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A question, is it possible to ad a video instead of pictures in the main page? A small looped video..

Hi, Unfortunately that’s not supported in the theme, however you can use a button to link to video which open in a lightbox from the splash area, just like we’ve done in our theme’s online demo:

E- Mail form only gives error.

Hi, Have you tried more then just two words in the message field, there may be a minimum character count! Also check your PHP error log file to see if the server is throwing any errors.

Hello BitFade, since the new update of wordpress, the content builder don’t work ? Do you think taht you will do the necessary ? Best JC


we have tested the builder with the WordPress 4.6 and found no issues. What specifically isn’t working for you, you can’t use it at all or it’s not saving the changes?

Hello Bitfade, sorry for the reaction time; Momentum is a perfect Wordpress theme, but siunce wordpress 4.6 the Builder faded away. I can see the Builder field, but Text, column, intro faded away. It’s the first time since i bouhgt your theme. Best.

Hi, Send us your login info via the contact form in our profile page sidebar, we’ll take a look.

Hello BitFade, My Colleague [Gayle] bought this template from you and I have been asked to implement it. Just a problem I am experiencing. She would like the recent work carousel section to allow for POPUP to project details instead of the standard Image POPUP. Is this possible or do we need to code the viewmodule-recentwork.php ourselves? In other words the same feature as the LINK URL in Services module.Example : Your code in the Service Module<div class="overlay-item"><a echo="" :=""> href="<?php echo $link; ?>"> //==> then code in the recent work module<code><a class="arrow-link" href="<?php echo esc_url( $item->link_url ); ?>" echo="">><?php echo $item->link_text; ?></a></code> workn services appreciate any feedback. thanks </a></div>

Hi, Unfortunately we can only give support to the user who purchases the theme from us.

Hi there, I have created a website with a Work carousel section which when clicked opens the featured image in a popup. Is it possible to customise the code so that instead of opening the featured image it opens the entire Project post in the popup? The website: Work Section needs to open Project page in popup please… example of project page: Thank you!

Hi, Unfortunately not without significant custom work to the theme.

What is a good working Gallerie-plugin to create a nice full wide slider/carousell with lightbox, wich can be implemented in the main page?

Any suggestions? Thx

hi, thanks. I see this, but i need the Splash area somewhere down in the Page. not at the top. possible?

Hi, Unfortunately not, the splash section can only occur at the top of the page. For a slider which is not the splash one nor a lightbox gallery opened from a work item, you would probably need to use a plugin. Look for one which you can insert using a shortcode and then use a column block + a text block to insert it into your page. Unfortunately I can’t recommend any particular slider, you have to try a few to see which one works best for you.

Hi there, thanks for the reply. i’ll go with a plugin then. thx


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Hi – Is it possible to change the text color on the splash image (h2 and h6) from white to anything else?

Hi, Sure just paste this into the Custom CSS field in the theme options panel. Change the color code to suit.

.bigtext h6{

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Is there a way to show captions for images on the pop up gallery?

Hi, Unfortunately not without some custom tweaks to the theme.