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As per the help documentation, please send support requests to our dedicated support website by following this link: http://support.dtbaker.com.au/support-ticket.html Any support requests posted here on the discussion forum will likely go unanswered for a long time.

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I’m having a real hard time getting the “Featured Image” for the homepage centered. I read iJason’s comment about it but this doesn’t seem to help.

What are the proper dimensions for this image to fit right?


Carol Ann

Hi, please send support requests via our support website as per the comment above.

Also, How do you remove the [...] from the home page posts? Or shorten them?


Automatic updates will changes all files? Because I have modify lots of things like style.css, functions.php etc… So, do I have to remove the automatic updates?

And I can not find how to add the flag “sale” on my product thumbnail. Can you explain me please?

By the way, very powerful theme ! My customer is very happy ! http://www.passions-creatives.fr/v4/

Sincerely yours.

Love your site. It looks great!

Yes automatic updates will overwrite your files with newer updated ones. Delete everything inside “dtbaker.theme_update.php” and automatic updates will be disabled.

Best of luck!


Thank you very much for the compliment !

I’ll delete everything in the file “dtbaker.theme_update.php”, thanks for support.

And to add the flag “sale” on thumbnail? I have to ask to jigoshop support?

Try giving the item a discounted price in the product settings area

It’s ok, I found it.

Where is the sidebar.php file located?

I would like to erase all the “Archive”, “Search”, “Pages”, Etc. from the bottom of the category and archive pages. The get_sidebar() is calling these and I can’t find the file to edit them. I’ve tried everything I can think of and am still coming up blank?

If you look at your demo page you have the same errors (Title & content below the posts) occurring…Click on your “uncategorized” link in the post footers to see what i’m talking about.


Carol Ann

Please send support requests via our support website as per the instructions at the top of this page. We cannot provide reliable support via item comments here.


I have downloaded and installed the theme, but when i go to headers in the appearance tab i get this error message

Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass::add_help_tab() in /home/toddlert/public_html/wp-content/themes/mommy_blog/inc/theme-options.php on line 84

please can you tell me how i can fix this?

Great theme ..

What about changing the directions in the theme to RTL ?

Jigoshop v1 is out. If you upgrade and notice problems please check our FAQ

What font did you use for the Mommy Blog logo?

Jigoshop v1.1 is out. We can upgrade or not?

Thank you.

Thanks for letting me know it’s out. I have just upgraded the demo to v1.1 and it seems to work, but you are welcome to test the Wordpress Mummy Blog demo yourself to make sure.

I just upgrade my website with v1.1 and it seems to work too. Apparently no problems.

Hi every time I try to install the plugins automatically I get this error ‘The plugin does not have a valid header.’ I have looked everywhere to find packages which I can download and install manually but can’t find any.

Send in a support ticket with your WP login details and we can help you out, or send you a copy of the plugin that is porting invalid headers.

On the homepage blog articles have a ‘more’ button. Yet in the News&Blog section they don’t. How can this be added? Thanks Steve

Please send in a support ticket with your WP login details and we can help you out.

I have a question before i buy the theme:

the front page actually is a blog, but for a shopper its more “usual” the front page being the actual store, maybe a slider/feature products zone after the header and navbar and then the list of products like the “our products” page in the demo. Therefore, my question is if it is possible the front page not showing the blog zone and show instead the products.

Thanks for the time

Yes with Jigoshop you can show products on the front page. Please send in a support ticket or head over to the jigoshop.com forums if you need assistance.

Great theme! Any ideas why the Author Archives page is a mess?

I have a problem with the Cart page. In Firefox v10.0.1 the Subtotal, Shipping and Total are too far over to the right hand side of the page to be seen (can supply screenshots if required). I’ve tested it in IE and Chrome and it works fine in those browsers. Is there a fix to apply?

Hello, thanks for letting me know. This may be fixed in a future version of Jigoshop so keep your eye out for a plugin update.

To fix this yourself now please check the bottom of the FAQ page, I have added instructions there.

If you require further support please submit a support ticket: http://support.dtbaker.com.au/support-ticket.html

Posted this question originally 13 days ago and still haven’t received an answer: What font did you use on the Mommy Blog logo?

Sorry I do not check item comments very often – and the current control panel I have hear means I miss a few when they come in. Best to send in a support ticket for further enquiries.

As @jvyqyxol mentions (thanks!) this information should be available in the help documentation.

@kentnmiller Go to the wp_help/index.html file and the font info is in O) Sources and Credits

from where can I down the fonts needed in PSD ? Thanks