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dtbaker does not currently provide support for this item.

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please help, my mail form keeps saying red warn message” please fill in NAME….” even that i have filled all forms correct…:(


Great :)

2 questions 1) How do I remove the Archives and Categories from the bottom of the Category pages? 2) How come I can not click on the featured image or the Post title to see the complete post? See http://mommypins.com/category/recipes Also when you click on latest posts, none open. Not sure what to do. Please help:)

Hello, please send through a support ticket with some temporary login details and we can resolve these issues dtbaker.net/envato/support-ticket

Just did. Thank you!

I still have not received any assistance from the support ticket. Can you please advise? Links are not working at all and there is random text at the bottom of the category pages:(

Hi there,

any news about the responsive update? I really want to buy this theme, but I need it as a responsive theme. Thanks.

Anybody responding please?

Hello . why it shows me if I add a description to the blog articles to die Homepage and wordpress say it was a update but since I can not download

Please send through an email and we can login to check it out: http://dtbaker.net/envato/support-ticket

is this 4.0 compatible?

Yes it will work in 4.0

I need a blog for my website and am thinking to buy either this template or this one: http://themeforest.net/item/pulp-responsive-creative-blog-shop/full_screen_preview/6070921 and would like to know a few things:

Can everthing be translated into dutch, or are some e.g buttons or category names always in english?

Can I use my own background and banner images? I want to give it the same look as my webshop.

It is a nice theme, ( I already purchased it), but when I change something on the theme, or I refress my pages, I got a blank page. Why?

prevision to new updates and responsive?

Hi – Need assistance. I am looking to start an amazon affiliate scheme and would like to use this theme. Only planning on using it on one site but confused if I need a regular or extended license? I have read the descriptions but cant work out if the standard license would be ok for this?

Responsive update?

Not sure ETA

As you can see there are many users expecting the responsive update.


We had the item open in PhotoShop today working on a new responsive layout and some better graphics. We will update here shortly.



I would like to buy this theme. Is it compatible with wordpress 4.4? Can I add Google Analytics code into the theme easily? Will you plan to update this theme in the future?

Thank you!

Yes it should work in 4.4, we’re working on updating it now actually. Analytics can be added with one of the many free plugins available.

Hi! FYI: I found a bug: Theme options are missing “Appearance > Options: ...”. Solution: in dtbaker.theme_options.php file change the edit_themes cap to edit_theme_options

Thanks this will be fixed in the next update.

Hi you will have russian language for this theme, i want to buy for my baby.

We do not have Russian language, however you shouldn’t need it because you can just type all your own text in Russian. You can install the default content and then just type over the English words with your own.

Hi guys, before purchase, is it possible to have the main home top banner as a video?

This would require custom programming as it’s not possible to do this out of the box.

Do you have a prediction for the responsive update?

I’ve only just realised (two months after purchase) that this them is not responsive. Is there any plans to update it to make it responsive? this feauture is a must given the weight Google is placing on Mobile, the arrival of the mobile-first index, etc..

Can two pages have different postings?

I need to put post on the main page (home) and on the Review Page: http://www.deannasbooks.com

Yes pages can have different postings. Add all your blog posts to a category called “Blog” and all your reviews to a category called “Reviews” and you should be able to choose which category to display on which page.

Hi dtbaker,

i’m web developer (both wordpress and frontend) having experience of 7 years – i have done lots of projects for themeforest – if you need an web developer please mail me at this themezane@outlook.com

“I’m sorry if this comment distrubs you”