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dtbaker does not currently provide support for this item.

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wp version coming?

for sure :) with jigoshop too :)

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for viewing our latest item, the Mummy Blog HTML website template.

If you need assistance using this template please submit a ticket to our dedicated support team by following this link:



it is absolutely adorable, NICE job, dtbaker! :)

Outstanding design! Kudos!

Any plans to include a sldier on the homepage – even a simple fade one so to avoid the static image on top?

This would be the PERFECT theme for a new client of mine, but they need an animated slider on top…

Please code for WP and I’ll buy!

Love the theme, but I can’t see it on Chrome! I see only a narrow iframe (like 300px height )and the rest of the browser screen is black

This is a problem with the themeforest preview panel – you can view the theme directly without the preview panel by clicking here or by clicking the “Remove Frame” button at the top of the preview.


Any plans to incorporate a fade slider for the homepage?

Yes we’ll be exploring various slider designs during the WordPress building progress shortly. One of those might make its way back to this HTML item. Thanks!

So nothing soon? – pity!

The WordPress version of this theme is now available:

Premium WordPress e-commerce Theme – Mommy Blog

Hi, emailed you a few weeks ago and didn’t get a reply. I’m new to all of this and just wanted to know the restrictions on this template. Can I remove pages? Also things like the pregnancy counter and similar? I have a Mac, does a Mac editing program support this? Thanks :)

Hi There sorry for not relying we have been away for the xmas break. This is a plain HTML website that you can edit every part of. You will need a HTML editor like Dreamweaver to make changes easier. Most of the layouts I have included are suggestions you can edit/change.

Fantastic! Thank you very much. So exciting :)

Loving the template. Regarding the enquiry form, I have input my email in lines 9 and 49. I get the thankyou.html page up when I try it out, but no email in my inbox. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Best to check with your hosting provider to see if they support the php mail() command. Please use an email address that is linked with your hosting account as well (eg: info@yoursite.com)

Where is the cart page with the checkout details such as quantity, shipping, etc? Does it is included with the theme? I couldn’t find in the preview.


I have just started a Nappy Cake business and your website looked great for what I wanted. It is fresh and trendy and in keeping with what I want to sell.

I asked a Webpage Creator to buy the product for me and create a website with the things I wanted. Being a novice I thought it would better to ask someone who knows what they are doing.

When they bought this website they had loads of problems and had to virtually rebuild it before they could do anything with it. Something about the codes.

I do not know quite what they are saying the problems were but I asked them to buy this in the middle of June ready for up and running on 29 June. I am still waiting for them to finish the site for me. They are telling me that because the site was not set out properly with codes they had to spend time making it work for them before they could do any of my requests. I am trying to run a business as best I can with an unfinished website.

For this reason I will never suggest to anyone to buy a website from ThemeForest. I am so disappointed and upset

And when will this theme be avalaible for Wordpress?

While uploading the theme to Shopify I get this error: “Theme does not contain all required files: missing template “layout/theme.liquid””

Can you help?

Sorry this is not compatible with Shopify. Shopify themes can be purchased from the Shopify category: http://themeforest.net/category/ecommerce/shopify