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Hi there, great theme – before I purchase – how does the “we are expecting” widget work? Would each user log in and then put their due date etc? Is there any documentation on this?


“We are expecting” is a single global widget for the website, not for each user. The website owner (eg: a stay at home mom) would enter the due date in the settings area, and the “We are expecting” will display the relevant information.



I have two questions :

1- How to correct the large space that exists between the product description and characteristics? http://www.passions-creatives.fr/boutique/bijba06/ (Between Référence « BijBa06 ». and In Stock – 1 available) 2- How to setup on my home page recent products widget like this? http://demo.jigoshop.com/preview.html

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Hello, before I purchase, does this theme work with Buddy Press?

Will this theme work with Wp ecommerce?

It should work fine.

So based on that – would you be prepared to give us a refund if it doesn’t?

Sorry this theme is offered as-is. I’m more than happy to give you some free pointers if you send in a support ticket. As with all themes, if a problem exists with a 3rd party plugin or a custom modification there can be no refunds. It’s a very very cheap theme anyway, so most people just buy and test.


http://www.halodigitaldesign.com/backontherack/ I can’t seem to get the small header to NOT show the gallery images. Please help!! Example: http://www.halodigitaldesign.com/backontherack/about-us/



If you haven’t already, please send in a support ticket: http://support.dtbaker.com.au/support-ticket.html

... and how do I get rid of Pages, Categories and Archives at the bottom of the archive pages? http://www.halodigitaldesign.com/backontherack/category/accessories/


Please send support ticket with WP login details and we can assist.


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As per the help documentation, please send support requests to our dedicated support website by following this link: http://support.dtbaker.com.au/support-ticket.html Any support requests posted here on the discussion forum will likely go unanswered for a long time.

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Hi, i want to thank you for wonderfull theme and support. 5 ot of 5 stars! ;) keep up the good work. Here is our final product http://www.ohcetboinpika.si

Wow looks amazing!

Hi there, this is a great theme good work. Could you tell me if there is a custom image/gallery manager rather than the default WP one?

I have several themes now that have a really simple image upload where you simply upload any sized image to the chosen gallery and it appears with no user input.

I only ask as I wanted to buy this for a family member but am worried editing/uploading images would be too much for them & I will be left to do this forever!!

Good work again

The gallery here:


is the default wordpress one (ie: with the [gallery] shortcode). So it handles all the uploading / resizing as normal.

Please send in a support ticket if you get stuck with anything after purchase: http://support.dtbaker.com.au/support-ticket.html


Hi and thanks for your quick reply.. Sorry what I meant was will the users need to ad the images to the pages manually or was there a gallery manager that did all this for them like on many portfolio themes, not to worry I guess not. Could I ask another quick question, on the pregnancy countdown widget, can I add my own images and float the countdown over it or is this a widget available only in the sidebars?

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Hi Can anyone help me. I am using the wordpress version of this theme and loving it but cannot seem to find the right place in header to put my google meta verification code as keeps coming back unverified.

Nice theme, i would like to know why is there no third level of navigation in the main navigation menu, can it be added? I have a project that would require 3 or more levels to be accessible right from the main nav menu.

I have problems to update variations. When I change the slug the variation at the product is lost (empty). How can I orde variation dropdown by Title or descritpion? Do you have some information or way to fix it?

I need to order the variations with new itens.. Thanks!!!

If this is related to Jigoshop please ask on the Jigoshop forums: forum.jigoshop.com

I can’t get widgets to show on pages:

“At the top in the admin bar you will see “Left/Right Column” option.”

There is no Left/Right Column option on my page edit screen??

Ah, I see…I bet a lot of people will miss that. Plus the admin bar can be turned off. Maybe you should change it or write a better help file?

Hello dtbaker, I purchased your Travel Island theme and I want to purchase this one as well, I would like to get it installed with the default content just as I had you guys help me with the Travel Island Theme, can you confirm that you can help me? I will purchase this and begin the installation as soon as I here from you. Thank you. This is a cool theme.

Hey quick question. I changed the header so the header background color to blue. Now the Scripture fit together but not anymore. Where can I change it, have changed in the CSS , but remained the same. Here is the link to the page. http://www.taufgeschenke24.eu Want to change the color font navigation


Love your theme – is there any way we can make the Jigoshop display amounts in Rands (South African Currency)


Widget area manager can be downloaded from here: http://support.dtbaker.com.au/updates/widget_area_manager-1.42.zip It doesn’t install automatically in WordPress 3.4 just yet


for the home page, i am using home page template and it works but when i put home page latest posts widget in the home page it shows nothing although right or left widgets are working