won’t work if there is other javascript applied as you notice You can try adding the tool-tip class to the image and not the link if that helps. Note: You can read more about the tool-tip here:


Thanks for the quick reply.

I added the class “tool-tip” to the image like you said and it works, even with the class “transparent” still in place. When the “tool-tip” class was in the href with class “fancylightbox” it went all wonky.

Ok I see, the buttons are just buttons. I thought they were one of those jquery scripts that sorted images according to their type and it wasn’t working for some reason. Thanks for clearing that up.

Awesome, glad it worked out. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any other questions. You can reach me via the contact form on my profile page or via the e-mail address in the documentation.


i checked one of your my friends site with this theme and it looks great. But there is a bug or someting when we use the “chrome” browser. what happening is: the smaller button slider icons goes away when we open another page and view it for a while. we tested the IE, its ok but the chrome, there is problem. i wanted to inform it, regards

This site template has been thoroughly tested and works in all browsers IE7 + (Including Chrome of course). Feel free to e-mail me a screen-shot if you have any issues. I cannot replicate what you are describing and don’t believe there are any issues.


After i purchased them, i realized that this template isn’t a wordpress template :S Exists a easy way to apply them to wordpress?


Send me an e-mail and I’ll help you out. You can reach me via the e-mail address in the documentation or the contact form on my profile page.


Can you add icons for orkut aswell?

You can add icons to the template if necessary. Orkut is not included in the template but if you follow the example code, it should be easy to add. The icons are just added with a snippet of html and css.


How I can change the resolution? It get too big in 1024 resolutions…

The website was built using the grid system so it will fit on any desktop computer with 1024×769 resolutions and higher. Anything below that resolution on a desktop computer will need side-scrolling. There is no way to change the resolution of a website.


Hi, I’m a photographer and certainly not a web designer. I bought your theme optimistically but unfortunately I cannot make anything work. It is all far so technical. After struggling with this and quickly reaching my point to limitation, I see it is not for me nor anyone who is not well versed in code. Looks like a failed experiment for me and I guess there is no chance of refund. sigh

We have the WordPress version which requires no code editing. I highly suggest checking that out. Site Templates of course require you to know basic HTML /CSS.

Get the Momento WordPress Version

Next time, send me an e-mail if you are having trouble before posting something like this. We are always available to support our products and give advice.


i asked a question about the same template yesterday but in wordpress. Finally I bought this one and it is a really nice template.

One question:

How can I make my logo float over the navigation bar without affecting the current height of the bar?

thanks in advance

Glad you purchased the Theme :-). You can move the logo over the navigation bar with some CSS adjustments. You would have to make the customization yourself of course. The two areas you would be editing would be /css/standard.css and /css/navigation.css.

Feel free to send me an e-mail if you have anymore questions.

I pretty much like this and was thinking to buy it for my naturephoto blog site, but in the live example – there is only landscape photos, and im worried if it fits to bring out all size/models of photos? (1000px height – 600px weight etc. and not just “wide” if you know what im after?)

Yeah, you can use portrait photos intermixed with landscape photos. The only difference is the background will show up. Other than that, it will work exactly the same.

Let me know if you have any other pre-purchase questions.

I seem to be having the same problems with Portfolio pages as the Waingroove user. I also have watched the video support film and followed all the steps but still not showing the portfolio items as it should. You mentioned that probably it was because the user was missing the association of the ‘group’ but I’m pretty sure that I’m following all the steps as in the video… Can you please assit?

This is the Site Template comments, not WordPress Theme :-) but no worries, we can help you out on our forums.

We offer theme support via our support forum. Please post all support questions through our support forum. We reserve the item comments for pre-purchase questions.

Visit the Support Forum here →

Hi, just curious….. on the portfolio pages, what are the “view” buttons (bread-crumb-portfolio) for? I’m assuming to create a sortable gallery? If so, is the script to make that functional included in your template? If not, do you have a script available that would work for your 3-page portfolio? Every sortable gallery I’ve come across only works for images, not div’s that include text, buttons etc.


The “view more” is just a simple button that you can use for anything, no script required.

We offer theme support via our support forum. Please post all support questions through our support forum. We reserve the item comments for pre-purchase questions.

Visit the Support Forum here ?

Hello and thank you so much for a great theme. Your support forum has been very helpful by the way, but there is one issue we are having that I couldn’t find in the forum. On one of the pages of our site, the footer is appearing under the page text when the default page template is selected. When the full width template is in place, the footer goes back to the bottom. Do you have any suggestions?

We offer support via our support forum. Please post your question in the forum and include a link to your two pages that show the problem in question. I’ll make sure we answer the question quickly :-)

Just one question, how do I lower down the menu dropdown? My Menu links are Taller (2 lines for english and spanish) but when i hover the link the dropdown overlaps it because the margin or padding for the dropdown is fixed or absolute. Thanks

The location is in the /css/navigation.css. Please post on our support forum if you want more specific directions or have any other questions in the future.

Hi, First of all thanks for a fabulous template! do you happen to have a Google+ icon for the header bar? Similar to the twitter, facebook and rss ones? Thanks :-) Ron

Jump onto our support forums for any support questions. I believe we’ve helped somebody with this topic before. Just check the recent threads under the Momento section (If your question isn’t answered, feel free to post a new question):

Sorry, checked the forum, but no joy! Cheers Ron

I see you posted a support forum question. We will answer via the support forum.

I was wondering how I can make the items in the Fancybox lightbox a gallery item so that you can scroll through them rather than opening/closing each item ?

Jump onto our support forums and we can help you out. Note: There are a few threads detailing how to do this already.

Hello, i noticed that the simple slider (index-simple.html) doesn’t work on my latest iPad. The normal slider on the index.html page does work normally. I also viewed the index-simple.html page via your demo on Themeforest and there it’s the same issue. Is this a known issue? thanks, Jeroen

We provide support via our support forums. If you have any questions, please post them on our forums:

Hello Mike, Can the top menu be positioned so it doesn’t cover the top part of the images in the slider?



Yeah, it can be positioned so it doesn’t cover the top portion of the slider images. It would involve one line of CSS that we can assist you with in our support forums:

Let me know if you have any other questions.